Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise Co-Starring In ‘Go Like Hell’ – Battle of Egos is On!

Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise Co-Starring In 'Go Like Hell' - Battle of Egos is On!

The media tends to sensationalize celebrity feuds, but the beef between Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise is the real deal. The two actors’ bad blood allegedly originated over nearly two decades ago when they co-starred in the classic 90’s movie, “Interview With The Vampire.” Several sources reported that the two actors butted heads behind the scenes.

Later on Pitt was questioned about his alleged beef with Tom Cruise, and at the time surely Brad had no idea what he said would be plastered all over the internet for years to come. In Brad’s infamous Tom Cruise diss he stated, “He bugged me … There came a point during filming when I started really resenting him. He’s North Pole, I’m South. He’s always coming at you with a handshake, where I may bump into you. There was this underlying competition that got in the way of any real conversation.”

Just when the feud began to die down and media let it rest, it was resurrected all over again when Pitt’s girlfriend Angelina Jolie supposedly stole the lead in “Salt” from Tom Cruise, and needless to say Cruise didn’t take it well. When he began to throw a diva fit over being replaced by a woman, Pitt publicly dubbed  him “Mr. Strange.”

If “Interview With The Vampire” was before your time, then you will be happy to hear that Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt both just signed on to do another movie together, and you will most likely get to witness Round 3 of the epic war of egos. The two actors were recently cast in the movie adaptation of the book “Go Like Hell,” which follows the story of the battle between historical automakers Ferrari and Ford.

According to Star Magazine, the drama between the two co-stars is already starting to heat up. The magazine’s source claims, “Brad fells like he is top dog now. He is not going to let Tom call the shots, so he got his good friend Javier Bardem to join the film as Enzo Ferrari. That way he has some backup if Tom decides to star acting like a diva. Tom hasn’t agreed 100 percent to the role yet, but neither of them is going to back down. This is going to be the ultimate battles of the egos.” Considering the flops Tom’s been in the past couple of years he should jump at the chance to work with Pitt and Bardem, even if he has to take a back seat to Brad.

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  • media_lush

    Reacher was a disappointment; Oblivion seriously under performed; last time he was seen in public in L.A. he was loudly booed by the fans; he hasn’t seen his daughter for almost 2 years due to scientology disconnection policy; MI5 has been continuously delayed for almost 18 months and no actual shooting has occurred to date; his toxic association with his cult is getting viewed as more and more serious wrt his ability to remain a big beget movie star; his cult’s attempts at trying to find him a girlfriend are laughable.

    And finally, this film won’t happen in million years – Pitt can’r stand the midget from back in the Interview with a Vampire days.

    When his cult totally and finally collapses the real stories of what Cruise got away with and his treatment of his personal Sea Org staff will be manna from heaven as far as sites like this go.

    Cruise is a broken flush; he’s done.

  • Guest

    Cruise and Pitt are seasoned professionals and if the decision is made to move forward, will work out fine.
    Same stale rehashed gossip and same bashing posts from one site the next.