Bruce Jenner Enlists Dr. Renee Richards As Transgender Sex Change Coach – Report

Bruce Jenner Enlists Dr. Renee Richards As Transgender Sex Change Coach - Report

Bruce Jenner has been friends with Dr. Renee Richards for decades. Up until 1975 Richards was actually Richard Raskind, a popular tennis player. After undergoing gender reassignment surgery the new Renee Richards petitioned the U.S. Courts to allow her to play tennis then as a woman. After wrapping up a successful sports career Richards went on to be a popular eye surgeon but has always stayed in contact with Bruce.

According to the April 14th print edition of Star magazine Bruce is looking to Richards for advice in the process of gender reassignment. He’s smart enough to know that he needs a mentor of some kind and Richards is the perfect person to turn to for guidance. Richards has reportedly warned Bruce not to even go through with the surgery unless he felt like he had absolutely no choice. This is obviously an extreme procedure that can’t be undone and so Richards insists that if Bruce is going to have it done then he needs to feel like life as a man is completely impossible. Jumping the gun and going through gender reassignment surgery without fulling thinking it through would be disastrous!

Do you think that Bruce has really weighed his options carefully and that he’ll end up going through with it? It’s at least wise of him to have a mentor in place but do you trust that Richards is giving his longtime friend the best advice? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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5 responses to “Bruce Jenner Enlists Dr. Renee Richards As Transgender Sex Change Coach – Report”

  1. Robert Billings says:

    Feel sorry for the Jenner girls. The guy has a mental problem.

  2. Robert Billings says:

    and you know so much about it because?

    • PattyJM says:

      I know this because I transitioned male to female in the 1980s. That is four decades of life as a man and almost three more as a woman. Since 1985 I have known literally hundreds of other trans people

      I know about the professional views of transsexual people because I did my research. You can look up the two professional associations mentioned earlier. Also look at WPATH (World Professional Association for Transgender Health). This is the organization that establishes the professional standards of care.

      I can say that I knew I was different when my age was measured in single digits.

      Does this answer your question?

    • PattyJM says:

      I know about transsexual men and women as I was born male and transitioned in the 1980s. Along the way I’ve known literally hundreds of others in all stages of transition.
      You can learn about people like me online. In addition to both psychological/psychiatric associations sites try WPATH

  3. Jeanette Moore says:

    After I realized it was something I did not understand, I helped him go online to look for a support group & set up an email account so he could communicate with the group online. He found an excellent group that had meetings & encouraged family members to attend. Sadly for me he rapidly changed & I felt the loss of the man I fell in love with. He was happy though & he was never going back to “My Guy.” We did end up divorcing. I didn’t realize when I was honest with him, how much he would change. Open, honest, kind discussions are desparetly needed, not just for the transgender community, but for their loved ones as well. He’s remarried for the 4th time. I don’t know how much he has opened up to his new wife. I only know that lying to your spouse is very harmful to them. They need to understand this confusing situation too. We lived together for 6 years before we married & he never gave me any indication before we married except dressing up as a witch every Halloween. I tried counseling before I decided on divorce, but the only counselors I found wanted to stop him. I miss my husband that I married so much, but he died once I helped him find herself. 27 years together. I’m 63 & live alone. The Jenner children will need counseling. Bruce is still lying to them. He won’t be the same person. He does not represent the best in the Transgender community. Let’s look for a better role model — one who represents all of us, transgender & family — who stands for honesty & compassion for their loved ones as well as themselves. So they don’t carelessly hurt their loved ones while trying to find themselves.