Bruce Jenner’s Sons Blame Kris Jenner For Turning Dad Into a Woman

Bruce Jenner's Sons Blame Kris Jenner For Turning Dad Into a Woman

I guess there must be truth to the story about Bruce Jenner undergoing a laryngeal shave on Jan. 19th because rather than deny that the procedure has happened, those close to the Olympic champion are trying to justify it. We have been hearing for months that this would be the first step in Bruce’s surgical transformation into a woman and generally shaving the Adam’s apple is done before full blown gender reassignment surgery takes place. Is that actually what Bruce is gearing up to do? Well I guess it depends on who you listen to.

Supposedly Brody and Brandon Jenner have made peace with Bruce’s shave while laughing at the rumors about him wanting to be a chick. Instead, according to Radar Online, they blame Kris Jenner for introducing Bruce to the joys of plastic surgery. They believe that she made Bruce obsessed with his looks and they say that her harsh criticism is what made their father start to nip and tuck everything under the sun. They believe that a laryngeal shave is just more of the same ridiculous attention to detail rather than proof that their father is ready to become a woman.

I could almost get behind that theory about Bruce being nutsy about his looks, but that doesn’t explain him wearing grandma’s coral lipstick out in public, the manicure featuring real nails and not just nice looking guy hands and then there are those rumors about him stealing the Kardashian chicks lingerie. When I weight all of these things alongside of Bruce’s latest surgery I have to think that Kris carried his balls in her Chanel bag for so long that he simply feels better without them for real. Is gender reassignment surgery next for Bruce? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Bruce Jenner’s last day as a male – January 18, 2014

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  1. Angel 2009 says:

    Trying to imagine what he would look like as a female . . . *shudder*