Castle RECAP 5/5/14: Season 6 Episode 22 “Veritas”

Castle RECAP 5/5/14: Season 6 Episode 22 “Veritas”

Tonight on ABC CASTLE returns for a brand new episode. In tonight’s epsidoe, “Veritas” Beckett jeopardizes her life and Castle’s when she conducts a secret investigation linked to her mother’s homicide.

On the last episode of Castle, when an up-and-coming professional skateboarder was gunned down by a mysterious motorcyclist, Castle and Beckett were thrust into the world of extreme sports, where the death defying stunts weren’t the only thing that were dangerous.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  We did and we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode a secret investigation conducted by Beckett related to her mother’s murder goes awry when a man she has been surveilling is killed. When evidence links Beckett to the victim, she and Castle become the targets of a manhunt that puts both of them in grave danger.

Tonight’s episode is going to be great so be sure to tune in for CASTLE on ABC at 10PM EST. We’ll be blogging all the action and while you’re waiting for the show to start, be sure to hit up the comments and tell us what you think of the current season.

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Kate parks her van and takes surveillance photos of Jason. She wonders why he’s in an alley as the taxi lets him out. Another car pulls up and Jason gets in. She snaps more photos then cranks the van to follow them but then stops herself. She looks at her notes and then adds another about where Jason Marks has been. Looks like she’s been very busy stalking him. At her old apartment, she looks at the surveillance photos when Castle calls from Chicago.

He tells her that the rest of the book tour has been moved until after the wedding and says he’s coming home. She yawns and says she was working on her project. She tells him Marks was in town for a meet but she backed off and was safe about it. He tells her she needs to take back off and suggest she takes Javi or Ryan but she says she doesn’t want to ruin their careers.

Kate gets called to a crime scene. The victim is Jason Marks! He was shot twice in the chest at close range between 12 and 2 am. Kate says he must have been killed elsewhere and dumped. Javi is working on the traffic cams to see if they can spot the car that dumped him. She tells him to expand the radius and then goes back to her apartment to check her photos again.

Kate leaves Castle a message telling him something happened and says to come straight to the precinct. Javi shows her a photo of Jason in the car with Vulcan Simmons the drug dealer. They wonder why the drug dealer was with a politico. Castle comes in and Kate tells him something has changed and maybe Bracken is trying to tie up loose ends.

Castle says they can’t take risks and she says her mom’s murderer could be the next president. Castle tells her Jason’s death is a bonus. He says they now have an all access pass into Vulcan’s life. Gates calls Kate in and tells her she’s off the case. She says she can’t work the case because they have a history. Kate argues and says she needs to be part of the case but Gates says she can’t and orders her to take the rest of the day off.

Kate shows Castle the photos and says the car is the key because it will have evidence. He tells her Ryan and Javi are on it. Kevin calls Kate and tells her they had to let Vulcan loose because they can’t prove absolutely that it was him in the car. Kate says they have to get the car or he’ll destroy the evidence. They tell her they have no idea where he keeps the car.

Kate goes back through her surveillance photos and finds a truck repair place Vulcan used. While Castle sleeps, she breaks in there looking for the car. She sees a car under a tarp and pulls it off. It’s the town car and there’s blood on the seat. Lights come on and Vulcan is there. He tells Kate she won’t shoot him but she tells him to take another step. He tells her that him dead and her trespassing won’t look good to her career.

She says the blood in the car proves he killed Jason and he asks if she has a warrant. She doesn’t and he says that it’s now fruit of the poisoned tree. She asks who he works for and he tells her to run along. She says not until she gets some answers and walks closer with her gun.

Javi calls and tells Castle that Gates is putting Kate back on the investigation. He asks what about the conflict with Vulcan and Javi says that’s not a problem since Vulcan was murdered. We see him lying dead with a gutshot bled out. Castle takes a taxi to the murder scene at the truck repair shop and Kate meets him there.

They head inside and Kate asks what happened. Lanie says he was tortured for hours and then shot five times over a half an hour – knees, shoulders, then heart. Gates says he was interrogated and Kate asks about forensics. The shell casings are gone and the bullets were dug out of his body. Gates asks Kate who might have done this from Vulcan’s world and she says she has no idea. She tells Kate about the murder car.

Ryan and Javi pull Castle aside and tell him that a witness spotted a tall hot brunette sneaking out. Kate tells Castle she was there but didn’t kill her even though she thought about it. He asks why she went and she says she took the risk. Kate tells her that Vulcan was in the shadows waiting like he knew she was coming. She says he was alive when she left and she didn’t see anyone else. Castle tells her she can’t tell anyone else she was there and she says she knows.

Cpt Donovan from Internal Affairs and two others come in and they go to Gates’ office. Lanie calls and tells Kate they have a problem. She says she found a bullet lodged in his spine. The bullet came from a gun registered to Kate. She says Vulcan was killed with her gun. Castle asks how it could be from her gun. Kate says that’s her back up piece. She says she has a 40 cal in her safe at home.

Donovan tells Gates to bring Kate out because they have the ballistics. Gates tells him something else is going on and he strides into the break room looking for Kate. Castle is there alone drinking coffee and says he has no idea where she is. Donovan shouts for them to lock down the precinct so she can’t get out.
[10:56:39 PM] Rachel Rowan: Castle tells Donovan he has no idea where she is and he asks what Kate said. Castle says she told him that she didn’t kill Vulcan. Donovan says he wants Castle out of the precinct and he says he’ll go. On his way out, Javi and Ryan tell him they know this is bigger than just Vulcan. They have a sketch of a guy that Jason met with at the hotel – they show him a sketch and Castle says it’s Smith who supposedly died in the hospital.

Castle says he didn’t have the resources to fake his death but it would be the only way to get Bracken off his case. Castle tells them Vulcan’s drug money was funding Bracken. He says if Smith came out of hiding, something big must be going on. Javi and Ryan ask what they can do and Castle says he’ll let them know.

Rick hangs out in a park when Kate approaches him in a hoodie. She asks if he was followed and he says no then hands her a burner phone with the GPS off. She says that Bracken knows she’s bluffing and there’s nothing to stop him from killing her. She says he’s making his move and she has to make hers. She tells him that Bracken is in New York. She says she has to take a run at him or she’ll end up dead in a jail cell from a “suicide.” Castle says there is another way.

They call Javi and he looks at the death certificate. It was a Dr Pressing that signed the certificate and Javi thinks there is a connection between him and Smith. The couple goes to see Pressing. Kate asks if he knows Smith but he says he knew him before he passed away. Kate says they’re looking for him and he insists he’s dead. Kate looks at the TV screen in the ER and sees her picture that says “Fugitive cop.”

Kate says she knows he helped Smith because he was in danger and says they are in the same danger now. But then Kate says they have to go. They run into the stairwell to make their escape. She tells Castle her picture shouldn’t have been on the news this quickly and says it must be Bracken. Castle’s burner phone rings and he has no idea why. He answers and it’s Smith telling him to meet him in the usual place in 20 minutes. He hangs up and tells Kate it was Smith.

Castle and Kate wait for Smith and he says the guy is late. She asks if he can help and Castle says he has before. He comes inside to meet them and tells them he took great lengths to protect himself. They tell him they have to take Bracken down and he says there was a recording made by a former employee where Bracken admits to murder. Kate asks where it is and he says he doesn’t and neither does Bracken. They’ve both been looking for it for over a year.

Smith says during the search he found someone that would testify against Bracken – Jason Marks – but now he’s dead. Smith says he has to start again. Kate says they can help and Smith says she’s radioactive and can’t even help herself. Smith tells them not to try and contact them again. Castle says there must be something they can do and Smith tells them to run or Bracken will kill them.

At the precinct, the IA guys walk away and Javi and Ryan talk. Gates comes up and asks them if there is something going on she should know about. She says she wants to protect Kate and needs to know why she’s being set up. They look at her and then they ask how much she knows about Kate’s mom’s murder. They tell her it wasn’t a random stabbing and she tells them to tell her everything.

Castle and Kate check into a no-tell motel and she says they need to look for the tape. Castle says they can’t find the truth if they are dead. He says they will take down Bracken but they need to find a safe place to come up with a plan. He says he has a friend that will get them a car no questions asked. He heads out to get it. Kate looks at her mom’s ring on the chain around her neck. She hears a noise in the room and calls Castle’s name. She picks up scissors and goes into the room. It’s Bracken. He has thugs with guns on her.

He tells her they had a live and let live deal. He reminds her he saved her life before. He tells her she should have just let it go so they could both move on. He asks if she will vote for him and she says there is no way he will be on the ballot since he financed his campaign with drug money. Bracken says part of him admires her. She tells him fine – kill her – pull the trigger.

He says he has people to do that. She says she doesn’t want them, she wants him. She tells him to do it now and asks if he has the balls. He says he won’t leave any physical evidence to tie him to the crime scene. He tells her goodbye and she she says the truth will come out. He leaves and the men hold her. One forces her mouth open and another puts a pill in her mouth. She asks what was in it and the guy says it was to relax her. He forces her to drink some liquor.

The guys tell Gates everything and she believes them but doesn’t think they can do anything to fight one of the most powerful men in the country with no evidence to back them up. Kate is good and sloshed when the head thug tells the other to get her gun. He tells Kate to relax and says it’s almost over.
[11:10:26 PM] Rachel Rowan: The guy puts the gun in Kate’s hand and puts her finger on the trigger. He puts his finger over hers to kill her but she turns the gun on him. She takes out all the guys in the room rapidly and then spits out the pill she never swallowed. Another comes at her and she double taps two into him. She’s a little wobbly from the booze but otherwise okay. She leaves the room and paws her way down the hall. She’s smearing blood where one of them hit her and collapses to the floor.

Everything goes blurry but then Castle is there. He picks her up and carries her to the car and they drive. She thinks about what Smith said about the recording while she’s out. She thinks about the first time she met Cpt Montgomery. She tells him she’s patrol but always wanted to work homicide. He asks why she’s in the archives and she admits she was looking at her mom’s unsolved murder file.

Montgomery tells her if the case is unsolved, there probably isn’t any evidence in there to lead her to the killer. Montgomery asks her if she looked through her mother’s personal effects, papers and recordings. She says she has but didn’t find anything. He encourages her to keep looking and tells her he’s sorry about her mom.

Kate comes to in the car and Castle asks how she feels. She asks where they are and he says Vermont and about to be in Canada. She tells him to turn around and that it’s Montgomery that made the recording. She tells him she remembered something Montgomery said when they first met that didn’t make sense. She says she thinks Montgomery gave it to her mom. She says she thinks the cassette is in her mom’s box of stuff at her place.

Castle says they’ll have it staked out and Kate says they can get in, but need a little help. Javi and Ryan show up to take over for the guards who are watching her apartment so they can take a lunch break. They go and Castle and Kate come down the hall and into her apartment. She pulls out the box of stuff and Castle sees a book with a shorthand in it. She says she’s given it to the NSA and others but no one could break her code.

He sees the last entry was on the day she died and notes that there are some clues there. Castle says she was taking the tape to give to them when she was killed. That means it should be in evidence. If it was, Bracken could have gotten to it but he didn’t. That means that Montgomery may have hidden it elsewhere. Before they can theorize more, the door is kicked in and Donovan is there with what looks like SWAT to take in Kate the rogue cop.

Kate, Castle, Javi and Ryan are all brought into the precinct in cuffs. She tells them she’s sorry but they tell her it’s okay. Donovan tells them to keep them there until her personally escorts them to booking. Castle tells her it’s not her fault and she tells him she really thought they would make it. He kisses her. It looks like they passed a note between them. Kate sees something and says the elephants were her mom’s and that she joked about how they were a family – that brings them back to her note.

Kate grabs the ceramic elephants and breaks it open. The tape falls out onto the floor. Gates pops it into a player and everyone listens. They hear footsteps then Bracken’s voice back when he was assistant DA talking to Montgomery. Bracken talks about pinning a murder on someone else that some cops did and him blackmailing someone. Bracken says that anyone who gets to close will be killed like that bitch lawyer Joanna Beckett. He says he’s killed before and will kill again.

Bracken is giving a press conference when Kate comes in with some cops with her. He stammers and then says he needs to cut the interview short. He stands and tells her she can’t be there. She tells him she found the tape and it’s over. She arrests him for conspiracy, fraud and murder of Joanna Beckett. Cameras flash and all of this is filmed. She tells him to turn around. He does and she cuffs him.

Kate brings him out in cuffs as the press eats this up. Castle waits outside and watches. Javi tells Bracken it’s been a long time coming and puts him in the back of the car. Kate watches him go as Bracken gives her the evil eye through the window. Castle tells her that her mom is proud of her and she tells him she couldn’t have done it without him. They hug.