Chicago PD RECAP 4/2/14: Season 1 Episode 10 “At Least It’s Justice”

Chicago PD RECAP 4/2/14: Season 1 Episode 10 “At Least It's Justice”

Tonight a new and riveting episode of CHICAGO P.D. airs.  In “At Least It’s Justice”  Halstead is threatened with losing his job after Lonnie Rodiger is found dead. Meanwhile, Severide and Clarke discover the body of a doctor who helped put many criminals behind bars; Sumner gets a chance to prove her worth; and Lindsay gets a moment alone with Severide.

On last episode a case close to home when the intelligence unit took on a gang shooting with one living witness, Olinsky’s daughter.  In responding to a call Atwater (LaRoyce Hawkins) and Burgess (Marina Squerciati) discovered a gunshot victim and the only witness was Lexi Olinsky (guest star Alina Taber).  The shooting was tied to a Latin gang. To protect Olinsky’s (Elias Koteas) daughter, Voight (Jason Beghe) takes the case from the Gang Unit. Ruzek (Patrick Flueger) pulled up Burgess to help with an undercover mission that he hoped would help solve the case.  Did you watch the last episode? If not then we have a detailed recap for you right here.

On tonight’s episode Voight (Jason Beghe) pulls Halstead’s (Jesse Lee Soffer) badge when Lonnie Rodiger is found dead. After a car accident Severide (guest star Taylor Kinney) and Clarke (guest start Peter Mills) discover the torso of Dr. Elliot who has been instrumental in putting away high profile criminals. With Intelligence down one Sumner (guest star Sydney Tamiia Poitier) is given an opportunity to prove herself. Meanwhile during all the investigation Lindsay (Sophia Bush) and Severide share a moment. Jon Seda, Patrick Flueger, Elias Koteas, Marina Squerciati, LaRoyce Hawkins and Archie Kao also star. Amy Morton, Ian Bohen and Robert Ray Wisdom guest star.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of NBC’s Chicago PD at 10:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know what you think of Nashville, so far?  Check out the sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

RECAP: Jay arrives at HQ, he talks about the game last night; everyone is looking at him not saying a word. Hank asks Jay to come into his office to speak with another officer, Jay says that he watched the Hawks game and then went to bed. Though it seems that it was the truth, Jay was following Lawny in his car. It turns out that Lawny ended up being killed last night; the police believe that Jay was behind it because he doesn’t have a solid alibi. They’re going to interrogate Jay for this crime, Jay gets out of Hank’s office and is about to leave. Erin stops him quickly and gives him a number to a man that can represent him in court. Jay goes to talk to Jin to get some information, but he turns him down and can’t help because he’s a suspect; the entire squad is treating him like he did it. It cuts to firemen trying to help people who’ve gotten into a car accident; they’re saving a man who’s stuck in a car. When they get the car door open, the guy punches the fireman in the face and runs. Kim and Kevin arrive questioning why the man ran; they go to look at the car he was in and check the trunk. They’ve found something in the trunk and it turns out to be a mutilated body.

Alvin tells Hank that the car with the bod in the back was stolen; Erin finds out that the torso had a fake hip and that they can’t get a serial number from it. Jay is talking to Gale and her husband, he tells them that he’s been suspended and asks her husband that if he did anything to Lawny then he needs to say something. The man says that he’ll confess to the crime if Jay wants him to, but he’s done nothing. Lawny’s father comes out and starts yelling at Jay, blaming him. Jin found a match on the artificial hip and tells Hank about it. Hank takes out the new detective working for them along with him, they are now speaking to a woman who knows the person involved with the torso in the trunk case. Nicolas is their suspect now; they want the woman to deal with the remains now. Hank questions what she meant by remains, maybe he thinks it was a little harsh. Hank calls Alvin and tells him to do a drive by, but Jay can’t do anything since he’s involved with a murder as a suspect. Antonio, Erin, Andrew and Alvin arrive at an apartment room; inside of it they hear loud music. They end up kicking down the door and finding a guy with three women around him in lingerie. Nicolas tries to run and tries to escape from the building; he ends up having his collar around his neck latch onto the balcony and is choking. They decide to cut the collar and he ends up falling through a trampoline underneath him. Nicolas wants to sue the FBI, but he’s going to be arrested for killing the man named Elliot. Hank asks the fireman who was punched in the face if Nicolas is their guy, but it turns out that he isn’t. Erin walks in and asks if he wants to see a couple of mug shots, they begin to catch up quick and she shows him the mug shot. Turns out the guy is Tony who’s a white supremacy, and is at a junkyard nearby. Hank and his team without Jay enter the building he could be in; they find barrels filled with hydrochloric acid and a body inside of it. Looks like their suspect was trying to hide evidence.

Hank wants Erin and Sumner to go together, they found Tony Johnson in an acid bath. They talk to a woman who fought for Tony to get through court, turns out that she was pretty close with Tony; Tony was afraid of a man named Jacob. They both had a falling out during business. Jay is sitting down looking through picture of his car tailing Lawny’s with a man, he tells Jay to give IAD the truth and admit to it. Jay says they don’t have enough proof on him. Hank asks Antonio if he thinks Jay murdered Lawny, Antonio isn’t sure; Hank is holding him responsible for Jay’s actions. Jin found all the license plate numbers to the cars they found, now the PD are waiting for the suspect to be identified. Jacob is walking out of convention store with a new shiny AK-47. Hank tells his team to get ready and move in on Jacob.

Hank tells the team that the police officer that was shot by Jacob was killed on his way to the hospital; Hank wants them to find this guy and take him down. Adam talks to Kim, he asks her if it was her first time firing her weapon. Adam says that when she’s done they should get out over here together. Antonio walks up to Jay and starts fighting with him, wanting to know if he murdered Lawny. Jay tells him he would have done it the first time he was accused for killing a young kid, Antonio hands Jay the filed to Lawny’s homicide case and tells him not to tell anyone. Hank talks to Tony’s lawyer, telling her that Jacob could end up showing up at her house. Kim tells Adam that she never expected to fire her weapon; Adam says it was best to get it done as soon as possible. Kim asks if he ever thinks of the suspect he shoots, Adam tells her a story of two monks that his uncle used to tell him. Kim thanks Adam for the beer, he tells her to come around and talk to him if she ever needs to. Kim and Adam end up kissing; Kim realizes what she did and apologizes for what she did. Kim gets in her car and drives off. Jay is looking at the files Antonio handed him; Jay hears a knock at his door. He goes to the door and opens it, turns out that it’s Alvin. Alvin thought that he was going to be drinking and that a man shouldn’t drink alone. Alvin and Jay have some drinks, Alvin tells him about a time where he ended up killing a man and never delivered the body. Jay tells Alvin that he didn’t kill Lawny; Alvin says it’s no sweat. Jay wants to show Alvin the homicide files on Lawny. Jay tells him how Phil the man who was the father of Lawny said he never came home on the night, but Jay knows he did. Antonio and Sumner are placing money into a bucket that Platt put on the table. Jin walks in and tells Antonio that they’ve found meth and a weapon cache, they found out that the lawyer Gloria ended up having sex with Tony.

Antonio wants to know who the camera man for that video was, it turns out that the man that was having sex with her was Jacob and the camera man was Tony. Gloria now starts saying that Jacob would kill her father and daughter if she didn’t have sex with him. Sumner says that she knows someone who used to be with the white supremacy. Kim bumps into Adam and wants to talk to him about last night; she wants to keep their relationship as friends. Adam gives her a handshake and walks off, Platt saw it all. Kim puts money into Platt’s bucket; Platt pushes it forward for more to not say anything about what she saw. Jay walks into a bar and wants to speak to Phil; he goes and sits next to him. Jay brings up the statement he gave to the detectives, about him never coming back home; Jay says he was following Lawny that night and saw him walk into his house. Phil tells Jay he has no idea of what he’s talking about, Jay wants to know where Phil is going. Jay finds out that Phil ended up killing Lawny, all those years he defended Lawny though he was a sick person. Sumner meets up with the person she knows who was with the North Siders, the white supremacy group. She wants to know if there is anything on Jacob and that she’ll give him a reward for it. Turns out that the North Siders are able to go undetected with shipping meth. Hank and his team move out, he tells Sumner to hang back until he needs her. Antonio is outside with Alvin scanning trucks, while Hank, Erin and Adam are in the inside. Antonio ends up finding people within the truck with his body heat scanner; they instantly get into a gun fight. Hank, Erin and Adam move up to cut them off, a man comes out of the truck and starts shooting at them. Adam ends up getting hit.

Adam is on the ground, Erin runs over to him to make sure he’s going to be fine. Hank ends up chasing Jacob, he gets him cornered. Hank wants him to stay down, but he gets up anyways; Hank shoots Jacob in the foot. Hank tells Sumner to write the report, but to leave out the part about him shooting Jacob in the foot. They found Gloria’s case files, turns out that Eliot was the cause to her about to lose her job at the firm. They believe that Gloria had something to do with killing Eliot, that she had sex with Jacob and Tony to make them go kill Eliot for her. Gloria wants them to find proof, Sumner doesn’t want to let her out; Hank tells her that they need more evidence. Phil fesses up to killing his son Lawny, because he found pictures of young boys on his son’s computer. Phil confronted Lawny after seeing them; he tells Erin that they fought. Phil picked up a belt and ended up choking his son to death, then hid his body in the park. Hank gives Jay his things, they ask if he wants to drink; Jay says that he’ll pass that he’s got somewhere to go. Platt asks Kim what’s up with her and Adam, Platt tells her to have fun while she’s still young. Adam asks Alvin if he had second thought before getting married because he’s having second thoughts, Alvin says that his marriage might not last long, but your kids will last a life time. Jay is drinking at Ben Corson’s grave, the kid who was murdered by Lawny. Erin gets a knock on the door; it turns out to be the fireman who was punched in the face trying to save Tony from the car in the beginning. He’s trying to get into Erin’s apartment, being the smooth guy he is. They end up kissing, but since Erin has work early in the morning they can’t take it any further tonight; poor guy was close, but no banana tonight.