The Bachelorette 2014 Chris Soules Chosen as The Bachelor 2015?

The Bachelorette 2014 Chris Soules Chosen as The Bachelor 2015?

The Bachelorette is still airing, but rumor has it that The Bachelor for the next season has already been selected – and from The Bachelorette’s fresh recruits, no less. Although Andi Dorfman is still wading through her endless suitors to pick her future husband, we know one name that won’t be on that marriage announcement: Chris Soules.

Chris Soules has reportedly (Hollywood Life) been approached with the offer to become ABC’s next Bachelor, and the decision to cast him is definitely keeping in line with the network’s trend of casting Bachelor and Bachelorettes from the each other’s casting pools. It makes sense, both logistically and creatively – they won’t have to host large searches to cut through the swath of potential Bachelors, and they won’t end up with someone unreliable. Because they have a previous history with Chris on the Bachelorette, they won’t feel like they’re taking a huge risk. Plus, the audience is already invested in Chris, especially since we know he’s going to get turned down by Andi, AND we’re going to watch it happen on television.

Besides, Andi Dorfman herself was a contestant on the Bachelor, before she got eliminated by resident douchebag Juan Pablo. She’s probably thanking her lucky stars that she was never selected by Juan, and who knows – maybe Chris Soules will feel the same way about her.

Honestly, whether Chris likes Andi or not, there’s no way he’s turning down an opportunity to star as the Bachelor. In terms of publicity, what’s better – being Andi’s chosen fiance, or becoming The Bachelor? This way, he gets twice the exposure and twice the attention. And considering that he’s even on this show in the first place, I’m guessing that extending his fifteen minutes of fame is his biggest priority.

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  1. ruth says:

    It seems that a bachelor or bachelorett are of one race no man or woman of colour qualifies to be one. What a racial show

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