Dallas RECAP 3/17/14: Season 3 Episode 4 “Lifting the Veil”

Dallas RECAP 3/17/14: Season 3 Episode 4 "Lifting the Veil"

DALLAS returns to TNT with another great episode tonight at 9PM EST! “Lifting the Veil” is the perfect title for this episode in which familiar faces return for a wedding at Southfork, yet groom John Ross is missing. Elsewhere, Christopher returns from Mexico; Nicolas and Elena’s relationship heats up; Sue Ellen ponders whether to stop the wedding.

On the last episode the race to secure capital for the impending Arctic Lease auction had Bobby scrambling to outmanoeuvre John Ross’ efforts to frack on Southfork. While Nicolas and Elena’s partnership heated up, Christopher makes a startling discovery about Nicolas’ past, and Emma’s games then put John Ross and Pamela’s upcoming wedding in jeopardy.  Did you watch last week’s episode? If not we have a full recap waiting for you right here!

Tonight’s new episode is going to be great and it’ll be interesting to see if John Ross and Pamela really do end up tying that knot, won’t it be? You’re not going to want to miss a minute of the action and we’ll be recapping it live for you as well.

While you’re waiting for “Lifting the Veil” to begin hit up the comments and tell us whether or not you think that this wedding will really happen!

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Christopher is surprised to hear that Nicolas is married and he tells her her husband is doing business with his uncle and there are some discrepancies. Lucia tells him her husband is an ethical man, has nothing to hide and he must be mistaken. He tells her he has proof that he didn’t even exist until 1997. She tells him he was an orphan before that and made himself anew when he had the means. She tells him he’s good man with nothing to hide. Christopher tells her he was glad to meet her and they shake. He tells her he wouldn’t have guessed that Nicolas was married based on the way he’s conducting himself in Dallas. She pauses then tells him her men will take him back. Drew listens from behind a nearby door with interest.

Pamela wakes John Ross up and grabs him and says she wants to try it again. He reminds her it’s the morning of their wedding but then pounces on her until his phone rings. She begs him not to answer but he does. It’s the secretary who says Babcock, the railway guy has agreed to a meet but it has to be this morning. John Ross assures him last night was a fluke and that Bobby had just shut him down over a chicken. She frets that he’s leaving with just a few hours to go before their wedding but he promises to be back.

Ann finds Sue Ellen staring out a window. She tells Ann she was right and that John Ross and Emma are having an affair. She tells her Emma needs to move out and Ann says it’s not that simple because there are security risks. Sue Ellen says this is disaster in the making and says she can’t even look Pamela in the eye. She’s debating telling her before the wedding and Ann says it will ruin Pamela’s wedding day. Sue Ellen is adamant because she wishes someone had warned her about JR before it was too late.

John Ross goes to his car and Emma stops him. He tells her she needs to stop with her twisted little game and she tells him he likes her games. He tells her she screws like a woman but acts like an attention starved little brat. She tells him to go to hell. Emma comes into the house and asks Pamela how John Ross liked her green outfit. Pamela lies and says she’s saving it for the honeymoon. Sue Ellen comes in and isn’t happy to see Emma and Pamela together. She tells Pamela she’s worried and Pamela reassures her and says they’ve been through this all before. She asks where John Ross is and Emma says she saw him leaving and was surprised to see him taking off before the wedding. What a little bitch! Sue Ellen walks away and opens up her flask!

Drew calls Nicolas and tells him that Christopher came to the house last night. He tells him Christopher talked to Lucia. Drew says he’s tormented with guilt over the bombing that killed Christopher’s children. Nicolas tells him to stop torturing himself because it would kill his mother if he ended up in jail. He promises to come back to Mexico to see him soon.

Christopher comes back and Heather heads over to flirt with him. Looks like she’s a ranch hand and cater waiter. Very versatile… She tells him she was hoping to be his date to the wedding but since he didn’t offer she’s working. He stammer out an excuse and she teases him. Bobby snags Christopher and his son tells him that before 1997 he didn’t even exist. He tells him Lucia told him he changed his name because he had been an orphan. He says that there must be a cover up and Christopher says they need to figure out who he was before he was Nicolas. Bobby says Carlos is coming to the wedding and he’ll put him to work on it.

John Ross is surprised to see that Harris is at the meeting in Babcock’s place. He tells the young man they have things to talk about and tells him to take a seat.
[9:56:31 PM] Rachel Rowan: John Ross isn’t pleased but agrees to hear him out and takes a seat. Harris tells him he knows about Bobby blocking him with the Sierra Club bunk. He says he can get Babcock to shut down the investigation and get him his fracking permit. Harris tells him it will only cost him the files that Emma stole. John Ross agrees to give him one file – whichever one he wants most. Harris asks for the orange flash drive and tells him to take it to this address in an hour and he’ll get what he wants from Babcock.

Pamela’s mom Afton is hassling her about her hair and Sue Ellen stands up for Pamela’s choice. John Ross calls Emma and Sue Ellen sees the call. He tells her they need to talk and Emma tells him she’s busy. He tells her to meet him at his apartment with the orange flash drive and he’ll explain everything. She agrees. Sue Ellen asks where she’s going and Emma says – a quick errand. Afton demands to know where John Ross is and Pamela is further stressed.

Carlos tells Bobby he doesn’t understand why Nicolas would try to prove Cliff’s innocence and he says that’s the big question. Christopher comes in and he tells him he’ll work on Nicolas’ mystery past. They thank him for the assist.

Emma meets John Ross as requested and he apologizes for the way he talked to her. He tells her the way she toyed with Pamela wasn’t nice. He reminds her she knew he was married when they met. He also reminds her that she wasn’t just stealing the files for him but for her as well. He tells her he needs the flash drive to put Harris back in jail for good. She tells him she didn’t bring it because she needed reassurance about his feelings first. He takes her hands and tells her he cares about her and kisses her. He asks her to bring him the flash drive and she heads out. He gets a call from Harris and he tells him he needs more time. Harris tells him if he doesn’t come now there’s no deal. John Ross lies and says he has the flash drive in hand.

Back at South Fork, the guests are all there and there’s music, but no groom yet. Nicolas confronts Christopher about his trip to Mexico. He tells him if he has any questions, he could have just asked him. Ray and Lucy are there but Christopher is distracted watching Nicolas flirt with Elena.

John Ross shows up to the address and is greeted by a man who says he’s expected. There’s some sort of swinger party or brothel situation going down. Harris takes him to a back room. He shows him a security camera where they see Babcock getting busy with a furry. John Ross is grossed out but Harris tells him that should be enough evidence to get him to hand over the fracking permit. John Ross says he thought he was a friend and Harris explain some people are friends because he likes them and some because they’re scared of what he knows. Harris sends John Ross in to talk Babcock into the permit.

Christopher finds Elena and asks why he brought Nicolas to the wedding. She says he wanted her to get to know him. He tells her Nicolas is married and she says he’s divorced but he tells her he’s very much married. He accuses her of playing around with Nicolas and she says she’s playing her but he tells her he’s not sure who’s playing who. He walks away.

John Ross says the flash drive is on the way and he tells him he can have the disc with Babcock’s evidence when he gives over the drive. Pamela calls John Ross and leaves a furious message because the wedding is in 20 minutes. Emma shows up and Bum meets her to get the disc. He asks what took so long and she tells him she hopes John Ross doesn’t miss his wedding. Evil!!

Afton asks Sue Ellen what kind of man pulls a stunt like this on his wedding day. Afton tells her that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and that after all the despicable things JR did, she should have taught her son better. Sue Ellen tells her the most despicable thing he ever did was her. That starts a cat fight that Ann shuts down. Sue Ellen hits her flask again.

Harris asks if he’s going to make it to his wedding and offers him a couple of girls while he waits. Two girls maul him and he fights them off. One has his zipper down and he fights them off and zips up when he hears that Bum is here. He tells him he made a copy of the drive before he brought it but Bum thinks it’s encrypted. He tells Bum to figure out what’s on it. He gives the drive to Harris and asks for the disk. Harris wants to check it first.

Afton comforts Pamela as Ray asks Christopher where the groom is. Harris confirms the drive (it’s CIA data!) and hands over the disk. Harris wishes him good luck at the wedding and tells him to stop sleeping with his daughter. John Ross pauses and then heads off…
[10:15:57 PM] Rachel Rowan: Elena tells Nicolas that Christopher told her he’s still married. He tells her he is just waiting on the final settlement for his divorce to be done and he swears this on the life of his children. He tells her he respects Lucia as the mother of his children but his heart is and always was with Elena. She kisses him and he holds her.

John Ross is tying his tie when his mom comes in and says they need to talk. He tells her he’s sorry he was late and tells her that he was taking care of Babcock and will have the shale license. She tells him she knows he’s getting with Emma. She tells him he was hoping he was better than JR but should have known better. John Ross tells her she has no idea what he’s doing or why. She tells him he’s hurting Pamela and he says she doesn’t need to know and that he loves her and what he’s doing with Emma is just business. She tells him he’s just like JR justifying what he’s doing. She says she won’t stand by and let him do to Pamela what JR did to her. He tells her he smells booze on her and that she needs to remember where her loyalties lie. He also tells her he’s looked the other way her whole life and that one more time won’t hurt.

John Ross knocks on the door and tells Afton he needs to talk to Pamela. Her mom calls him an SOB and slaps him on the head before she leaves. He tells her that he’s sorry for being late but what he was doing was for them so she can have everything she deserves. She tears up and tells him her Dad always explained things that way when he disappointed her but what he did was always for himself. John Ross promises to always show up for her and tells her they are meant to be together. He says he’ll prove it to her and asks her to give him the chance. She obviously agrees because the next thing we see, she’s walking down the aisle on Bobby’s arm.

Christopher asks if he needs any advice since he was married to Pamela himself and John Ross tells him no more cracks like that but smiles at him.

After the I do’s, the guests dance and Christopher stands alone, beer in hand. Bobby is at the bar when John Ross joins him for a drink. He tells him the prairie chicken scam is done because Babcock is taking his side and shutting down the investigation. He tells Bobby his cute little chickens are coming home to roost. Bobby tells him he’s more like JR every day but promises him he’ll never let him drill Southfork. Bobby calls Babcock and rants but is told the permit is a done deal. He hangs up on him.

Sue Ellen comes to see him and Bobby rants about John Ross drilling the ranch. Sue Ellen tells him she can help. John Ross and Pamela kiss as they drive off the ranch in a hail of rose petals to their honeymoon. Heather finds Christopher sitting outside the barn and he asks if she’s stalking him. She tells him she came to check on the animals. He asks if she’s off duty and she asks if he wants to take her somewhere and he tells her he wanted to make sure he wasn’t breaking rules by doing this on duty and then kisses her.

She tells him he’s too overdressed for the barn and takes off his shirt. John Ross and Pamela are enjoying the start of their new marriage. Elena is shagging Nicolas. Emma is crying in bed alone. Nicolas heads up to his hotel room and finds his wife there. He asks why she’s there and she tells him she wanted to talk to him in person. He reminds her the lawyers are working on the settlement but she tells him she wants to make the marriage work. She tells him they owe it to their children. He tells her he’s not interested. Lucia tells him if he doesn’t stay with her, she’ll tell him what he owes and who he owes it to. He tells her that will hurt her too and she says that it will put and end to what he has with Elena.

Harris is told the madam wants to see him. He sticks the flash rive in his pants pocket and stows a duplicate one in his jacket pocket. He holds up a gift bag and tosses it on the desk. The madam turns around and of course it’s his evil mother Judith. He tells her that he only got the cartel log and she asks what his plan is to get the rest of them. He tells her that Emma has the files and Judith says she’s smart. He tells her that he has evidence. He shows her photos they snapped of John Ross and an underaged girl. He tells her they’re going to Lewinsky him and they need his DNA to put on the dress owed by the underaged girl. Judith asks how he’s going to make that work and Harris brings in John Ross’ secretary who’s going to put on the dress and get the “DNA” specimen they need.

The End.