Dallas Recap 9/8/14: Season 3 Episode 12 “Victims of Love”

Dallas Recap 9/8/14: Season 3 Episode 12 “Victims of Love”

Dallas returns to TNT tonight with their tenth episode of season 3 at 9PM EST! On tonight’s episode called, “Victims of Love”, Ewing Global goes public and everyone races to claim ownership. Meanwhile, Pamela must face a truth about Cliff; Bobby reaches out to an old flame to regain control of the company; Judith and Ryland try to mend problems with the cartel, resulting in an unexpected family alignment.

On the last episode in a thrilling showdown, Elena finally confronted the Ewings for what J.R. did to her father and for framing Cliff. Sue Ellen, Pamela and Ann were shocked over the truths Elena exposed, realigning relationships and forcing Bobby to re-examine the steps he took to implement J.R.’s master plan. Meanwhile, Nicolas’ planned to steal Ewing Global for the Cartel moves forward, setting the stage for a new battle. Did you watch last week’s episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as Ewing Global goes public, twists and turns abound while everyone scrambles to claim ownership. Pamela struggles with what to do now that she knows Cliff didn’t really kill J.R., and Bobby seeks the aide of an old flame Tracey McKay (guest star Melinda Clarke) to help get back control of the company. Meanwhile, Judith and Ryland work to fix their own problems with the cartel, which ends up putting lives in the balance and aligning the Rylands and Ewings in a way no one ever expected.

Tonight’s new episode is going to be great. You’re not going to want to miss a minute of the action and we’ll be recapping it live for you as well. While you’re waiting for “Victims of Love” to begin hit up the comments and tell us what you think of the second half of season 3 so far! In the meantime, enjoy a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below.

RECAP: Elena and Nicolas lie in bed when the phone rings. He takes the call from Cliff. He says he hears he’s about to get his company back and tells him he’s impressed. He asks if he’s seen Elena. He hands her the phone. He asks Elena why he’s still in jail and says he wants to be there for the IPO. She tells him she gave his pardon to his daughter and says this is not about revenge for her, but justice. She says he blew up the rig and killed Pamela’s babies so she can decide.

Cliff is still hell-bent on revenge. Nicolas tells Elena she did the right thing and she says if Pamela lets him out of jail there will be more bloodshed. Someone is snapping photos of them. Is it the cartel? Nicolas’ wife? Christopher comes to see Carmen. She’s not friendly. He tells her it’s strange to see her away from Southfork. She says it’s not her home anymore. Christopher has the letters with him and asks about Joaquin and asks if that’s Nicolas’ real name.

Carmen says no and that she had many friends. Christopher tells her that he will always love Elena and says she’s the best person he knows. He tells her that Nicolas was using Elena for revenge and begs her to tell him about Nicolas. Carmen tells him to leave Nicolas and Elena alone and says Nicolas is a decent man who would never mislead her family the way he and the Ewings have mislead them. He gives up and leaves.

Calvin is at his grandson’s birthday party when John Ross shows up with a gift. He says he wouldn’t miss the party and asks to talk about the IPO. John Ross says he dug into him and found out he’s a good man who made some bad business decisions. He says he knows he’s in a hole and says there is good in the worst of us and bad in the best of us. John Ross offers him $10 million cash as long as all the shares go to Sheik Sherif Ali.

Calvin says he can’t do it to Bobby. John Ross says Bobby will be fine either way but his grandson Billy will be a lot better off his way. They shake on it. Pamela gets another voice mail from her dad. Sue Ellen comes in and asks if she’s all right. She tells her Cliff keeps calling and wants his pardon. Sue Ellen asks what she thinks. She says her dad didn’t kill JR but she was angry since he blew the rig and killed her babies.

Pamela says is it right for him to rot for a crime he didn’t commit just because he got away with another one. Sue Ellen says she hates not being able to confront JR about his final plan and she will never be able to move on but tells Pamela she should at least talk to her dad. The CIA dude George comes to see Harris and he tells him about the deal Emma made with the cartel.

He wants the CIA’s protection for her but George says they have to have eyes on El Pozolerro and says he only shows up to wreak havoc. He says they can’t let this psycho control the next president of Mexico. Harris asks to let him put some drugs in the pipeline for now to buy Emma some time. George tells him to renegotiate the deal pronto.

Ann comes to talk to Emma and sits with her. Emma says after everything Harris has done and all his controlling ways, he ruined the one relationship that ever made her feel good – her relationship with Drew. She says the things Harris made him do drove him to suicide. She says just because he’s working for the CIA doesn’t change the way she feels about him. Ann says she understands.

She tells her Harris told her that Judith is on her way back and says she can’t let her grandmother know he’s working with the CIA. Emma asks if that’s why she came and she says no but says giving her grandmother that information is the worst thing to do. She asks her mom to have dinner with her tomorrow and Ann agrees and leaves.

Bobby takes a call from Calvin who tells him he was right and says John Ross came to him today and he let him think he took the bait. He says no special requests from John Ross or Cliff will be allowed and says he’ll call him in the morning when the shares are issued. Bobby gets a call from Carlos del Sol. He goes down and tells Christopher that Carlos said a boy named Joaquin lived with the Ramos family growing up and then changed his ID to shed his criminal records.

Bobby says he’s been working for the Mendez-Ochoa cartel and lost a bunch of their money. Christopher says this means Elena could be in danger. Christopher calls Elena but Nicolas has her phone and sends it to voice mail. He leaves her a message about Nicolas’ involvement with the cartel. Bobby calls Calvin to tell him about the cartel but then Calvin’s boss hangs up the phone, says he’s been fired and that he’s not handling the Ewing IPO. Nicolas stands smugly behind the guy.

Nicolas and Bobby get to the office and are in a panic making calls. John Ross comes up and they tell him they can’t get in touch with Calvin. They tell him they know about the bribe and says that Nicolas is after the country. There’s a news announcement – Sue Ellen calls them in to see it. Hunter McKay bought all the shares and now is in control of their company.

John Ross asks where the other shares came from to give him controlling interest. Bobby reminds him that Cliff has some shares and he could have signed them to Nicolas. Pamela slaps John Ross and tells him that lying and cheating were the only things he was ever good at and says now he’s failed at those too. Hunter is interviewed and says it feels great to own both the Ewings and Barnes’ too. They ask how he got controlling interest and he tells the reporters the bottom line is that he got it.

Cliff watches with disgust. Elena does too. Hunter takes a call from Nicolas and tells him he couldn’t have pulled it off without him. Hunter and Nicolas reiterate their deal that Hunter gets to run the company as long as the cartel can launder their money through it. Nicolas comes in acting all distraught to Elena and says he doesn’t know what happened but says it’s over. Someone is shooting more footage of them.

John Ross gets a text from Nasir, the sheik’s son, telling him he’s failed them again. Bobby says the SEC confirmed that Cliff gave them the extra shares they needed to control the company. Calvin shows up and says Victor des Lauriers, his new boss from Mexico, fired him and took stock requests from shell corporations all owned by Hunter.

Calvin says the cartels are increasingly using major corporations to launder their money. Bobby says if they can prove the cartel is behind it, they can get their company back. After a brief argument, John Ross and Christopher go to see Hunter. They ask to chat and he breezily invite them in. He’s playing video games and shuts it down and tells Christopher he hasn’t seen him since high school.

Hunter says no hard feelings, it’s just business. Christopher says he knows it was cartel money that bought the stock and says they are filing suit with the SEC and he’s headed for jail. Hunter says if they had proof, they wouldn’t be standing there. He says he wins. They leave in disgust. Hunter calls out and says JR fell for a similar ruse from his grandfather. He says he lost his company the same way his daddy did. John Ross chokes him a little, Christopher says when they get proof, he’s finished and they go.

Luis goes to see his cartel boss who asks if it’s done. He says they now own Ewing Global. The guy says the more broken society becomes the easier it is for them to sieze power. Luis says he’s going to double their product through the pipeline. He tells Luis it is there time once again and says it will be the real Mexican revolution. He says it’s all thanks to Nicolas and he saw something great in him from the start. Luis reminds him he lost $600 million and the boss says it was just one bad investment. He tells him to make sure Nicolas is in charge of Ewing Global.

Bobby shows up to see Tracey to talk about her nephew Hunter. She’s shocked that he bought their company and he tells her about Nicolas and the drug cartel money. She curses and says her dad poisoned them against the Ewings because he blamed them for Tommy’s death. She asks what she can do and he says he needs Hunter to tell the SEC where the money came from for the IPO. She says he’s always been good at playing the hero. He says not everyone would see it that way.

Pamela goes to Mexico to see her dad in jail. He tells her that he knew she would come. She says she’s sorry for helping the Ewings put him in jail and not protecting his legacy. Cliff says he always warned her about the Ewings so now she can get him out and they can start over and get their company back working together. He tells her he loves her and has missed her. Pamela has an envelope. She slides it across the table to him.

It’s the deed to Ewing six. He says it was Digger’s. She says that land being robbed from them robbed her of a father. She says he hates the Ewings more than he loves her. She says if he really loved her, he never would have killed her babies. She says she can never forgive him for that. Cliff tells her he’s so sorry and asks if she’s going to leave him there and if she’ll forgive him if he stays in prison.

Cliff admits he did fail her and she says it’s over now. She says he avenged the wrongs done to his father and she avenged the wrongs done to her by her father. She stands and goes to leave. She tells him goodbye and leaves him to rot. Cliff is in shock.

John Ross shows up at the Rylands. He tells them it’s a pretty picture and asks if they’re headed out to family therapy. He tells them about the cartel stealing their company and tells Harris to use his contacts to help him or says he’ll bring Candice out of hiding. Judith tells Harris and Emma to wait in the car. They go. She tells John Ross that she’s sorry he lost his company and offers him a job. She says he has a good luck and asks how he is at romancing men.

John Ross says if she wants to stay a rich old woman, she needs to make a deal. She tells him she won’t risk Emma’s safety. She tells him to head back to that pit of broken marriages he calls Southfork. Harris asks how it went and Judith says it was the warm up she needed. She tells them – let’s go make us a drug deal. John Ross calls Bum and tells him to go fetch Candice.

Luis meets with the Rylands and he says he’s not happy to see them. Judith says she had to fly back from Paris when she heard her naive granddaughter was being taken advantage of. Judith says Emma was in no position to make the deal and Luis says tough. Judith says she believes in reciprocity and is willing to renegotiate. She reminds him he still hasn’t found Candice.

She says once he finds the whore, she’ll increase the pipeline by 25%. Luis curses and leaves to go find the woman. Bobby and Tracey pull up to Hunter’s and she says she hopes her nephew will listen. They flirt but then notice his door has been broken into. They head inside and find him hung – it looks like a suicide, but is likely not.

At the crime scene, Bobby waits and Christopher shows up and he says the evidence points to suicide but he says it has to be the cartel cleaning up loose ends. They wonder if they will go after Nicolas and Christopher leaves Nicolas a message telling her Hunter is dead and says the cartel is cleaning up. Nicolas listens to it. Bum meets John Ross and tells him Harris’ flash drive has CIA encryption on it and that now that he knows can hack into it. John Ross is pleased.

Harris comes in and tells Judith they have company. It’s Luis. He has a box with a bow and he says he has something for her. She says it’s a beautiful box and unties the ribbon. She opens it and sees hands. He says they belong to the whore Candice. He says the gift is to show he’s a man of his word. He also shows her that he has Emma and Ann tied up and says that’s to make sure she keeps her. He tells them to double the shipments or they will die. Harris and Judith are in shock.