Dance Moms Finale Recap Update “Hollywood Here We Come, Part 2”: Season 4 Finale Part 2

Dance Moms Finale Recap Update “Hollywood Here We Come, Part 2”: Season 4 Finale Part 2

Tonight on Lifetime Abby Lee Miller’s Dance Moms continues with an all new Tuesday October 7, Season 4 finale part 2 called, “Hollywood Here We Come, Part 2.” On tonight’s episode Nationals are a day away, and with all of the distractions of Hollywood, the moms worry Abby Lee Miller has not given enough attention to the routines.

On the last episode while the ALDC was in Los Angeles to compete at Nationals, Abby made a major announcement that forever changed the Elite Competition Team. Ex-ALDC dance mom, Jeanette, stalked the team to LA and vowed revenge against Abby. Cathy schemed to ruin Abby’s west coast visit by challenging the ALDC to a dance off, and everyone was shocked when Abby’s moves stole the show. Did you watch the episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode nationals are a day away, and with all of the distractions of Hollywood, the moms worry Abby has not given enough attention to the routines. With Cathy using the song that made Maddie famous, Abby considers pulling an ALDC solo to let Maddie dance. Stakes have never been higher as Abby threatens to cut the losing team and Christi and Chloe make a heart-wrenching decision,

Tonight’s episode is going to be another drama packed evening, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Lifetime’s Dance Mom’s Season 4 finale – tonight at 9 PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new season of Dance Moms tonight!

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The #DanceMoms are in LA and they are in rehearsals. Abby tells them all the work has been to prepare them for nationals which are one day away. Abby says they are going up against the top times and the Crab Apples, their nemesis. She talks about how the Amber Alert number should be chilling but says it’s a hot mess right now. She tells the girls doing Hollywood Stars that their routine must be flawless or it will be their last shot with her.

She calls Kamryn up then Chloe and Kendall. She says they all have solos. She tells Kamryn if she loses, she can consider herself out. Then she tells Kendall if she can nail her number she may see her name in lights. She tells Chloe to get in front of a mirror and work on her confidence. Christi says that Abby isn’t happy that Chloe beat Kamryn before so she’s sabotaging her daughter with substandard choreography.

Christi complains to Gianna that they are f-ing her daughter with a bad routine. Holly asks if there are any more solos and Abby asks Maddie if she wants one. Jill isn’t happy to hear this. Melissa speaks up and says she’s happy for the other girls getting a solo and Abby tells her that she needs to be concerned with her girls’ careers not the other moms and being friends with them.

Abby says she has a lot to think about and says they cannot lose tomorrow. The select team is working on their group number and Abby says they are more focused than her other team. She says they need to impress her if they want to get into her new LA studio. She applauds them and says it’s getting there. Tracey, Sarah’s mom, says she thinks their team is perfect for the new studio and says everything is riding on the competition.

The Candy Apples work with Chehon and their group number. Cathy points out one boy’s problems and then she talks about her decision to use Sia’s Chandelier for group. She says Maddie set the bar for the song so her kids have to be perfect and on board. One mom says she takes back what she says and thinks the number is amazing. Cathy is pleased.

Abby has the girls together for a last rehearsal of Amber Alert. She says the number needs to haunt and leave an impression. Abby says it should be gut wrenching and sad and she wants the judges to be moved. She says she needs more dancers and decides to put Sara in. Holly says the dance is a mess because Abby has been shirking. Abby tells Maddie to go work on her solo. She wants a sure thing just in case.

Nia asks if they can work on the group number first but Abby says the other problems in the group can be solved without taking up Maddie’s time. Christi confronts Melissa about Maddie’s secret solo and throws her words back at her. Holly lights into her too and Melissa is aggravated. She walks away cursing and says she’ll talk to Abby.

She cries and tells Abby she’s over it and just wants to take her kids and go to nationals. Abby looks at Maddie who gives a tight little smile. Kamryn works on her solo while Abby watches. Abby says it reminds her of Maddie because she has an expressive face. She wants to see if she can be her go-to girl when Maddie isn’t around. She wants to see that she can always win, no matter what.

Jill asks where they all stand and Christi says it’s in disarray. Abby comes out and asks where the girls are. She says the group dance is a mess and asks Christi what’s going on. She’s texting while Abby talks. Abby tells her to get her daughter’s feet moving right. Christi says that’s what she pays her for and that she’s not even focusing on them this week. Abby says if your kid sucks you need to work with her.

Christi asks if she’s saying her kid sucks and calls her a wicked old witch. Abby says she’s flying away and smiles at her with faux niceness and floats away. Abby works with Kendall on her solo next and is pleased that she’s rally getting it. She says if she keeps her head on straight she could be a national champion. She calls Chloe up next. Abby wonders if she can soar or if she’ll be mediocre.

Christi says Chloe is not the same dancer she was – she says she’s lost her passion and spark. Abby tells Chloe that since she best Kamryn it’s been a downhill slide. She says Kendall wants it more than her. Christi says she’s frustrated with Chloe. She wants her to want it but blames Abby for taking her passion from her. Christi tells her daughter she can’t make her want it then says whatever and walks away.

Chloe is upset and thinks everyone if working against her and that Abby thinks she’s going to lose to Kamryn. Christi cries to the other moms that Chloe has been beat down so much that she’s lost her fire.

It’s the day of nationals. Cathy hands out apples and says they are going to show LA what a real dance team is like. All the dancers hold up apples as Abby and the ALDC girls get out. She calls Cathy insane and says it’s another weird prank. Abby is focused on the competition and says they are going to show that ALDC is in the house. Chloe and Christi apologize to each other.

Chloe says she wants to win but doesn’t know how. Her mom tells her to go out there and dance for herself. The moms tell Abby that Cathy is doing Chandelier. Melissa and Abby go to confront her and tell her that Maddie and Sia have a special bond. The other moms say that the sure way to get to Abby is to go after Maddie. Cathy says Sia can’t stand Abby and Abby asks where she would ever talk to Sia.

The face off is done and after the confrontation, Abby is thinking about putting Maddie in their place. She asks her if she wants to do Chandelier and shove it in their faces. Maddie says no. Abby is stunned. Abby thinks she’s doing this for her friends and isn’t happy with the decision. Abby tells the girls this is nationals and her west coast introduction. They ask if Maddie is doing a solo and Holly thinks it sucks that Melissa put that off on her daughter.

Kendall comes out to do her solo and Jill is thrilled that this may be a chance for her daughter to become Abby’s new favorite. Abby is all smiles during the routine. Jill is too. The crowd goes wild! Jill says her daughter was amazing and is better every time she dances. Chloe is next. Abby says that last year, Chloe lost her chance to dance because her mom ruined it for her.

Abby says this is her chance to prove that she’s still got it. Abby isn’t smiling as much for this number. Chloe finishes and there is applause but not as much. Christi says Chloe should be proud of herself for this number and says she danced her heart out. Next is Kamryn and Abby wonders if she can win a solo at competition in addition to being a good group performer.

Kamryn’s number is very athletic, stretchy and cool. It’s a very different number with really innovative choreography. It’s all good but then she moves backward and her momentum goes out of control and she falls backward but then tries to recover.

She keeps going – Abby grimaces. There is a good amount of applause. Abby is proud that Kamryn covered the fall like a pro and didn’t let her face give anything away. Abby asks Kamryn what she did and she says she fell. Abby tells her that no one knew. She hugs her as the girl cries. Holly can’t believe it and says that if one of the other girls fell, she would have been yelling at them.

Bridget lurks outside the door playing Chandelier on her cell phone. Maddie breaks into the dance number and puts it into her face. The other ALDC dancers cheer her. Maddie says it made her mad and wanted to show her that no one could do it like her. Abby tells the group dancers that if the select team doesn’t win, they are done.

Abby says she brought in the team to push her elite team to work harder and wonders who will come out on top. The Candy Apples are up with their Chandelier number. Cathy says she has done everything possible to mess with Abby’s head and says Abby knows she can lose. Maddie watches from off stage. The number is odd and different – her main asset is the boys she has in her troupe. The crowd applauds them mid-number and Abby is irritated.

Looks like Chehon’s choreography has paid off. It’s a really cool number. The crowd shows them love. Cathy says Abby can gripe all she wants – she says their number was cutting edge – something Abby isn’t used to. The select team is up first with Hollywood Stars. Abby says if they don’t bring it, this is their first and last number with ALDC in LA.

The number is very graceful and pretty. The girls seem to nail it. They get a nice share of applause. Holly says it was beautiful and everything you would want a national number to look for. Next up is Amber Alert and the elite team. Mack-Z smiles and then kicks with all her heart as Nia kidnaps her and pins her to the chair. She has tortured nailed with her expressions and then is killed at the end.

Her sister, Maddie, is crushed by her death to end the number and the crowd goes wild. The moms says they got goose bumps from it. Now they just have to wait for the scores. They stop with the top 10 solos in the competition. Kendall takes ninth place. Jill is devastated. She says she deserved better. There is a tie for fifth and sixth. Kamryn takes sixth place. Chloe takes fifth – she scored higher on technique.

Abby is stunned and says she doesn’t know how Chloe beat Kamryn again. The fifth place group goes to Chandelier – the Candy Apples. Abby says Cathy traveled 3,000 miles for fifth. Second place goes to Hollywood Stars. Abby looks tense. First place goes to Amber Alert and they take the national championship. The crowd goes wild.

Abby crows that it’s their fourth consecutive national championship but is annoyed that none of her soloists won and says it’s unheard of. She says when Maddie performs, she wins. Jill says the group win is great but knows that the low score solos won’t be good enough for Abby. We see Kendall crying. Cathy watches Abby chew out Jill and says to tell her daughter to suck it up. Christi asks why it’s okay for Kamryn to cry and not Kendall.

Christi screams at Abby that any technique issues are Abby’s fault. Christi says the elite team put her fat name on the map. Cathy is enjoying this. Christi tells Abby that her daughter has more class in her little finger than Abby’s fat butt at 45. Abby tells her that Chloe is done. Christi cries to the other moms and says this is about more than dance – it’s about human decency and no one is lower than Abby.

The girls come in and the moms give out hugs. Chloe tells Christi that she heard Abby. Christi says she can’t let Abby destroy her child any more. She takes her and leaves. She says it was sad that she was the high scoring soloist and on the winning team and this is how it ends. Abby says the select team did their job by pushing the elite team to work harder.

Abby says it’s clear that they pushed the select team right out the door. She disbands the select team. Tracey is upset and talk about how they shouldn’t be leaving since they beat the elite team three times. Abby asks who she should take to LA. She says she only wants the girls that want this. She says she can make them a star or cut them. Outside, Chloe cries and says she still want to dance. She says the best thing was when they were a team and working together. Christi and Chloe walk away arm in arm.