Dance Moms “Abby-Phobic” Detailed Recap: Season 4 Episode 24

Dance Moms “Abby-Phobic” Detailed Recap: Season 4 Episode 24

Tonight on lifetime Dance Moms continues with a new episode called, “Abby Phobic.” On tonight’s episode, the team travels to Woodbridge, Va., to face their toughest competition yet, Studio Bleu. Abby invites Jade and new dance mom Loree to join the Elite Team for the week; and she shocks everyone when she scrapes the group routine and choreographs a dance about phobias instead.

On the last episode of Dance Moms the ALDC headed to Shenandoah Valley, VA but with Maddie away filming a guest appearance on Ellen, Abby realized that her #1 dancer’s career was taking off and she’ll need someone who can win in Maddie’s absence. Abby pitted Chloe, Nia and Kendall head to head to see who could step up to the plate with character driven solos. Christy’s jealousy put her daughter Sarah’s place on the team in dire jeopardy. Did you watch the last episode of Dance Moms? If you missed it, we recapped it right here for you.

On tonight’s episode the ALDC heads to Woodbridge, VA to face their toughest competition yet, Studio Bleu. Abby invites Select Team member Jade and new dance mom Loree to join the Elite Team for the week. Christi is in an uproar when Abby picks Chloe to compete a solo against Jade, two years her senior. Abby shocks everyone when she decides to pull the current group routine and start over from scratch, choreographing a dance about phobias.

Tonight’s episode is going to be another drama packed evening, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Lifetime’s Dance Mom’s Season 4 Episode 24 – tonight at 9 PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new season of Dance Moms tonight!

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Abby calls the girls in and they line up. She introduces Jade to them. Abby says she needs another headline dancer in case Maddie is called away for a photo shoot or opportunity. Loree is there too and Abby says she wants moms she can respect and that respects her. Loree herself owns two dance studios and Jade is an award winner. Abby talks about their wins at Power House and were the overall winning group.

They go to the pyramid. Chloe is at the bottom, so is Mia for her fourth place. Mackenzie is next up and Abby says she needs better posture. Maddie is up there as well and she says she was great in the group dance and was on Ellen. Melissa, her mom, says everyone is talking about her and her career is taking off. Kendall is at the top of the pyramid for her first place win last week. Jill is thrilled that Kendall nailed the solo.

This week is the Imagine Dance Challenge and she says it will be really competitive including Studio Bleu who has beat them before. Jill says they will be out for blood. Abby says she has a brilliant idea for a group idea but won’t use it this week. She says she doesn’t think they will win this week and doesn’t want to waste it this week.

Abby says they will save it for nationals since it’s good and controversial. She says they are all in the group routine and Christi says it’s crazy that they don’t know what they’re doing. Jade has a solo called Far East. Chloe also gets a solo called They Don’t Want My Kind Around Here and says it’s dark. She says they will be up against good kids. Loree is excited about Jade’s opportunity.

The moms leave and the girls warm up. Abby says they need to come up with a routine out of the blue. She has no theme, music or clue. The moms wonder why they are all still standing around. Holly is annoyed that the uncertainty continues. Jill thinks they should do the number Abby talked about. Loree asks about Studio Bleu and the other moms talk about how Abby is afraid of them.

Jill says this will give Abby an excuse when they lose. Abby talks to them about a piece on phobias. Chloe says public speaking, another says bugs and another says crowds and another needles. Jade says heights. Christi says Abby is their biggest phobia. Jill watches with consternation. Abby spreads the girls out and says to dance in 16 counts what they’re scared of. Abby has them improv.

She’s looking for inspiration. Christi says this whole thing is irritating. Loree debates with them about her daughter being paired off against older dancers. Christi gets snippy and says she just must be a better mom than her. Abby yells at Mackenzie then sends her upstairs to sit with her mom. She’s in tears because Abby laughed at her. The moms encourage her.

Her mom says if she’s going to be Mac Z, pop star, she has to learn to express herself better. Abby tells Mackenzie that people laugh at her every day and she gets over it. She sends Mackenzie to the bench to sit out the group number. It’s two days before the competition and Jade is doing her Asian number. It’s cool and very limber. She says it’s acrobatic and sexy, something her mom would never do with her.

Loree likes the theme and says her daughter really has it but questions the acro solo since judges either love or hate them. Christi doesn’t think it’s fair that Jade has been there all day working on her solo. Holyl encourage the other moms to pick Loree’s brain to get to know Abby better since she’s known her for years and they share professional respect.

Abby thinks if Christi doesn’t like Chloe’s solo, she can hit the door. Christi complains that Abby isn’t even watching the solo because she’s working on Jade’s costume. Christi says Abby has stacked the deck against her daughter and if she wins it will be despite her, not instead of her. Abby thinks the new group routine off the cuff is crazy. She talks the girls through it and has music but worries about time.

Jill wonders if Mackenzie is in or out. If they take a junior number she’s in, if they want teen, she’s out. Christi says it’s very calculating because if she pulls Mackenzie she can compete in a certain age category. Abby tells the girls this number is down to their acting abilities and goes to talk to the moms. The moms wants to know what category they’re in and they complain about not being in the juniors.

Jill thinks Abby is using Mackenzie’s crying as an excuse to keep them from competing against Studio Bleu. After Abby leaves, they berate Loree for not speaking up about the category and Loree says it’s not her place because she’s not the teacher. Since she owns her own studio, obviously she’s been on the other side of this deal so she’s right to keep her mouth shut (IMHO).

The girls eat and talk. Chloe is nervous about going up against Jade but Kendall and Maddie encourage her. It’s one day before competition and she only has half learned. She’s also upset that Jade is 15 and she’s only 12. Abby calls the girls together. Jade does her dance first while the other girls watch. Loree is a little nervous still about the acrobatics. She says she hasn’t done an acro since she was eight and wishes she was doing a contemporary piece.

Chloe is up next. Christi says Chloe knows that she always has to dance against the new kid and Abby always gives more time to the new kid and treats hers like a throw away. The group is coming together and she calls it Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself. Abby says her greatest fear is losing. The moms fret over being in the teen group. Christi also says a junior group from Studio Bleu could knock out a couple of younger dancers and move to the teen category.

It’s competition day and the kids are at Imagine National Dance Challenge. There are a ton of screaming fans there greeting Abby and her dancers. The girls do their hair and makeup and get ready. Christi asks Abby if Studio Bleu is competing against them and they are – they are doing a teen number but Abby says it’s Mackenzie’s fault for throwing a tantrum.

Abby refuses to engage with the moms to talk about it. When Abby is gone, the moms ask Loree to convince Abby to move them to the junior category. Loree asks to talk to her teacher to teacher.

[10:01:10 PM] Rachel Rowan: Loree asks her to move them into the junior category. Abby says she’s exhausted dealing with moms that are psychos and she has to put her foot down. She says kids that act up have to know there are consequences. Christi thinks Abby is being stubborn and the girls will pay the price. Chloe works on her number while Abby coaches Jade and doesn’t give her any notes. Christi talks to her daugher and tells her to do her best and not worry about Jade.

It’s time for the competition. Christi is aggravated that the Studio Bleu girls are really good plus her daughter is up against Jade. It’s time for Jade’s number and she heads out. Loree isn’t sure about the acro routine as her daughter’s first solo with Abby. She does an amazing job and the crowd gives her love. Even Christi even has to admit it was great. Chloe is up next.

Christi wants her daughter to show Abby that she’s a great dancer. The number looks great. The crowd applauds. Christi says you really feel something when you watch her dance. Abby gives the girls some notes. She tells Jade she played it safe and tells Chloe to relax more in her turns. They prep for their group number in the teen category.

Jill is annoyed with the decision Abby has made and then Christi gets pissy with Abby because she thinks she rolled her eyes when Chloe accidentally runs into Maddie when they’re doing a last minute run through before they go. Christi calls her a bitch then corrects and says witch. The Studio Bleu coach tells her girls to beat Abby Lee’s team to maintain their reputation.

The Studio Blue team comes out and does their group number. They have not only a larger group of girls in quantity but also older, more experienced girls. Their dance number is odd and jerky to me, but hey, what do I know? Jill says they were amazing. Abby’s girls are up next and Jill says they have to do their best job ever to pull out a win.

It’s time for the group number and it’s really cool. They work together well as a team and come out one at a time to offer a neat intro and individual time to each. The crowd goes wild as the kids run off stage. Holly says she had doubts but says it was magical and says they are an amazing team. It’s time for the awards. First up is solo awards. Chloe takes sixth place and Christi isn’t happy.

Christi says Abby can’t expect better when she gave her no time and attention. Third place goes to Jade. Loree is disappointed with that placement and says acro wasn’t the way to go. The top soloist is from Studio Bleu and Abby is devastated to lose to them in the solo category. Now it’s time for group. Second goes to Abby’s girls which means Studio Bleu took first. Loree wonders if they would have one first in juniors with Mackenzie.

Abby tells the girls they will get older and better. Loree tells Abby she’s not happy with third and say acro wasn’t a good choice because she’s been first all year and she says she wins at her studio but didn’t win with Abby. Abby asks if she’s saying she doesn’t want Jade on the team and Loree says she’s definitely questioning it. Abby says that’s up to her and lots of kids will want her spot. Abby tells them she has to start thinking about nationals and walks out on that sour note.