David Tom Returns as Billy Abbott: Feels Right At Home On The Young and the Restless

David Tom Returns as Billy Abbott: Feels Right At Home On The Young and the Restless

It was about twelve years ago that David Tom walked off the set of The Young and the Restless for the final time as Billy Abbott. He fully expected to be closing the door on the character and looked forward to exploring other options. Last October Tom was auditioning in LA and had given up on finding work. He was preparing to move back to NYC when his agent submitted him for a new role on Y&R. At the time Tom thought he was testing for the part of Paul’s son and he felt a little awkward about returning to the show as a different character in spite of so many years having passed.

When Y&R finally clued him in to the fact that the part that he was vying for was actually Billy, Tom told Soap Opera Digest that he was absolutely relieved. He also didn’t mind having to go through the whole auditioning process for a role that actually won him a Daytime Emmy, because Billy has been through so many life-altering experiences in the last 12 years.

Tom seems to really be enjoying his crash course on all-things-Billy and catching up on the characters life. It’s obviously helping him to connect with the character that he once knew so well and he is loving being back on set at CBS. Tom says his first scenes were with Jess Walton and it felt like no time has passed. He has also had a blast reconnecting with his old friends and making some new ones along the way. Still, Tom realizes that Billy Miller was extremely popular with Y&R’s fans and so he knows that he is going to have to work hard to win their support. Will you be tuning in to give Tom a chance? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below or on our Soap Opera Spy Facebook page!

  • janie

    Nice try.. Done watching the show friday.

  • Kris

    All I can say is David Tom has some big, no huge shoes to fill! He better bring it because Billy Miller is a phenomenal actor! Good luck!

  • I am a huge Billy Miller fan! No David Tom will not be accepted!! I always go to the Y&R facebook page leave comments and read others…Billy wanted more money and Y&R said no! I was happy to read new writers..OMG fire all of them!! Y&R the #1 Soap? Not any more!! First you take away Phyllis and now you take away Billy !ready to find out HOW we can fight to get rid of David Tom and bring back Billy Miller!!! Everyone on y&R facebook has been asking writers to KEEP BILLY and Adam! Bring back Phyllis! writers need fired!!!

  • Margaret Williams

    I’m sure he’s a nice guy, but I just watched my last episode of Y&R after being a series-long fan from the beginning.

  • Jennifer Marie Ames

    yes will be nice to see him back in this role that he did so well at before and i’m sure he will again

  • thatsme8x6

    For the people on this post who “won’t watch the show” because an actor’s leaving??? GET OVER IT!!! First of all, David Tom is a fine actor who originated the adult role of Billy Abbott (and won an Emmy doing so!). And second, while I love Billy Miller’s performance, no actor is above the institution that Y&R created (well except maybe Jeanne Cooper). The point is..the show will go on, and it should whether actors change or not. Its happened before and it’ll continue happening. And no, we cannot go back to the Bell days as much as all of us would like. It was a different generation and time and that would likely not work in today’s soap climate. I’m a Y&R fan and will always be.

    • kim

      Well said! Sorry to see great actors leave the show, but ultimately, it happens all the time.

    • Dionne

      Great post! I loved Billy Miller too but this recast would have been worst if it had been another actor. I am so happy to see David Tom again. I don’t understand how some fans that claimed to watch since the beginning seem to forget that he originated the role and won an Emmy for it. That is proof he will do just fine.

  • Richard

    Im happy! I’ve wanted Dave Tom back in the role for years.Now the show needs to re-hire David Lago who played Raul.I really liked their friendship

  • Lois Baldwin Toryk

    me too. Been looking for a time to exit. This is it.


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  • Dionne

    I am also a Billy Miller fan and he will be missed, but I grew up with David Tom’s Billy. Both men are amazing actors and if the part had to be recast I am glad it was with the original Billy Abbott. I am happy for David and I am sure he will do well.

  • twinmommyx2

    David Tom played a good HIGH SCHOOL Billy, but doesn’t seem to have any chemistry with Victoria (Amelia). David Tom has a baby face and looks all of 25 (I know he’s 35) and Amelia looks all of her 40 yrs.

  • twinmommyx2

    Actually, he was not the 1st Billy Abbott. A couple child actors played Billy from 1993 (when he was born) until 1999 when David Tom took over the role as a teenage version of Billy. David Tom played Billy from 1999-2002 as a TEENAGE version of Billy, not an adult version…