Days Of Our Lives: Sami And EJ Back Together But Abigail Isn’t Giving Up

Days Of Our Lives: Sami And EJ Back Together But Abigail Isn't Giving Up

Yet another Days of Our Lives episode goes by, stretching credibility and entertaining fans everywhere. Isn’t that the appeal of soaps though? We get to completely forget about basic common sense for a minute, and then get lost in a story that we would never be okay with on network prime time shows. For example, Gabi Hernandez is once again following Nick’s every move. Stupid or just blinded by affection? Or in denial? She desperately wants to believe that she was not responsible for Nick getting his head bashed in, and he lets her believe that – if only for the duration of this episode.

EJ DiMera and Sami Brady also got back together, and it was nice to see the bright spot of excitement in an otherwise dark episode. Obviously, things might not last that way, especially since Abigail Devereaux has already decided that she wants EJ back and is not giving up on him. It’s too bad since EJ and Sami make an adorable couple, and they’re already a strong family unit, sharing kids and protecting each other from the backstabbing words of everyone else in Salem.

Which version do you guys prefer? EJ and Sami being a happy couple, getting married, and raising kids together? EJ and Sami staying together, but their relationship fraught with drama and complications? EJ trying to deal with Abigail’s advances without giving into them? Or EJ and Abby getting together, screwing over Sami in the process?

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5 responses to “Days Of Our Lives: Sami And EJ Back Together But Abigail Isn’t Giving Up”

  1. sheri s says:

    Sami and EJ should stay together…Abigail is boring, and has no chemistry with EJ. EJ and Sami just click and chemistry is just there.

  2. GlamoGan says:

    EJ and Abby are the future of that show. I say Days needs to run with it. They may be getting together under abnormal circumstances, but there is fire there. Sami is very self-centered. Plus, Alison is leaving the show. There is something earnest about Abby even though she is doing things now that she never would have entertained before. I think EJ enjoys corrupting her a little bit. They make a fascinating pair .

  3. Stephanie Meyers says:

    EJ and Sami should be together forever…I mean they have been through so much and still end up back together in the end. I love how they also fight to be together and will not let go of each other even when they are not together!!!

  4. Gloria Secrest says:

    EJ and Sami should stay together till AS leaves and let them be happy for a change. That would be something different.

  5. joni morlin says:

    It is gabi henrnedez killed nick when nick looked right at her when he died in the town square and all other suspects did not do Any thing they did not see him get cause gabi is leaving the show for good until they find a replacement. For her