Defiance Recap 8/14/14: Season 2 Episode 9 “Painted From Memory”

Defiance Recap 8/14/14: Season 2 Episode 9 “Painted From Memory”

Syfy’s series Defiance continues with a new episode tonight called, “Painted From Memory.” On tonight’s episode, Doc Yewll works to keep her dark secret from coming out.

For those of you unfamiliar with the show, the show takes place in the future on a radically transformed Earth containing new species, some having arrived from space, many others the result of contamination by terraforming technology which has transformed native flora and fauna in unforeseen ways.

On last week’s episode, in order to prevent a terrorist attack in New York, Nolan had to interrogate a suspected spy. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode earth-shattering events create backlash for Defiance; Doc Yewll strives to keep her secret hidden.

Defiance airs at 8 PM on SYFY and we will be live blogging it with all the up-to-the-minute details. So make sure to come back to this spot and spend the evening with us! Make sure to refresh often to get the most current details and updates! In the meantime, enjoy a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below.

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 Kenya says she remembers the darkness and a motor home and then whispers. We see the masked man looking down on her and slopping water into her mouth. Nolan asks if she saw anyone else and she says just the man in the goggles. She says he talked a little about New York but asked a lot about her sister and her life in Defiance. She says he tried to use her to blackmail Amanda then she tried to escape. She thinks he had her two or three weeks but Nolan says she’s been gone a year.

Kenya says the last thing she remembers is Amanda losing the election and hugging her. Yewll tells him to stop pushing her. Amanda pulls her sister away and says they can talk more in the morning. They leave. Yewll and Nolan get snippy with each other and then the doc promises to look after Kenya. Nolan leaves. Stahma comes to the bar and Dierdre says she gave the envelope to Alak at work that morning. Stahma says her son is imaginative for hiring a hooker to work on the radio.

The girl looks past her and says that Kenya is back. Stahma starts to say she can’t be because she’s dead, stops herself, looks shocked and says – it’s not possible. She watches others hug her. Kenya makes eye contact with her and Stahma runs for the back exit. Outside she gasps for breath. Amanda braids her sister’s hair sitting in bed and tells her she’s glad to have her back. She thinks she’s why Kenya left.

Kenya says she doesn’t know why she’s left but is glad she’s back and thanks Amanda for taking care of everything while she was gone. Kenya asks her to sleep next to her tonight. They talk about sleeping near each other as kids and the gunfire and danger. Amanda pulls her close and holds her while they talk.

Nolan gets a call from Irisa who tells him she’s helping Sukar since he’s sick. He agrees but isn’t happy. She promises she’s okay and he asks her to be careful. She rings off and tells Sukar the pilgrimage can’t be interrupted. She says it’s Irzu’s will. We see vehicles streaming in from all over. People are everywhere.

Nolan approaches Tommy and asks if he’s found anything interested. Tommy is short with him and Nolan tells him to spit out what’s on his mind. He tells Tommy is a big girl and can decide who she wants to sleep with. Tommy punches him and Nolan agrees he had that one coming but says if he hits him again, it’s on. Tommy tells him he should wonder why Irisa is avoiding him. Nolan walks away.

Kenya comes downstairs next morning and looks around. She heads out into the market. Stahma sees her and creeps closer. She speaks to her with a smile. Kenya smiles and hugs her and tells her it’s good to see her. She sniffs and says even her Casti perfume still smells good. She says her memory is off but when she saw her last night she had deja vu.

She asks if there’s something between them and Stahma says yes. Kenya says when her memory comes back, they can have a proper reunion. She walks off smiling while Stahma looks paler than usual. Nolan shows Kenya stuff they found in her kidnappers car and ask her to see if something rings a bell. He tells her he’s glad to have her back. He asks if she remembers they dated and broke up and she says yes to dating and that she remembers talking to Amanda about it later.

Nolan tells her he saw Amanda while she was missing and that it wasn’t serious and is now over. She thanks him for telling her. She looks at a ball peen hammer they found and says she remembers it. She says she sees a guy from the VC to free her from something in the water. She has a flashback and we see him break into a plastic contraption and pull her out of the water. She chokes out the water.

Kenya sees other people there. Humans. They were executed by VC soldiers. We see a gun pointed at her but the man with the goggles stopped him and said she was Amanda’s sister. He tells the guy to sedate her instead of killing her. Nolan asks her for details about people. She said one of the dead humans had a screaming eagle tattoo.

He brings her Berlin and asks Berlin to take off her shirt. She asks if they’re going to have a three way. Kenya introduces herself and tells her she was named for the country because she was born the day it blew up. Berlin explains she got her nickname because she’s accused of making propaganda films. She shows her tat and Kenya says the eagle she saw had three heads. Berlin says that’s J division – special forces.

Nolan asks if she left of her own free will or was taken when she disappeared. Stahma and Datak go out in the woods to look for Kenya’s grave. She asks how long a human can last underground. He thinks she’s lying about killing Kenya. He says he didn’t care and knew she thought she was in love with her but just wanted her to get her lover under control. He thinks she’s lying and just sent her away.

He accuses her of taking him on a nature hike for nothing. She says she doesn’t want to hear that she killed her for nothing. She tells him she buried her just over the hill and planted flowers on her grave. They top the hill and see flowers everywhere. She planted something that spread. Pottinger is with Yewll and asks her how Kenya could be alive.

He says she told him the VC killed her when they raided his facility. Yewll says obviously someone recognized her value as a hostage. She tells him they need to cover their tracks. She says if Nolan figures out what he did to Kenya and Amanda he will put him down like a dog without hesitation and then come for her. He asks what her plan is and she says they need to wipe all the memory – a chemical lobotomy. He asks if that bothers her and she tells Pottinger she’s done worse.

10 years ago, we see Amanda and Kenya bounce off a bus into Defiance that was still under construction. Kenya says it’s no Manhattan but at least she’s free of Conor Lang. She tells Amanda they’re going to find husbands there (or wives). They decide to go find a bar and get a drink and saunter off. Kenya smiles at the memory while Amanda talks.

Amanda tells Kenya that Nolan is compiling a list of men in J Division. Kenya says it’s good because she wants to know what happened. Kenya asks her to run the Needwant with her but Amanda says they’re too stubborn to be partners. Kenya says if she runs it, what would Amanda do – she asks if she wants to be mayor again and says Amanda loves being the boss.

Kenya tells her she has missed her so much. Yewll comes up and tells them a neurologist friend told her a way to bring back all her memories. Kenya asks when and Yewll says now. Rafe is in the market and buys a cigar. Quentin comes up and says he thought he quit them. Rafe turns to him, surprised and he says hi to his dad. He asks if he found his mother. He asks how she is and he says Votan monks hate humans and broke her.

Rafe reminds him that she was already broken and that Pilar tried to kill all the kids. Quentin says he should have just shot her and he says he didn’t have the guts. He tells his son welcome home. Kenya and Amanda go to Yewll’s office. She tells Kenya she may experience some discomfort and puts a device over her eyes and turns it on.

Kenya sees lights and says it’s beautiful. Yewll then prepares and injection. Kenya cries out and Amanda tells her to wait. She says she sees something. Yewll rushes to put the medicine in the IV. Kenya says there’s someone in the water with her. We see someone in a bio suit. The medicine runs down the IV toward her arm. We see the medicine make it to her arm then she sees it’s Yewll and yanks off the device and the IV. I’m not sure if she recalls it was Yewll.

Yewll tries to talk them into finishing it but Amanda says no. Pottinger is at the Needwant and greets Amanda with a kiss. He says he wants to meet Kenya and she says she’s resting. She says the treatment with Yewll didn’t work and he offers to send her to a good clinic in New York. Amanda says no way.

She tells him the Earth Republic special ops was experimenting on her sister and that she’s going to find out who issued the orders. Pottinger says he’ll personally kill whoever is responsible.

Stahma and Datak are digging up the lavender field but no body. Stahma curses in Casti from all the bugs. Datak finds a skull. Stahma comes over to look. He tells her he’s sorry he doubted her. She asks for the skull and he hands it over. She looks at it and sniffs it. She holds it up and says such a tiny human head. He wants to rebury it and go. She says if this is Kenya, who is in Defiance? Datak says he doesn’t know or care and tells her to let the dead stay buried. He piles dirt back over the grave.

approaches her. She asks her if she knows she and Datak have extensive business contacts that do unsavory things. Amanda says she’s not surprised and Stahma says she hears things. Stahma tells her she loved Kenya and thinks of Amanda as a friend. Amanda asks what she means. She tells her that Kenya is dead and the other woman is an imposter.

Stahma says she has heard this from multiple sources and wanted to let her know. She says she feels uncomfortable telling her this. Amanda tells her to never repeat the lie again or she will hurt her and will make sure it’s painful and permanent. Stahma nods and tells her she congratulates her on a long overdue homecoming and is so happy for them both. She bows her head and walks away.

Kenya looks at photos with Nolan. She looks around and tells him the room is so different. He asks if she remembers the first time Amanda caught them there and Kenya laughs and says duct tape. He asks if she remembers when he brought her a flower, she says no. He rattles off a list of stuff and she says her recollection is spotty.

She pushes him onto the bed and says it’s time to forget the past and make new memories. She tells him to make love with her. He looks on her back and says the scars from her ex-husband are gone. He tells her to stay put and that he’ll be back. He rushes out. Kenya washes her face and we see her look in the mirror at herself. She recollects being in the tank.

Pottinger and Yewll are there and talk about the creature in the tank. Pottinger says it’s an incredible resemblance. Yewll says it’s an indogene and thinks very efficiently. He asks if it can understand what they’re saying and she says it doesn’t matter because she’ll wipe it before she grafts the memories onto it. Kenya pulls out some of her hair and then looks on her scalp and sees scales. She bashes the mirror.

Nolan runs up to Amanda and asks if she’s noticed anything strange about Kenya’s memories. He tells her any memories where Amanda wasn’t there are missing. She says she needs to talk to her and they go up. Her room is torn up and Amanda gets upset. He tells her that the ego device was implanted to steal her memories to create an indogene. He tells her that her scars are gone.

Amanda begins to sob and Nolan tells her that he’s sorry. She notices her gun is missing. Fake Kenya is at Yewll’s with a gun on her. Yewll asks if she really wants to hear this and then explains they’ve always used indogenes as spies. Kenya asks if she volunteered but she tells her she was a VC captive. Yewll says she had her DNA but not her memories and then she stole them from Amanda. She asks what happened and she says she was interrupted. She says she only has a couple of months left to live.

Kenya tells her she’s going to fix it and give her a normal life span. Yewll tells her she knows a doctor who may be able to help. Kenya says do it or she’ll kill her. Yewll tells her the person to kill is the mayor since he wants her dead. Of course Pottinger shows up then, with a gun and takes Kenya’s. She says he’s a monster and he tells her she’s the monster, he’s Dr Frankenstein and Yewll is Igor.

Yewll tells her that his plan was to fake a dramatic rescue of her lost sister to win Amanda’s love. He says when she died Amanda would mourn her and move on to him. Kenya attacks and Pottinger shoots her. She goes down – shot in the shoulder. He gets near and she kicks him into some cabinets. He takes a shot at Yewll as she runs out but she’s gone. Kenya gets away too.

Amanda finds fake Kenya with her arm in the safe at the Needwant. Kenya tells her she’s not Kenya and is just an echo. Amanda tells her she’s her sister now and belongs with her. She says she’ll get her the help she needs. Kenya grabs her in a choke hold and tells her she’s not playing house with a human. She tells her she’ll snap her neck then throws her down on the pool table and goes.

Pottinger tells Amanda that he never should have released Yewll from prison. Yewll comes to Datak and says she needs him. He reminds him she refused to help him get rid of Jalina’s eyeless corpse. She tells him that he’s her only friend and says please. Rafe and Datak take Yewll to the rotted out Union Station and tells her – welcome to her new home.

Meanwhile, Amanda holds a vigil at the Needwant for her dead sister. She talks about how Kenya loved to travel. We see indogene Kenya on a transport headed for the bridge in St Louis looking at a photo of her and Amanda. Amanda says Kenya always said good things ended before you want – like a song, movie or book.

We see Stahma at the grave. She’s put up a little headstone and cries while she prays and says goodbye to her lover. Amanda lifts a cup to Kenya and says she loved her. They all say – to Kenya – and drink. A man throws the mask with the glasses on it into the fire. This is the mask of the VC that held Kenya hostage. It’s Quentin!