Dominion Recap 6/26/14: Season 1 Episode 2 “Godspeed”

Dominion Recap 6/26/14: Season 1 Episode 2 “Godspeed”

Syfy’s series Dominion continues with a new episode tonight called, “Godspeed.”  On tonight’s episode, Alex rejects his new role as the Chosen One, but a threat forces him to protect his loved ones.

On last week’s episode a soldier learned he was the “chosen one,” destined to lead humanity and end the devastating war with the angels once and for all in premiere of this supernatural drama.

On tonight’s episode Alex rejects his new role as the Chosen One, but then a sleeper threat in Vega forces him to spring into action and protect the ones he loves. Meanwhile, Michael meets with Gabriel one last time before the war between angels and mankind reignites; and Gen. Riesen and David Whele try to tie up loose ends.

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A man and boy play basketball. It’s a young Alex and an adult Jeep. A swarm of birds fly by then he sends Alex inside. A woman attacks Jeep then another and another person. He fires at them as they attack. Alex opens the gun safe and retrieves a weapon. Jeep calls to him to get the med kit. He opens the door and a guy pounces on him – he had used Jeep’s voice. His dad shoots him again and again. He hugs Alex and promises that he will never leave him. Alex peeks around the corner as Jeep’s pyre is lit.

Riesen asks the status of the reactor and Romero says using all their resources, it should be back to full power in days. David says the first priority should be defense and the walls. Several of them call David reckless for letting an eight-ball into the city and accuse him of putting all their lives at risk. David says it was a lapse in judgment. He says his men captured the eight ball but he wanted to use it to remind Vega of the enemy they face. He says his intent was to strengthen them.

Arguments break out in the session and Reisen says it was a mistake and they have to let it go. They say – may the chosen one save us – and the meeting breaks up. Alex tears off his shirt and looks at his tattoos in the mirror. He looks at them all over his body and tries to rub them off. He’s freaking out. He hits his head against the mirror in frustration.

Later he comes down to see Claire and Noma says no because it’s late and he’s drunk. He says she’s jealous. She threatens him but then Claire hears them and tells her to let him in. He goes in and she thanks Noma. Alex tells Claire they need to go know and get out right now. She says he’s been drinking and he says they can be in New Delphi before anyone knows. She says they can’t go.

She says she has proof that he’s the chosen one and that means he can’t go. She said Vega needs him and he will unite them all. He says he was a V-1 and she says he has to do it. He says Claire is afraid and she says she’s not and says they have just been attacked. He says she lives in a tower and is a spoiled princess. She says he’s an ugly drunk and he calls her a hypocrite. She tells him to get out and he goes angrily.

David pours a drink as Reisen comes in. He says good cover on lying about where the eight ball was found. He thanks him for stepping in and he says he can’t have his bureaucrat in jail and David says he keeps the city running for him. He asks what Reisen wants and he says they don’t need religious fervor breaking out over the chosen one.

Reisen says there were other people in the bunker that saw it and David says the techs are being spoken to. One of the techs is told David wants to see him but he’s tossed into the lion’s den and made a quick dinner of. David watches it unflinchingly.

Janax is toasted and preserved in amber for his part in the attack on Vega. There are screams and noises and Gabriel tells them to join their bodies. He hears a noise he needs to check on and leaves them as they engage in all sorts of fornication and fun. Gabriel flies to see Michael and they both fold up their wings. He tells Michael there’s no shame in surrender.

Gabriel says he only lost the battle not the war and Michael says their father would be ashamed of him. Gabriel says their father isn’t there because his creation has turned out to be such an epic failure but doesn’t have the heart to wipe them out. Michael says he’s upset because their father favored the humans over the angels. Gabriel says the humans would kill him if they knew he was there with him.

Gabriel says the humans turned the planet into a pit and says when they are gone and they are just a bad memory, father may come back. Michael says he’s a frightened child lashing out and says his quarrel is with his father not mankind. Michael says he won’t let him harm another soul and Gabriel says the humans don’t need him now they have the chosen one. He pops his wings and flies off leaving Michael to think on that.

Coral chews out Arika for letting Whele use her body and not spotting that Roan was an infiltrator. She says she’s still Evelyn’s consort and she needs to remember her place. She says that Evelyn missed it too. She says they did take their haikas but won’t learn the secrets of Helena. Arike is called for and let out of the cage. She is sent to see David. He says he thought she would go far the first time he met her.

She asks why and he says he was bidding against her for fuel and asks if she remembers the Delphi oil man and thought she must have slept with him because she won the contracts. He says he respected her will to do anything to win and then the guy was murdered and that impressed him even more. Arika says she had nothing to do with that. She tells him that removing their haikas is cultural savagery.

She tells him Gabriel is responsible for pushing for human extinction. He asks why Evelyn wouldn’t want the same thing. She argues that then asks what he wants. David says Helena has the only air force left and says he needs it. She says he has to threaten Evelyn to get access. He asks what if he puts her consort to death. Arika says Evelyn would mourn her passing then bomb Vega into oblivion.

Felicia says Bixby is a bottomless pit like Claire used to be. Reisen comes in and asks if that’s the girl from the bunker and Claire says it is and she promised to keep her safe. Then she says that the bride isn’t usually the last to know about a wedding. Her dad says that she wouldn’t have agreed to marry William. She says she doesn’t love him and her dad says she has to think about more than herself.

Claire says she wants to marry someone she cares about. Her dad starts to talk about Vega’s hard times and she says she’s heard it before and all about the V system. She says he trapped people into a life where they had no choice and no way out of. He says it was supposed to be temporary and she says he can change that. He says when she inherits his seat, she and William can make changes.

She says she’s not marrying William and her dad says because she’s in love with Alex. She says he’s not just a V-2, he’s the chosen one. He says he doesn’t even know what that means. She tells him to stop talking about William and marches away.

Noma comes into the locker room and asks Alex how long he’s been banging Claire. He tells her to keep quiet and says no one knows. She says he can trust her. Alex is handed new orders to go serve in House Whele. Michael comes to Alex and tells him to leave him alone. He pops his wings and drags Alex up to a roof and tells him that Gabriel knows about him. He says he’s a target now.

Alex says if he’s supposed to unite mankind he must be powerful and will have to fight angels like him. Michael says he’s not his enemy and Alex says it didn’t feel that way when he was whipping him. The angel says things have changed and he has to trust him now. Alex asks why he would do that and says everything he ever told him was a lie. Alex says he read one of his tattoos last night and it said – beware those closest to you. He tells Michael to stay away from him.

Alex reports for duty to the Whele house. David asks to speak to him and his guard buddy is stunned that he knows his name. David tells Alex before the war he was a televangelist who sold religion on TV and says he was very good at it. He says he was a true believer and the point was always the same – you need me to connect you to him. He says he has since learned the erorr of his ways and that all his beliefs were wrong.

David says he does know the psychology of faith and knows what true believers are capable of. He says they will riot, give you money or crucify you. He tells Alex that he could ruin his society. Alex says he won’t say anything and says he didn’t believe it. He asks why he was transferred to his house and David says Reisen sent him there.

William comes in and bows down to Alex. David tells him to stop and that Alex is now on their security detail. In the market, William apologizes to Alex about his dad. He asks what they talked about and Alex says he warned him about fame. People approach William and he hands out cards for extra rations and medical care. He asks if he can call him Alex and says he can only imagine the burden on him and says he’s there and waiting to be of service to him.

Becca tells Reisen that he can’t keep his condition a secret much longer and he says she’s the only one he trusts. She tells him that he needs to tell Claire and it may convince her to marry William. She says keeping secrets isn’t healthy and that’s not just about his heart. She says she knows he goes outside the city walls every few weeks and asks why. He asks her to leave without answering.

The handmaidens wonder what will be done to them and Arika has the girls rubbing their fingers on the hard stone floor down to the nail so she can have has much poison as possible. She tells Cora she will tell them she is ready to talk to David. Cora says it pleases her to know they will be the instruments of his death.

Alex runs into a maid and she spots the tattoos coming out of his cuff. She’s stunned and then we see wings pop out of her back once she’s alone. She hisses and turns back to where Alex went.

Reisen looks out over the city when Michael joins him. He asks why he never told him about angels like Roan and he said they are higher order angels and he never thought they would factor into the war. He then asks the angel about how Alex fits in and Michael says he has a destiny but it’s not etched in stone. He says there are many paths he can choose and is in a difficult place.

He says he doesn’t know how to reach him then asks if Reisen knows. He says he is a parent and has great insight. He says he can’t reach his own daughter but then Michael says Alex’ decisions have repercussions for everyone on the planet. Alex comes to see Claire and tells her she’s not a spoiled princess. She says that is the one thing she is.

He comes into the room and stands close and says if she wants to stay, he understands and says they’ll figure it out together. She kisses him. He strips off her gown and then they fall into bed. She runs her hands up his back and we see the tattoos. She says they’re beautiful and that one looks Aramaic. She asks if he’s curious and he says he would burn them off if he could then wonders if he can.

She asks if he’s worried about him or them and she says that’s not fair. She tells him it’s a gift and he asks for whom. She sneaks him out when Bixby comes running up. He picks her up and hugs her and says she looks good and that life there must be better than in the tunnels. She takes the girl back to bed and he goes to leave. The maid he ran into comes out and fluffs out her wings. He’s alarmed.

She flies at him and knocks him down. She kicks the gun out of his hands. Claire comes out to check on the noise and the angel hurts her and Bixby. She pries open the elevator door and drops him in. They battle there and then there is a security breach announcement. He opens a gas line before she comes around the corner and throws his lighter.

Her wings go up in flames. He throws her out the window and she struggles but then is able to fly away. He goes to check on the other guard, Claire and Bixby. The guard is dead, Bixby is on a stretcher and Claire looks okay.

David asks what the hell happened and a guard tells him Arika said she would only talk to him. They get to the cage where the women were being held and he says they are all dead, blood running out of their eyes. He tells the guard to leave him with her. He asks what she’s done and Arika asks what he’s done.

She says he needs to claim that he had no choice but to kill them after interrogating them and finding they were in league with Gabriel. She says she’ll be absolved and says that she’ll make sure Evelyn doesn’t come for revenge. Then she says or he can kill her too and start an all-out war with Helena for slaughtering the handmaidens. She says the choice is his and smiles at him.

Alex is in the locker room and then the bunker and packs up his stuff. He pulls down a photo and puts it into his bag. Claire is there and says she was worried because the medics didn’t know where he was. She asks why he’s dressed that way then sees his bag and realizes he’s leaving. He tells her she and Bixby almost died because the angel came after him.

He says that won’t change and says he’s a target now. Claire says she’ll come along and be a target with him because he has a terrible sense of direction and says he needs her. He says he’s sorry. She says she’s not afraid and he says he is and wants her to be safe. He says he’s going alone. She asks if this is good bye and he says it is for now and walks away.

The injured angel flies back to Gabriel and says Alex is the chosen one and that William told the truth. Gabriel smiles and asks if she was injured. She says he was stronger than she expected. He tells her she did well and tells them to take good care of her and she’s taken away. He looks thoughtful.

Alex drives into the night but feels an itching on his arm. His tattoos are doing something hinky. He pulls his sleeve down and tries to ignore it.

Riesen comes to see a mystery woman. He’s brought her a pot of something he says is her favorite. Looks like honey. Can’t tell. He tosses his jacket off and sits on her bed. She comes out and straddles him and says she missed him before she kisses him. She looks young, evil and kind of goth and her place is creepy with oddly dressed mannequins posed around and old timey music playing. A strange ending to #Dominion.