Elementary LIVE RECAP Finale 5/15/14: Season 2 “The Grand Experiment”

Elementary LIVE RECAP Finale 5/15/14: Season 2 “The Grand Experiment”

Elementary, one of our favorite detective drama/comedies continues tonight with the finale episode for season two entitled, “The Grand Experiement.” On tonight’s episode, Season 2 ends with the relationship between Holmes and Watson coming to a crossroads, but they agree to put their differences aside to help Sherlock’s brother Mycroft.

On last week’s episode Holmes and Watson came into contact with MI-6, the British intelligence agency, when a standard murder investigation turned out to have international and political implications. Meanwhile, in the wake of a crisis, Watson re-evaluated her relationships with Sherlock and his brother, Mycroft.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  If you missed the episode we have you covered with a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode rising tension between Sherlock and Watson bring their partnership to a crossroads, but they endeavor to put their differences aside while they help Sherlock’s brother, Mycroft, who faces accusations of treason and murder. The only people who can help Mycroft are Sherlock and Joan, they have to take on a lot more than they typically do in this season 2 finale.

Are you looking forward to Elementary season 2 episode 24 “The Grand Experiement.” Be sure to come back here later tonight at 10 PM EST for our live recap of this episode, which is sure to be an awesome one. In the meantime, hit up the comments below and let us know what you think has been the best part of this wonderful season!

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Sherlock asks what Mycroft doesn’t understand but Mycroft says he just bursts in because Joan is there. Mycroft says he never touched the gun and Sherlock says that fingerprint transfer is child’s play. He says that the best frame ups involve the death of the framee. He grabs Mycroft’s car keys and they walk  onto the balcony. He tells Mycroft he checked out his car on the way up. He clicks the fob to activate the remote starter and the car explodes. Sherlock asks if he’s ready to go if he wants to stick around and see what else the mole has planned.

Sherlock brings Mycroft and Joan to a private library and tells Mycroft not to touch any first editions or Joan. It’s a place Mrs Hudson is taking care of. Joan asks if they were followed and Sherlock says that he thinks it’s only a part of one and that he still has to do his day job so he can’t effectively track them. Mycroft says at least Sherlock is the only one that knows about the prints but Sherlock says that he told MI6 about it.

He says he also told them about the mole and has agreed to work for them officially so he can look for the mole from the inside. Mycroft wonders if he will be able to convince them that he will turn on him and Sherlock says no problem. He says he has to go meet the guys and tells them they can resume their rutting. Sherlock meets Sherrington and the others and says he’s confident enough he can locate his brother.

One is not sure it’s Mycroft and Sherrington says that he’s known him for a time but he’s not “one of them” and Sherlock says that he thinks it’s a woman because that’s his weakness. They say that they’ve heard he’s shagging his assistant and Sherlock says he doesn’t think it’s her but says he also found out recently that she’s not all he thought she was.

He says he needs access to all of Mycroft’s files and papers to investigate but they tell him he doesn’t have the clearance and they’re skeptical since they are still brothers after all. Sherlock says if they don’t want his help, that’s fine but says if he finds Mycroft without them, he’ll be sure to notify them first.

Joan says they need to get food for Mycroft. He sits in a chair and tells Joan something he heard Sherlock saying about him to their father when Sherlock was 15. He says he assessed him as being without ambition and basically a drifting idiot. Mycroft says he wanted less than Sherlock and his dad wanted. Joan tries to reassure him and he says he would have turned down MI6 but for what Sherlock said about him and his father failing to disagree. He says he wanted to prove at least to himself that he was more than what they thought but says now he sees it was idiocy.

Joan hops into a car with Sherlock and they watch Azatan Books – the guy West thought was the source for the mole. She asks why he rented a car and says he didn’t. She realizes he just broke into it. Sherlock asks how she went from unspeakably angry with Mycroft but then was in his bed. She changes the subject and asks about MI6. He says they don’t want him. Afkami is still there working late hours. Sherlock says he searched the basement and found a trasnmitter he thinks was planted by West.

Joan asks what he could have learned. Sherlock says he thinks it’s related to the tattoos. Afkami closes up shop and leaves. They get out of the car and break into the shop. Joan says she found stock in the stock room and says it’s what it looks like – a bookstore. He tells Joan he’s disappointed with her and he doesn’t want her to move out. He says it may have been a mistake and she asks about breaking in but he may mean working with her.

Sherlock spots an out of place surge protector and goes to investigate. He pops it open and says it’s a scrambler. Joan says if West couldn’t make out what Afkami was saying how did he know there was a mole at MI6. Sherlock pops out the list of numbers from the tattoos and says he thinks he knows exactly how.

scrambled and all he would have gotten was the meta data. He says the numbers are the locations of the callers even though he couldn’t hear what they were saying. He explains to Mycroft and Joan about cell towers and unique identifiers. He points out that many calls came from the UK, some from Italy and other locations.

Mycroft asks where VNA is and Sherlocks says Sydney. Mycroft says he was at all of those places on those dates. Sherlock says it can’t be a coincidence and says he was set up because he was in the same location as the mole. Sherlock asks who else was there and Joan says it has to be Sherrington. Mycroft says that makes no sense as he brought in Sherlock on this. But Sherlock says it was Sir Walter who wanted him on the case.

Sherlock says they have to keep ths quiet so Sherrington suspects nothing while they try to prove he’s a murderer. Sherrington calls and asks if he’s found Mycroft. He says that he thinks Mycroft embezzled some charity funds from his father and is using it to go on the lam. Sherrington asks for details of the transactions.

Sherlock tells Joan that they need to get a bead on the information that was transferred on the calls. Joan is ready to help but Sherlock says he needs to get used to working alone in the evenings and dismisses her. She leaves him to it. She wakes to a series of notes under her door. One is a date then and aid worker arreted for espionage. Another is a date about a computer virus and so on.

She follows the crumb trail of notes down to Sherlock. She says he had a productive night and he says it was a good opportunity to remind himself he can work alone. She asks about the virus and he says it was designed by MI6 and released in Israel. The Israelis caught it because Sherrington alerted them to it. There is only one unexplained occurrence that hasn’t happened yet and Sherlocks says he’s missing something.

Gregson calls and Sherlock says he’ll be there soon. He thinks he knows that Sherlock has been aiding and abetting. Gregson tells Sherlock that Marcus has researched the prints on the overseas channels and ID’s them as Mycroft’s. Gregson says he hasn’t told anyone yet and he ask where he is and what is up. Sherlock says he killed no one and says there are other forces at play.

Gregson says he’s putting out an APB and people are going to want to know why their consultant’s brother is wanted for murder. Sherrington drops by Sherlock’s and Joan is alone. She asks for a moment and then lets him in. She tells him Sherlock isn’t there and he says he’s there to talk to her. She says she’s working on other cases of theirs and he says he just wanted to pick her brain.

He says Mycroft has disappeared more effectively than he thought possible. He says he knows she was involved with Mycroft at one point and if she has any insight. She says he’s asking the wrong person and that she didn’t really know anything about him. Sherrington asks if they have any progress and she says that they think he may have purchased property in the Catskills.

Sherrington says either she or Sherlock are lying. He asks if he held her down and threatened to gouge one of her eyes out would she tell him where she’s hiding Mycroft. She says they’re not alone and that everyone is there. He looks around at the empty house and then she clarifies that she means everyone with a capital E.

She says she dialed in on video chat with 15 members of the hacker collective when she saw it was him at the door. The screen savers on all the monitors go off and he sees multiple faces looking at him. Sherrington says he looks forward to dealing with her and the Holmes brothers later. Joan tells him she looks forward to seeing him on trial for murder. He storms out.

Sherlock comes in calling for her and she says she’s fine. He says now that Sherrington knows it means trouble. She says she figured out something new. She chews him out for excluding him last night and says that the reason he missed the implications of call 17 is that it was local. An Irani was beaten to death in Bedford Stuy and she found a blog saying it was a political assassination

Joan says the good news is that since this crime was local they can investigate it. He’s freaking out and says she’s in danger because she’s been pulled into the vortex that is Mycroft. He compares Mycroft to cancer and she says that it’s not all Mycroft’s fault and tells him that it’s his fault too. She tells him about the guy in London that hired him and how that meant Mycroft had to go back into MI6.

Sherlock clicks on a light at the library and wakes Mycroft. He tells him Sherrington threatened Joan and is on to them. Mycroft asks why he’s really there. Sherlock says Joan told him the truth about how he got pulled back into MI6. Sherlock says he’s confused and says Mycroft owed him nothing.

Mycroft tells him he’s his brother. Sherlock is troubled and says the link between his drug use and the trouble he got in is obvious and his program demands that he make amends. Sherlock tells Mycroft he will but in the meantime he says he’s going to fix this for him – every last bit of it. Joan meets Sherlock at the dead Irani’s apartment. He has recreated the blood spatter with paint.

Sherlock says that the photographs were disconnecting him so he needed to immerse himself in the crime scene. She asks if it worked. He says if it was a bat there would be splashback on the ceiling. He says the murder wasn’t political because it was too sloppy to be an assassination. He’s looking for a third option. Sherlock says it’s beautiful how their work together was so perfectly orchestrated to bring them to the verge fo a breakthrough.

He says their collaboration works even when things between them are less than ideal. He says he sees their time together as a grand experiment and have shown him that he’s capable of change. He says he will change for the sake of her, their partnership and work. He asks her to stay. She says he has a pull like gravity. She says she’s lucky she fell into his orbit but if they live together she’ll always be orbiting him. She says it’s an exciting way to live but has consequences.

She says she knows they will work it out but she has to have her own place. She asks if he’s okay and he says he knows how Nadir was murdered. Mycroft finds Sherrington drinking in a pub and says Sir Walter wouldn’t like him drinking on duty. Sherrington tells him that he’s sorry for what it’s worth and Mycroft asks what for.

He says he’s not recording him and Sherrington says it was the old man’s idea to get Sherlock on the West thing and says after that things fell apart. Mycroft says what it will cost to fix this. Sherrington says it’s not about money that some things are more complicated. Sherrington says he came up through the trenches and the powers that be don’t favor blokes like him.

Mycroft has a gun pointed at him and says to give him a reason not to pull the trigger. Sherrington says if he dies there will be a letter sent to Les Millieux about what he’s done to them and says that Joan and his brother will likely end up dead. Sherrington says they can go to his car and he’ll take Mycroft somewhere quiet and he’ll put a bullet behind his ear. Mycroft says that means he dies a traitor and Sherrington gets away with it. Sherrington tells him it’s the best offer he’ll get.

says he knew of him but didn’t personally know him. Sherlock tells him the blood stains were unusual and are consistent with thrown projectiles. Joan tells him he was stoned to death. Afkami says it’s strange and Sherlock says it’s very personal and shows a visceral hatred. Gregson shows them some emails from his wife to Afkami.

Sherlock says he obviously suspected something and then asked his MI6 contacts to look into it. He asks where they got the emails and he says that his wife helped them out. Turns out when he tried to burn his murder clothes, his wife was able to get a shirt out of the fire. Afkami says he wants a lawyer and Gregson tells him he wants to know about MI6 and the mole or he’ll never see the light of day again.

Gregson says Mycroft should be in the clear since the guy told everything about Sherrington. Marcus comes and says that a British national is in the morgue. They go down and see that it’s Sherrington. Gregson says Mycroft had motive and issues and APB for him. Sherlock and Joan find Mycroft waiting for him. Sherlock asks if he killed Sherrington and he says he didn’t but had a hand in it. Mycroft says he met with him and he told him about a letter that would be sent to Les Milleaux if he died.

Mycroft says that Sherrington made it clear that Sherlock and Joan would be caught in the crossfire. He says Sherlock has no idea how dangerous they are. Mycroft went to the NSA and gave them information they wanted. The NSA went to Les Milleaux and told them about Sherrington and they took him out. Joan says they’ll still kill him but Mycroft says he’s already dead.

The NSA arranged a fire at Diogenes and a cadaver that fits his description and has his personal effects. Joan says that he should have given her and Sherlock a chance but he says he did what he had to do. Mycroft has to go into hiding forever. Sherlock calls him lazy and stupid and says they could have fixed it but he wouldn’t make the effort. He says he can’t believe what a self absorbed sloth he is. Mycroft hugs him tight and tells Sherlock he loves him and calls him brother. He says the last year with him has been a gift. Mycroft leaves.

Joan is on the phone negotiating a lease but it’s just month to month. Sherlock stands outside the door listening. He goes down to the library and gets out the book with the heroin in it. He takes it out and stands there. Later he goes to see Lord Walter and asks for a word. He tells him he’s sorry to hear about Mycroft. Sherlock asks if he’s heard about Sherrington and that he was the mole, not Mycroft.

Walter says he only wished he had been stopped before he murdered Mycroft. Sherlock asks if the job offer for him at MI6 was legitimate. Walter says the offer came from him and Sherlock says he’s very interested and wants to take him up on it.