Ellen DeGeneres Stalls Divorce From Portia de Rossi by Buying a Luxury Spa?

Ellen DeGeneres Stalls Divorce From Portia de Rossi by Buying a Luxury Spa?

Ellen Degeneres and Portia De Rossi have been staying out of the spotlight of late, although that might just be because of Ellen’s insistence. Then again, why leave your house when you’ve just brought yourself a luxury spa?

It’s classic avoidance tactic. Distract your spouse with something shiny and expensive, or in this case, a massive luxury spa added to their already luxurious $40 million Los Angeles home. Ellen’s sparing no expense on all the upgrades to her new house, but why would she? She has about $250 million in the bank, and if it’s making Portia happy, I’m sure that she’s not thinking twice about it.

Of course, the fact that all this comes just weeks after the divorce rumors is a little disconcerting. Based on our sources, Ellen and Portia have been fighting so much lately, especially because Portia wanted a baby and Ellen refused. Now, it’s just coming off as though Ellen’s trying to bribe Portia with a pretty house and a pretty spa, to make up for denying her a child.

Um, how on earth does a house compare to a child? Sure, as a distraction it probably works great. Look, what a pretty house! Look, what a pretty spa! But after a few days, it’ll get old. Portia isn’t some poor village person who’s never seen a nice house or a nice spa before, and even if Ellen’s doing everything in her power to make her happy, nothing is going to replace her desire for a baby.

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Photo Credit: FameFlynet