Extant Recap 7/9/14: Season 1 Premiere “Re-Entry”


Tonight on CBS Extant premieres with a new episode called, “Re-Entry” and on this new episode Astronaut Molly Woods tries to reconnect with her family after returning from a 13-month solo mission in space. In the opener, Molly is shocked to learn she is pregnant; and she recalls a mystifying encounter with another person on the space station.

For those of you who are not familiar with the show, EXTANT is a mystery thriller about a female astronaut trying to reconnect with her family when she returns after a year in outer space. Her experiences lead to events that ultimately will change the course of human history.

On tonight’s episode Astronaut Molly Woods tries to reconnect with her husband, John, and son, Ethan, after returning from a 13-month solo mission in outer space. Molly’s mystifying experiences in space lead to events that will ultimately change the course of human history.

Tonight’s premiere looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CBS’s Extant premiere— tonight at 9 PM EST! While you wait for our recap let us know how much you are enjoying this new show and check out the sneak peek preview of tonight’s episode below.

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It’s time for #Extant finally! Ethan Woods, a small child, hears a coughing and hacking noise. Emily is vomiting into the toilet. She stands, gasping, and goes to wash her face. He calls her mom and asks if she’s too sick to come to the party. She says her body is just adjusting to being back. She touches her bathroom mirror and a news program pops up with a story on a blackout as she brushes her teeth.

At the party, Molly tells her friends that she hasn’t had a drink in 13 months. Her doctor, Sam Barton, says no drinks until the tests come back. John, Emily’s husband, runs to chastise Ethan for pushing another child down over a tool. His dad says if he acts out again, he’ll have to leave the party. Molly smiles at Ethan as he goes back to play.

John tells Molly to go lie down and says she must be tired but she says she needs to get back to the routine. She heads outside to take out the trash – it’s a weird futuristic plastic cube that does some off processing. She sees someone in the driveway and hears a noise behind her. When she looks back, the person is gone. She goes back in.

Ethan tells his dad he was mad and he asks how he would feel if he really hurt Jake. Ethan says his mom is mad and says it’s different with her. John says she just has to get used to being back and says she was up there alone for a long time. He tells Ethan to get some sleep and he says he thinks he needs a flip. John checks the child’s battery and says he’s right.

John changes it out. The kid isn’t a kid – he’s some sort of android thing. Disturbing… He tells Ethan he leaves him and tucks the child in for the night. Molly is in the shower and John joins her there. They kiss. Later she creeps into Ethan’s room and watches him. She looks at his planet mobile spinning above his bed then goes downstairs.

She pulls out a photo album with pictures of her and another astronaut. It looks like they were in love, but it’s not her husband in the photos. He asks her what brought this on and she says she had a dream. He asks if she dreams about Marcus much. He says he still thinks about him. John says if Marcus was still alive, they wouldn’t have met and there would be no Ethan because she would still be with him.

Molly says she thinks we always end up where we’re supposed to and kisses him. Next day, he and Ethan drive in their driverless car to Yasumoto Corporation. John tells Ethan that when he talks about him today, he’ll talk about how he was created and says he doesn’t want to think of himself as less than real. Julie is there and hugs Ethan then asks John if he’s nervous. He says it’s a walk in the park.

Molly goes to see her doctor – Sam. She confirms that she was alone in the space station for the whole 13 months. She asks if an international crew docked and then says she doesn’t understand how but Molly is pregnant. Molly says that’s not possible. She thinks back to her mission. We see her alone on the Seraphim Station conducting tests and running tasks.

She curses and a robotic voice tells her to put $5 in the swear jar. She says that some plant samples are contaminated. The voice tells her she has a v-cron coming in. We see Ethan and John on the screen talking to her and telling her that Ethan has been accepted into a school but then it’s interrupted by a solar flare. We see the lights flash. Ben, her robot voice, says he’ll try again.

The lights go off, alarms sound and Ben doesn’t respond to her voice commands. She looks around and grabs some tools then heads up to another level where she floats into a bay. She checks equipment status and goes to a screen. She taps some buttons then heads to a breaker area and flips some switches. The lights come back on. She sees someone through the bay door. It’s Marcus. He looks at her. He draws on the frost of the glass “Help Me.” She stares in horror.

Sam shows her the lab report that confirms that she’s definitely pregnant. Molly says she made a mistake but Sam says she ran all the tests twice. Molly says even if there was someone else, she’s infertile and tried for years before giving up. She tells Sam she can’t put it in the report and Sam says it has to go to Director Sparks. Molly says she’s terrified she’ll end up in quarantine and asks for time before she has to tell John.

John gives his speech on the Humanichs program on robotics. He says we all know robots don’t have that human factor. He talks about task androids at banks and Med-Assist robots that can do functions but lack the emotions that people want. He says we need a program that processes day to day human experience not ones and zeroes. He introduces them to his son Ethan. Ethan comes onstage and waves at everyone.

Molly stares at a photo of an astronaut, Kryger, a friend of her who has passed on. Gordon Kern, the new deputy director of the agency, introduces himself. He says her logs are good for the mission. He says he has one question but asks her to wait for Director Sparks and leaves her in a room.

John says people want to know what will stop the uprising if everyone uses Humanichs. He says absolutely nothing would stop it but says the brain of this robot learns like the mind of a child – right from wrong. Femi Dodd asks about an emergency protocol and he thinks she means for resting mode, but she means for termination. He asks if she has a child and she says she has a daughter.

He asks if she has a plan to kill her and she says her daughter is human. She says her daughter has a soul and John says there is no such thing. He says it’s a cumulative effect of a lifetime of experiences. She says many people believe there is more to people than science can explain and he says those people are idiots. She says she’s one of those idiots and he says he feels sorry for her.

He gets angry at Femi and says he won’t apologize for not having a plan to kill his son. The other investors are concerned that there are no failsafes built in when things go wrong and John says that not every human child turns out all right eitehr but we don’t kill them. He’s getting very defensive about his program.

Molly explains to Sparks and Kern that the power came back on after the event. She says security and life support came right back on but communication was down for 13 hours and she spent most of that time trying to bring the systems back online but couldn’t. She says she slept for three hours and when she woke the system was back up. They ask if anything happened during the solar flare.

Kern says there was footage deleted during the incident. She says she ordinarily makes copy of the footage because there have been some system deletions but when she went to make the copy, she accidentally deleted it. Sparks says as soon as her medical reports come in with a couple of psychiatric tests they can close it. He says that after what happened with Kryger, it’s agency protocol. Sparks tells her that she was missed and is glad to have her back.

Sparks heads to a secret lab where there is a body in a tank. The goo is drained off as Sparks is told that  he is ready. They rinse him off and we see it’s a man. Sparks says – welcome back Mr Yasumoto. Sparks says there was an anomaly on the Seraphim mission and Yasumoto says it’s like Kryger. Sparks says that unlike with Kryger there is missing security footage.

He says the astronaut accidentally deleted the footage but he doesn’t believe her. Yasumoto asks why not and Sparks says because she doesn’t make those kinds of mistakes. Yasumoto says this could be everything and tells him to stay close to her. Sparks says that John made a presentation to his board but his request for funding was denied. He suggests that doing something about this may make it easier to stay close to them.

John and Ethan put together a model of a space station. Once complete, it rises into the air. John gets a call from Yasumoto Corp. He goes back the next day and is escorted to Yasumoto’s private offices. Yasumoto introduces himself. John tells him about Ethan and says he’s critical to the Humanichs mission. He says he and Molly were told they would never have a child.

He says this left a hole in their life. Yasumoto asks if it’s a cure for childlessness and John says adoption and surrogacy are options, but not everyone can do this. John says filling this void is important. Yasumoto says this raises a lot of questions. He says it’s too murky for the board to invest in because they have shareholder accountability. But he says that he would like to invest privately since that’s a different matter.

At home, Molly watches Ethan as he stares at himself in the mirror making faces at himself. She says she has an important mission he can help with. She says it’s a search. Molly and Ethan are in the park eating ice cream. He says he likes hers better and they switch. A guy in the park hands her a balloon and says it was paid for. She asks by who and he says the guy is gone. There is a note that reads – I know what happened to you. Contact you soon.

Ethan drops his ice cream cone and then has a fit. He demands that she give him another cone then he runs off at top speed. She gives chase and he disappears into the woods. She follows calling his name then finds him with a bird. He tells her it was like that when he found it. She doesn’t look so sure. He tells her that her hair looks pretty. Creepy changing of gears…

Molly tells John that Ethan has changed and not for the better. John says that’s the consequence of her being gone for so long. He tells her that she’s pulling away from them. She says they have always seen Ethan differently. She tells him that he looked at her with hate in his eyes. John says Ethan loves her and she says he is programmed to approximate love, but it’s not love. John says to figure it out because that kid is as close to a child they will ever have. He tells her he got funding from Yasumoto and will start work immediately.

We see Molly at the Seraphim Station staring at Marcus then covering her eyes and looking away. She touches her hand to a hot light to make sure she’s awake then closes her eyes and then looks back. He’s still there. She starts her camera recording and goes to the hatch then opens it. She floats back away and stares at him. She speaks his name and he walks closer. He stares at her.

She says hello and he finally says hello. She asks if he needs help and he says help. He’s just mimicking her and she asks what she can do. He says do. He walks closer and reaches out to touch her. She says it’s okay and he says okay. He touches her face and she leans into his hand. He touches her body and runs his finger down to her abdomen. She reaches out to touch him and he says it’s okay.

They touch each others face and he repeats it’s okay over and over. She closes her eyes, crying as he pulls her closer. Back home, Molly is leaving when John apologizes to her about the prior day. She says he said nothing that wasn’t true. He says it may be bad timing for the Yasumoto deal and she says they’ll make it work. She congratulates him and they kiss, laughing.

Molly is told at her therapy session that reentry can be a challenge especially after a long period of time. She tells Molly she wants the office to be a sanctuary for her. She says Kryger didn’t have this and it’s important. She says people think lack of attention to his metnal state was a factor in his suicide. Yasumoto and Sparks are both watching the meeting.

She asks what Molly wants to share about her physical and emotional bearings. We see Molly wake on Seraphim to alarms going off. She shuts off the alarms and the hatches to other areas. She starts the playback on her recording device. We don’t see Marcus on the footage she recorded. She checks the footage from another camera and sees only herself.

She reaches out like she’s touching something but there is nothing and no one there. Just her. She deletes the footage in a panic from both the feeds that showed her. We see Molly heading onto her back porch. She walks out to the trash bin and looks down the alley. She sees the figure there again. He steps forward and we see it’s Kryger. She’s shocked. She calls his name and he says it’s him and he’s real.

He says it’s not like on the Seraphim. He tells her she’s not hallucinating and she says everyone thinks he’s dead. He says he shouldn’t have come. He tells her not to trust anyone and says he’ll come back for her. He creeps away as John calls Molly’s name.