Extreme Weight Loss LIVE RECAP: Season 4 Episode 2 ‘Kathie and Josh’ – 6/3/14

Extreme Weight Loss LIVE RECAP: Season 4 Episode 2 'Kathie and Josh' - 6/3/14

Tonight on ABC’s EXTREME WEIGHT LOSS returns with a new episode called, “Kathie and Josh.”  On tonight’s show a 255-lb. 52-year-old single mom and her 345-lb. 21-year-old son attempt to lose weight.

The hit series “Extreme Weight Loss,” is a unique, non-competitive show about weight-loss that documents the unprecedented 365-day transformation of courageous, “super-obese” participants with host and trainer Chris Powell.

On the last episode Charita was a 32-year-old hairstylist who stands 5’6″ and weighs 310 lbs. Raised in a strict, religious family, she turned to food to cope with a bad decision she made at 19. She works two jobs, struggling to support her husband and three sons. 19-year-old Ty was a 6’4″, 480-pound baseball phenom who’s struggled with his weight since he was 10. Then already over 300 pounds, Ty was nearly twice as big as everyone else on his baseball team. Baseball agents and coaches have informed him that the only thing standing between him and a professional contract is his weight.  Did you watch last week’s episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode over the past 21 years, Kathie and her only child, son Josh, have slowly eaten their way into obesity as a way of dealing with the absence of Kathie’s husband – Josh’s father – who abandoned the family when Josh was only nine months old. Last year, Kathie wrote a letter to Chris Powell asking for help. Ultimately, both Kathie and Josh will have to work separately to become stronger people together during their year-long transformation.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our recap of ABC’s Extreme Weight Loss. While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how you like the fourth season so far.

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Tonight we will be seeing Kathy and Josh who are both incredibly obese, Kathy is very guilty because she ate out of depression and she dragged him down with her; Chris chose them to make this big change in their lives. Kathy says Josh deserves to be happy and they have both been very unhappy for a long time, Josh stays they are together 350 pounds overweight; it’s been the two of them for several year. Kathy has always been a single mom, she had a horrible divorce and at the moment she worked hard to raise her son but was very angry.

Kathy put on 175 pounds after the divorce, she is super guilty that as she gained weight Josh went through it as well; Josh absolutely hates his weight but their relationship has been great. Kathy says she ate a lot of junk food and as a role model for her son and wishes she didn’t do this to her son; Josh says that he hasn’t really seen his father at all and is left out from his vacations all the time. Josh is 21 and still lives at home, he worries about his mother because he’s the only one in her life and doesn’t want to leave her alone; he’ll be worried about her being depressed.

Kathy and Josh got a knock on their door; they both eat a large pizza for themselves, they know his bad habit is going to kill them. Kathy says Josh looked up to Chris and he motivated him a lot; they went to see him talk on The View in New York. Chris Powell says two people in the audience never knew that he’d choose them, Chris tells Kathy and Josh that he read their letter and was touched by their story; he has never work with a mother or son before but chose them to take this transformation journey.

Kathy almost died when asked to take off her shirt live, she wasn’t prepared; Chris makes her do it to step on the scale. Kathy is weighed at 255 pounds, doing this on national television made her feel like a hero because she did it even though she was afraid. Josh does the same thing and is at 345 pounds; Josh says his weight holds him back his whole life and is ready for the journey.

Chris had Kathy and Josh come to a center in Colorado to train for their transformation. Chris tells them to keep thinking about their future, things their weight has always held them back; Josh says he’d like to gain more self-confidence. The two go to their rooms to get ready for the next day, Chris believes they’ll either help or ruin each other. They first go through medical exams to make sure they are ready for this transformation; they also are being given nutrition classes about what they should cook.

Chris has his wife Heidi to come on screen this season since she has Kathy there right now, Chris tells Josh to decide who he’s going to work with; Josh chooses Chris without a doubt. Chris gets Josh working right away, Heidi does the same to Kathy; pushing her to keep going no matter how long her arms hurt. Chris asks Josh why he is there, Josh says his dad was never home at all. Kathy and Josh switch their exercises.

Chris knows all Josh’s problems go back to his father and knows Josh only wants to be accepted by him; Chris forces Josh to run but Josh stops because he was tired; when Chris walks away Josh picks the weight back up to prove Chris wrong. Chris makes Josh leave the boot camp to have him meet his father, to finally move on from this part of his life; Kathy and Josh go ahead to meet his father. Josh knocks on the door and walks in to see his dad, his dad was sitting on the couch and Josh asked him to talk to him; Josh tells him he is nervous and wanted to talk. Josh says that that it was hard not having him around and now has abandonment issues, he just doesn’t want to mess up his relationship with his father; since they really don’t have one right now anyways.

Josh gets up and goes out with his dad, Kathy talks to her ex-husband and says that they told their story about what happened to them; she wants him to know that it’s bothered Josh a lot. Josh says he feels like his father has never been there whatsoever believing it’s one of the many reasons why he became overweight; the depression just sunk in and to find a way out was for him to eat. Josh’s father gives him a hug and tells him he loves him, Josh is glad he got it out; he just couldn’t get out the words he wanted to because he was so emotional in the moment.

Josh walks back to the car and is really freaked out by it all; Josh is just really upset and believes his father doesn’t deserve a relationship with him. Kathy and Josh are back at the training center; Josh feels like this journey is going to help him the most. Chris says they need to work super hard to reach their goal; he believes that Kathy is ready for Josh to move out. Heidi being pregnant notices how they are getting smaller but she is getting bigger.

Its day 90 and the two are getting weighed for the first time since they got to the center, Kathy was 255 pounds; Kathy steps on the scale and is now 188 pounds; having lost 67 pounds. Josh is 345 pounds, but now he weighs at 246 pounds and was 1 away from losing 100. Chris tells them phase two is coming next, they now get full makeovers before they go home; hair and make-up.

Chris now for phase 2 they want Josh to lose 45 pounds and Kathy has to lose 35 pounds, Heidi then tells them that Josh has to move out from his mother’s house; Kathy says it’s overwhelming but it is the best for Josh. Kathy says Josh’s reaction shocked her; Josh is just really upset about it all and doesn’t want to do it.

Chris goes to see Josh and understands how he doesn’t want to leave home, Heidi is so confused at what Josh was saying because he was such an emotional wreck; Josh says he just needed a break. Chris says this is his new life and that everything is different now, he can’t go back to his old life; Kathy tells Josh to come home for 30 days and then he is out.

Josh and Kathy are back at their home, Kathy felt very scared about coming home and doing this on her own; but she is glad to be back. Josh goes righto his bed happy, they two have been working hard together but admit it’s been really hard. Josh is not a fan of moving out, Chris says that Josh still has no place to live; Chris tells Josh to come back to Arizona with them.

Josh is packing and getting ready to leave, though he’s pretty angry having to move out; a car picks him up and Kathy hopes he embraces the opportunity he has.

Chris has Josh come back and believes that he needs to be more independent, they give him a home for the next couple of months. Kathy is alone and Chris sends her something; Kathy opens up the truck and finds a bunch of work out equipment. Josh Is working hard on his own as well and believes Arizona is so much more relaxed, he feels as if he’s a part of Heidi’s and Chris’s relationship.

Kathy goes out with Ray and he knows the she has problems; she feels so blessed to have met him and is so happy to be with him. Josh is leaving Arizona to go to an island for a vacation with his mother; Chris is so happy that they can finally have a vacation together. Josh is waiting to be weighed and for his mother to arrive.

Josh sees his mother and starts to cry a bit, Kathy gives him a big hug right away. Kathy couldn’t believe it when she saw Josh; she thought he looked like such a man. Now it’s the weigh in, Josh decides to go first and weighed 246 pounds before and now he is 198 pounds. Kathy is next and is now 168 pounds from being 198 pounds; Heidi tells Kathy that Ray might be getting in the way of her weight loss.

Kathy says that she has been dating and believes it is her fault she didn’t lose much, but knows it’s her own fault and will catch up. Kathy says being with Josh on this vacation has been the best thing ever, she is so happy to be in this tropical paradise. Kathy comes to Arizona with Chris and Heidi; Heidi says that they paid the bill for Kathy’s bills and how she ordered a lot of candy and fatty things. Chris says it made them feel like it was a slap in the face.

Kathy says that she is glad they brought it up; Kathy says that from the mini bar she had nuts and never had candy at all; Kathy says that Josh is the one who has eaten the candy and believes that he will pick it back up. Heidi says that she is impressed how she lets Josh have to take his own responsibility now; Heidi and Chris are fighting about telling Josh that he needs to know about what he did was wrong. Chris tells Heidi they need to let Josh to grow up, Chris believes Josh is going to step up and change himself.

Josh and Kathy come back to get weighed again; Chris was dying to know how well has done. Heidi brings up the room service bill, Heidi says it was hard for them to see all this; Josh admits that he ate candy. But when he got home he totally changed after stepping on the scale. It’s now the weigh in, Josh steps up first being 198 pounds and is now 190. Chris tells Josh he has lost 45% of his body weight. Kathy is now up and she was 168 pounds, she is now 156; being three pounds short from her goal and Kathy was heartbroken.

Both Kathy and Josh have been approved for their skin surgery, they also brought Ray in to come see Kathy. Josh gets up and leaves, feeling a bit upset about seeing his mother’s new man; because he wanted to feel like his dad wanted to be there. Josh just wonders why he had this empty hope of getting to see his dad, Josh only wanted his dad to be proud of him; he’s just so sad that he isn’t there. Josh calls his father and is left to a recording message, Josh tells his dad that he is going into surgery to get skin removed; he says its tough not having communication with him.

Heidi tells Josh it’s all up to his father now to decide what he is going to do, Josh got a text from his dad right then and it was a shock to him; Josh’s dad said he has accomplished a lot with his body and is proud of him completely. He hopes that Josh knows that he is proud of him; Josh felt pretty good about this.

Josh goes back to his mom and is feeling much better, Kathy says her boy is a man now and is proud of him; Josh believes these last months have changed his life completely. Now we’re at the reveal of the transformation of the two; we now see Josh walk out on stage. Josh says his plans for the future is that he is going to college and moving two hours away from his mom; next up is Kathy coming out on to the stage. Kathy comes out and looks amazing, she says she feels wonderful.

One year ago Kathie was 255 pounds and now currently weighs 147 pounds, Kathy is so happy to have surpassed her own goals. Josh is now up and he steps on to the scale; Josh weighed 345 pounds and Josh now currently weighs 183, being the first the first man to be under Chris’ weight. Kathy is so proud to watch Josh become a man throughout this whole year, they lost 270 pounds put together.

The End!