Farrah Abraham “Blowin” Music Video – WATCH

Farrah Abraham "Blowin" Music Video - WATCH

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham seems to be a woman of many talents, she is an author, a reality star, a self-proclaimed chef, a porn star, and now singer…or so she thinks. Today Abraham released her new music video for her song “Blowin” on Twitter. Yes, she really named her song “Blowin,” (insert hilarious Back Door Teen Mom porno jokes here).

The horribly cheap looking music video (I’m not just hating, it looks like a high-school student’s film project), features the unrecognizable digitally altered voice of Abraham singing “I’m Blowin” over and over. While the “music” plays we see clips of Farrah and her daughter Sophia frolicking in a meadow, Farrah taking “selfies” of herself, the Teen Mom star driving down the road while listening to her own song on the radio, and screenshots of her social media pages, and the whopping three people on Twitter that were tweeting positive things about her.

She probably spent hours scouring Twitter searching for Tweets to put in her video that weren’t dissing her. Obviously she featured her Twitter and Facebook pages in the video, just in case someone sees the video on YouTube and is so BLOWN away by it they want to follow her on Twitter and Facebook. Farrah also refers to herself as a “celebrity” dozens of times in the song, and sings about what it is like “being a star.”

We really are still speechless over Farrah’s music video, at first we thought it was a hilarious joke, and then realized she was dead serious. Check it out for yourself and feel free to crack “Blowin” jokes in the comment section below. Honestly, we think Farrah’s new music video…blows.

2 responses to “Farrah Abraham “Blowin” Music Video – WATCH”

  1. Boyishglamorpuss says:

    That……was awful, the 10 seconds I could handle. Thank you for taking one for the team and recapping.

  2. Michael says:

    You know Mark Wahlberg said it best in the movie “The Other Guys” and I like to say it to Farrah right now “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU?”