Finding Carter Recap 7/22/14: Season 1 Episode 4 “Now You See Me”


Tonight on MTV their drama series Finding Carter returns with the second episode of its first season called “Now You See Me” Carter is betrayed by Bird. Meanwhile, Lori returns.

On the last episode to get back at Elizabeth for constantly setting new boundaries in her life, Carter starts to hang out with Crash, a juvenile delinquent whom she met at the police station. Elizabeth tries to get her to date Max instead. On the flip side, Carter’s relationship with her father becomes stronger. Meanwhile, Gabe, Bird, and Ofe do some research on Lori’s aliases in hopes of locating her for Carter. They find someone, but it eventually leads to a dead-end. However, at the end of the episode, Lori is shown watching Carter hug her father from afar. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode Carter deals with a betrayal from Bird; Max decides to leave; Lori returns with a plan. Carter and Bird will have a cat fight and it is rumored to be about Carter’s fugitive mom Lori Stevens. Bird and the guys have been doing some investigating, will they turn in Carter’s mother to the police?

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Carter and Bird had a falling out. Carter had gone to Bird’s art exhibit to support her friend and then she walked away from it feeling upset and betrayed.

Bird had used her pain to paint a portrait. It was of Carter’s face with half of it decomposing. Later her other friends had told her not to blow everything out of proportion with the picture. It was just for one exhibit after all. And so Carter tried to put it behind her and her new car did help with that aspect.

Their dad gave the twins a car. He bought it for them and wanted them to share it because as he told his wife – he thought it would finally help the girls bond. However he never told his wife he was buying the car and as far as she was aware – they couldn’t even afford the ones they have now. But David assured her though that can in fact afford a new car. He told her about a paycheck coming in and then promptly sidestepped her questions when she asked from where. He wants that part to be a surprise.

Speaking of which, by time Carter returned to school the next day, she was in for a surprise as well. The teenagers had found the school hallways littered with Bird’s “art”. Seeing the photos hurt Carter. She thought Bird was her friend and yet her actions are showing something else. Gabe and Carter ended up having to miss class for pretty much the rest of the day in order to clear out the hallway. And then when it looked like they were done –after six hours – they found another hallway cluttered with Bird’s pictures.

This time though Bird was there to see Carter’s reaction. It seems Bird is upset because she feels like Carter can’t take Bird being in the spotlight for a change. But Carter isn’t upset out of jealousy. The pictures expose her in a way she isn’t comfortable with. So they girls broke out into a fight.

Their teacher along with their friends had to come and separate them. And afterwards she made Carter and Bird clean up the rest of the hallway.

The girls forgave each other. Hours working side by side will do that and then Carter learned something about Bird. The girls had gone to Bird’s house and there they found out Bird’s parents were going to be gone for a while. They learned this after Bird spotted a bag full of cash waiting for her on the kitchen counter. It appears that this is something her parents generally do when they ditch their child for innumerable amount of days.

Carter felt so bad that she invited Bird back to her house. And luckily it was good day for visitors. For once Carter’s home life looked normal. The kids were joshing around in the kitchen and her parents had at least saved their fighting until after the girls left the room.

But the parents did fight. David got a car he can’t return for the girls and yet the mysterious check he keeps talking about hasn’t showed up. So Elizabeth had it out with him. He used money that was supposed to have gone towards their mounting bills. And because they couldn’t give back the car seeing as it was used to begin with – Elizabeth had to go to her mother for a handout.

She told her mom that they wanted to get the girls a new car so the loving grandma gave Elizabeth more than was needed. Carter had unknowingly buttered her up when she called her Grammy. It was the nickname she used to call her grandmother but while the older woman thinks Carter suddenly remembered it – it was actually Taylor that reminded her about the nickname.

Elizabeth tried to begin again with David. But when he went behind her back the way he did and then proceeded to complain about her not having faith in him – it made her come to decision about her marriage. And that is she wants out.

She started up her affair with Kyle again!

Carter and Bird are doing better though Carter thinks Bird is hiding something. She found Bird’s sketch book and inside they were drawing upon drawing of this hooded man with only his eyes visible. It was spooky and when Carter asked Bird about it – her friend clammed up.

Bird didn’t want to reveal a thing. Though she ended up doing so and telling Carter about a man in the mask during their impromptu sleepover.

It was impromptu because Bird had invited herself and the rest of the gang over to Carter’s for a dinner party. Neither Taylor nor Carter realized that till later. And then when Max came back asking to spend another night at the house– Bird invited the same people to the sleepover.

Max was going to return home when his parents told him he could live wherever as long as he supports himself. So that allowed him to stay with his new found friends including Taylor, but the one thing that truly convinced turning back was the best idea was Lori. He ran into her at the gas station and they had words.

Lori believes she can “reclaim” Carter and she refuses to listen to Max telling her how well Carter is adjusting. Lori just wants her daughter back and she doesn’t want to listen to reason.


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