Floyd Mayweather Kidnapping And Beating Arrest Looms Over Missing Jewelry

Floyd Mayweather Kidnapping And Beating Arrest Looms Over Missing Jewelry

Floyd Mayweather is in a lot of trouble, and I don’t see how he’s going to wiggle out of this one. Mayweather is involved in a brutal kidnapping and beating over some missing jewelry. Apparently, he beat the living daylights out of two of his employees that he suspected of stealing his jewelry, luring them to a secret location and then letting loose.

Some of Mayweather’s jewelry went missing in his Vegas homes, and he immediately pointed the finger at the two men he had recently hired to work there. Whether they are actually guilty of the crime, we don’t know, but Floyd Mayweather certainly believed they were. He contacted them a few weeks ago and told them to meet him at an off-site location. When they arrived, Floyd and a group of cronies proceeded to beat them up, using fists, weapons, and clubs.

Both men reportedly had broken arms and legs, and could have easily died had the attack continued a little longer. TMZ’s source explained, “It was some ‘Breaking Bad’ s**t.”

Basically, the charges leveled against Floyd now include attempted murder, kidnapping, and mayhem. The men have already hired a lawyer, and there’s a very solid chance that Floyd is going to end up going to jail for this. There’s no doubt in my mind that the police have enough evidence to push forward in charging Floyd, and they’ll also be able to get plenty of witnesses in any of the cronies that helped Floyd attack those men.

What do you guys think? Will Floyd face significant jail time over this? Or will he wiggle his way out of it somehow? Will Floyd settle with his victims to avoid criminal charges? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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  • Duphas

    they’ll settle out of court for an undisclosed sum.

    • jason m.

      yup… suddenly a lot of memories will be forgotten and stories recanted.

  • The Man In Black

    He’ll get off but only because Showtime and Boxing will pay those men off…handsomely. Then he will have to fight Pacquiao because he owes Showtime and Boxing for helping slip the charges.

    • Hamzah

      Dayuumm…..your were right after all man.
      May vs. pac May 2nd !!

  • TrollDaCatMcSimonz

    you better hope so

  • Monique

    How is is getting charged for kidnap and they said that he had the guys meet them somewhere and also when they got to the hospital when was the police called

    • Andre Lee

      they make it bad when they first charge him but when the court thing go on they going to drop sum charge but he going to get something out of it

  • Aderson Gonzalez

    Pay up and do serious time. No one should take the law into their own hands.

  • Michael Kennedy

    Most of you ignorant stupid cowards that don’t have a bit of sense would believe anything. You are are the one who pose a risk with your stupidity. There is nothing to support such a claim. I feel sorry for you haters, maybe he will throw you a bone!!

  • Michael Kennedy

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  • Michael Kennedy

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  • Michael Kennedy

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