Game of Crowns Recap 7/13/14: Season 1 Premiere “Pain is Beauty”

Game of Crowns Recap 7/13/14: Season 1 Premiere “Pain is Beauty"

Game of Crowns premieres tonight with an episode called, “Pain is Beauty.” On tonight’s episode in the premiere episode of Game of Crowns, fitness model Lori-Ann Marchese is preparing for Mrs. America after she entered Mrs. Connecticut America on a whim and won.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the show, Game of Crowns is Bravo’s newest docu-series follows six pageant wives competing on the “Mrs.” circuit whose lives revolve around glamour, perfection and winning at any cost. From career women to pageant moms, these ultra-competitive ladies share their love of the game and will stop at nothing to win local and national pageants for beauty queen status.

On tonight’s episode in the premiere episode of Game of Crowns, fitness model Lori-Ann Marchese is preparing for Mrs. America after she entered Mrs. Connecticut America on a whim and won. With help from Shelley Carbone (Mrs. America 2011) and Vanassa Sebastian (a 2012 Mrs. America semi-finalist), Lori-Ann hopes to get the professional advice she needs to take the crown. Meanwhile, pageant lifer Lynne Diamante helps the reigning Mrs. Rhode Island America, Leha Guilmette, prepare for Mrs. America as well. The competition continues offstage when pageant newcomer Susanna Paliotta wears the same outfit as Vanassa on the way to the pageant. Do New England’s best have what it takes to win the mother of all pageants, Mrs. America?

Tonight is going be the first episode of Game of Crowns and you’re not going to want to miss a minute. Tune in at 9 Pm EST on Bravo and we’ll be recapping it live right here for you but in the meantime, hit up the comments and let us know your thoughts on all of the drama that will unfold this season!

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In the world of the Married Women Beauty competitions, the title of Mrs. America truly is coveted by all. And although the age of this particular group are higher than what we’re accustomed to seeing – neither the cattiness or the games have changed.

Susanna Paliotta, is a newcomer to this world, and she’s trying to break into the adult pageants after years of coaching her young daughter, Isabella, through children’s pageants. So a few of the other beauty queens have taken her under their wing and have sort of begun to mentor her.

It all started when Vanassa Sebastian reached out to Susanna and pointed out some of the flaws she and the other women had noticed. And since then Susanna has been polishing her routine with, honestly, some great results. Thanks to her own accomplishments along with the help of her newfound friends – Susanna recently won Mrs. Tri-State.

And most of her friends were right there supporting her because wherever there’s a pageant – there are former and reigning pageant queens showing up to see the latest batch. It could have been their way to check out the competition but most likely it’s their way of seeing whose worthy of their attention.

“Mrs. America 2011”, Shelley Carbone, and Vanassa have also taken Lori-Ann Marchese under their wing. She’s not used to their world as well. Prior to doing beauty pageants – she did fitness pageants and though they sound alike they’re in fact not the same. “Mrs. America” is much more conservative than any other pageant out there.

They don’t want to see the skimpy bikinis. And so Lori-Ann tends to face a dilemma. She’s not used to covering it up. Just the opposite in fact which has made some, like Vanassa, wonder if Lori-Ann is even ready for this type of pageant.

Vanassa had to lend Lori-Ann a costume for the competition. Lori-Ann’s own custom costume maker was so used to her old style that when she said less skin – he completely ignored her instructions. Instead he sent her a bikini with tassels on it and pair of wings to go with the “outfit”. So Vanassa gave her an old costume.

It’s never good to have your own coach doubt you. It shows a lack of potential and no wonder no one else in the competition with Lori-Ann sees her as a threat. Leha Guilmette is also competing for “Mrs. America” and unlike her counterpart she’s been doing these kinds of pageants for years. So you’re not going to find her complaining about the bathing suits they have to wear during a photo-shoot. Because she would never use the word “granny”.

The rest of the ladies were heading to the competition to support their friends when drama began between Vanassa and Susanna.

Susanna was about to leave for the airport when she heard that Vanassa was wearing the same outfit as she was. So she called her friend and tried to warn her. But Vanassa said it was too late for her to change hence they both showed up at the airport in the same outfit!

Vanassa wanted to talk it over once they landed and Susanna didn’t feel it was necessary. She thought they could ignore it and Vanassa felt like Susanna did this the whole thing on purpose. So they got into this huge public fight right there in the airport.

Susanna thought the woman that was claiming to be her friend was being dramatic and vindictive. As for Vanassa, she thought Susanna got too big for her breeches the moment she won that “Mrs. Tri-State”. She wants Susanna to show deference!


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