Gang Related Recap 6/5/14: Season 1 Episode 3 “Pecados Del Padre”

Gang Related Recap 6/5/14: Season 1 Episode 3 “Pecados Del Padre”

Tonight on FOX Gang Related continues with an all new episode called “Pecados Del Padre.” On tonight’s episode, a Colombian informant is about to testify in Federal Court, but is freed by an ambush, forcing Ryan to choose between his Task Force duties and revealing the snitch’s whereabouts to assist the Acosta family’s quest for legitimacy.

On last week’s Ryan had to track down rival gang members who shot Carlos (Rey Gallegos), in order both to avoid a gang war and to cover up his own involvement in the shooting. Meanwhile, Ryan got closer to Jessica (Shantel VanSanten), who was investigating another shooting, and found himself genuinely falling for her.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you,

On tonight’s episode Ryan and the Gang Task Force bring a Colombian snitch to Federal Court to testify, but are ambushed en route. Ryan is torn between his Task Force duties and giving up the snitch’s location to help Javier and the Acosta family go legit.

Tonight you don’t want to miss the third episode of Gang Related, so be sure to tune in at 9 Pm EST on FOX and we’ll be recapping it right here for you but in the meantime, hit up the comments and let us know your thoughts on the show.

The crime scene techs snap photos at the gang massacre site. 12 Lords have been killed in the last three says and someone says it’s a termination. Ryan says it’s the Angelicos since he knows the knife work. Sam comes up and says at least it was NHI – “no humans involved” – just gang bangers. Women look on and cry and Ryan says they would disagree. He says they should lock down the neighborhoods but Sam says that only Javier Acosta can stop it.

Ryan goes to see Javier and says this is spinning out of control. Javier says they have the Lords on the ropes and they can’t back down now. He says they are looking to be the fish scale distributor the producers choose and crushing the Lords means they get it. Ryan says he thought they were going legit and Javier says this drug will fuel the opportunities to do so. Ryan asks him to just end it.

Sam tells the group that Miguel Salazar is the main guy that is distributing the fish scale and says the war is about the drug, not Carlos’ shooting. He says the DEO has been hit three times lately and Cassius says one of his friends was shot 78 times. Sam says they have a guy – Diego Diaz – who reports to Salazar and if they can get to him and get him to turn, they can crush the operation and shut the gangs down.

They also have Ana Maria, his wife, and his daughter green lit to be taken to send a message. Masked men come for the wife and daughter and haul them into a van. It’s Ryan and Cassius – and they tell them that their death warrant has been signed.

Sam and Jessica watch a video the DEA shot of the gang making death threats against Diaz’ family. Jessica says he had no authority to take the wife, daughter and guy. He says Diaz is ready to testify against Salazar. He says he did the right thing and she says she’ll set up the grand jury, but isn’t happy with her dad operating outside the law.

Ana Maria and her daughter are at the station and Ryan introduces himself. Natalia speaks to him and says her bear’s name is Gustavo. He says that’s a nice name and tells her that it’s okay to be scared. Natalia asks if they will be okay and he says she will because he will protect her. He gets a call and walks away.

It’s Javier and he wants to know if they have Diaz. He says he needs the pseudonym that Diaz will be under so he can take him out and then they will get the fish scale deal and end the war. Ryan says he can’t do it and Javier says he’ll find another way. He calls Miguel Salazar and says he has information about Diaz and he asks what he want in return. Javier says he wants to talk business.

Salazar says they have the Diaz situation under control and hangs up on Javier. Ana Maria, Diaz and Natalia are loaded up in a police escort to head to the courthouse. Carter brings a report to Sam that says that Ryan lied about what happened the night Tanner died. Sam dismisses him and says if he wants to read fiction, he’ll buy a book.

Carter persists and says that they have dash cam proof that shows that he lied about the time span at the shooting. He says there were 58 seconds between when Tanner got shot and Ryan did, but he said it was seven seconds. Carter asks him to listen to the file and help him figure out what happened in the lost time. He leaves the info with Sam.

The Diaz family is in the van and are worried but Diaz tells his wife that they will be okay. Natalia gets a text and answers it. We see a family taped up and bound. They had her friend send the text and then kill her, her mom and dad.

Carlos is brought him in a special van in his new wheelchair. Javier greets him with a kiss and pushes him inside the compound. The family waits with balloons and a celebration to welcome him home. Marciela tells him that he’s her baby and she made his favorite. He doesn’t answer her until Javier makes him.

They take Carlos to his new room set up with a flat screen and Javier says they’re converting the cottage for him to make it accessible. Javier says he’ll get anything he wants and Carlos asks for Lavar’s son. He says it’s being taken care of. They don’t have Lavar, but his men have found Lavar’s baby mama.

Ryan hears on the radio that there are multiple bomb threats that are diverting police resources. Diaz says they are coming for him. He says that this is what he would do and knows that’s what they’re doing because he trained them. He gets into an argument with Cassius who says that he can tell him how to protect them all.

Ryan tells Cassius if Diaz is right, they need to listen. Diaz says they know where he is or they wouldn’t call it in. He says he may be a monster but he wants his family safe and tells them to change the route before it’s too late. But it’s too late. They are t-boned by a car and the van goes tumbling.

Everyone struggles in the van. The driver is dead and outside there is gunfire between the cops and Salazar’s men. Sam says they lost contact with the van and is told the other cops are all headed to LAX for the bomb threat. Sam tells them to suit up so they can go get their men. Ryan hatches a plan to get them into an abandoned school while someone else lays down suppressive fire. They get them there in one piece.

Lavar’s mom says she loves her baby and won’t give him up. The guy checks her arm and says she only loves a fix – she says she’s been clean for six months. She cries and the guy tells her that Lavar doesn’t care about her son. She says he’s got a white bitch in Taluca Lake and says his name is Darnell and he goes to UCLA.

Darnell comes into his dorm room and finds a guy waiting. He says he’s a friend of his father. Darnell tries to make a run for it, but they grab him.

Ryan leads the Diaz through the school and checks in with Tae and Vee. They are at the door of the school but they are almost out of ammo. Diaz says to give him a weapon and Cassius tells him to shut his mouth. Cassius says they should give up Diaz. He agrees. He says to take his wife and kid and go while he goes to them.

Ryan tells Cassius that’s a no go – he says that Diaz’ testimony can take down the Metas. He says to think about the DEA agents’ lives that will be saved. Cassius relents and says they need to save them all.

Javier’s family sits down to dinner and says family is important and he’s happy that they are whole again and that his eldest is home. He toasts to Carlos. Carlos says he’s hungry and digs in.

The Salazars rush into the school. Tae watches on a mirror around the corner. A masked man approaches. Vee takes the guy down. They back further into the school and Vee says they have to go. Ryan and Cassius tell their people to stay low. A flash grenade is thrown in and he orders them down. Everyone loses their hearing and is stunned. Natalia runs off and Ryan yells – no.

Ryan struggles to his feet and heads after Natalia. He tells Cassius to take Ana Maria and Diaz and get them out. Two gunmen burst in but then Vee and Tae take them down and tell them to follow them – that they found their way out. Ryan spots Natalia and then sees a gunman but ducks back before he’s seen. She’s hiding under a bench.

Ryan takes him down and then goes into the chapel and finds her under the bench. He tells her she had them all worried and she says she wants to go home. Ryan says he will get her there. He tells her they are going to play a game and she says she doesn’t want to. He says it’s okay if she doesn’t think she can beat them and she says she didn’t say that. He asks for her shoelaces and she asks where his shoes are.

He says he needed to be quiet so he took them off. He has five shells he ejected from the shotgun and tapes them together. He’s doing a MacGuyver…

Back at Javier’s the family tells funny stories and Carlos laughs along with them. They ask Carlos for a speech and he says no but they insist. He says thank you for being here for me and says he knows he hasn’t always been easy, but family is really important to him. He hears his stomach rumbling and then groans. He says he’ll be right back and heads off.

Carlos refuses any help. He rolls into the bathroom and opens his shirt. He pulls off his full colostomy bag and tries to change it out but then drops it and then his colostomy stent starts leaking gore. He screams and bashed in the mirror with his fist. Daniel says he has to do something. Carlos is crying and frustrated. Javier comes in and he tells his dad to leave him alone.

He tells him to go away. Carlos says if you put a bullet in his head, you kill him once but they put a bullet in his back and now they’re killing him every day. Carlos says he can’t live like this but Javier says he’s very much alive. He wets a cloth and cleans his son. He says he was in jail when Carlos was a baby and never got to take care of him. Javier asks him to please let him take care of him now. Carlos cries and Javier holds him and comforts him as he sobs.

Salazar’s men search the school and Ryan asks her if Gustavo can help. Natalia nods yes and Ryan puts the makeshift IED he has made into the bear. He puts his bulletproof vest on her and tells her to hold on tight. He turns on music and puts earbuds in her ears and picks her up. He leaves the bear on a bench. The gunmen comes closer and one picks it up. It blows up and then he shoots down the others.

Diaz takes off when he hears the shots and Cassius goes in pursuit of him. Ryan sneaks down the hall with Natalia taking out shooters as he goes. He’s down to one last bullet. Another gunman comes out and he takes him out. Then the door busts in and it’s Cassius and Diaz. Her dad grabs her up and they head out.

Vee and Tae have point. They head outside and hear sirens. There’s a gunman in the window and Vee takes a shot to the leg and then Tae takes him out. He wants to staunch her bleeding but she says he can’t touch her and he realizes she lied about the HIV. He presses her leg to close her wound anyway. Sam pulls up and tells them to get into the car. They speed away.

Javier has Darnell strung up. He says he’s been waiting a long time to see him. Darnell cries. Javier has a baseball bat and asks if he likes the game. Darnell sniffles. He tells Darnell that his son loved baseball and that he should have seen him run the bases. Darnell says – please let me go – and then – please don’t hurt me.

Javier tells him he doesn’t know what hurt is. He says his son is crying because he’s never going to walk again because of Lavar. Darnell says he’s not like him – he’s in college and never even talks to him. Javier bangs the bat repeatedly on a table in frustration. Darnell says again – please.

The ambulance packs up Vee and head out. Ana Maria runs and scoops up her daughter and cries. Ryan tells Natalia she was brave. Ana Maria and Diaz thank him. Sam tells Ryan to remember this day and says murdered DEA agent families will be thankful. He tells him good job. Jessica comes out and thanks Ryan as well and he says he was just doing his job.

Jessica asks him out for a drink and he says he has a ton of paperwork. She says me too and say she’ll see him at 10 and names a bar.

Ryan comes into Javier’s bar and they ask what happened. He tells Tio he had a good day at work and Tio says that Javier is in the supply room with Lavar’s son – another kid from UCLA, not Andre. Ryan says he has to stop it and Javier comes out with Darnell and tells his people to get him back on the bus. Javier tells Ryan that when he looked in the kid’s eyes, he saw Ryan and Daniel and couldn’t do it.

Javier asks about his day. He says he has to ask him for something important that won’t be easy. He says Diaz has a lot of important information. He says he cut a deal to get the fish scale distribution if they can take out Diaz. Javier says the family will be clean and legit in 18 months if they can do it. Javier reminds him that Diaz is a killer and a bad man.

Ryan says that putting Salazar away will save lives. Javier says that he will ensure that Ana Maria and Natalia will be safe and the mark on them will be removed. Ryan says no but Javier says he has to tell him the alias Diaz is being kept under.

Salazar and his men are at the airport near his private plan when Javier pulls up. He submits to a pat down and tells Salazar that he won’t be able to set foot in the US again once Diaz turns state’s evidence. Salazar asks what he wants and says he wants to be the sole fish scale distributor in LA. Salazar says he has balls.

Jessica pours wine and tells him it’s on the city. He takes a glass and then there’s food there as well. He asks her why me and says her dad got the snitch. She says she hasn’t had dinner with her dad in five years. Sam sits at his desk sifting files and picks up the file on Ryan that Carter gave him. He glances at it then tosses it in the trash.

Vee is in the hospital sleeping. Tae sits at her bedside.

Diaz is killed by two guards in his cell.

Javier comes to see Carlos whose watching a soccer match. He asks his dad if it’s been done and Javier says there has been a change of plans.

Jessica says tonight they are celebrating the good guys and Ryan says – whoever they may be – and clinks glasses with her.

Cassius and Sam look into the cell where Diaz was. We see the edge of his legs. Sam calls Jessica to tell her the news. We see Diaz dangling from his belt. Looks like he wasn’t put in the usual prison garb and was left in his civilian clothes so they used a belt to choke him, then strung him up to look like a suicide. Ryan looks down when he hears what the call was about.