General Hospital Weekly Recap and Review April 28 – May 2, 2014

General Hospital Weekly Recap and Review April 28 - May 2, 2014

General Hospital was the show to watch during the week April 28 to May 2 and we covered it for you in great detail here. Enjoy.

Monday – At the PCPD Franco and Carly are explaining to Anna that they have something on Ava. Anna sends them to her office. Anna ask Nathan if he believes Britt’s story. He does. Anna is however not convinced and wants Nathan to turn up the heat on her. Nathan is about to explain to Anna that Britt is his sister but Carly and Franco interrupt her again. In his cell Carlos is sure that Ava is the reason Sabrina was run off the road. Ava thinks he is nuts. Ava then tells Carlos the perhaps he was behind the crash and threatens him again. Franco sees Ava leave and assumes that means Carlos confessed. In just a few minutes Anna confirms it when she comes out and tells Nathan.

Sabrina is hysterical and begging Felix for news about her baby. Epiphany walks in and tries to reassure Sabrina that a team is fighting to she her baby’s life. Felix follows Epiphany out and ask her about the baby. Epiphany dodges his questions and tells him he needs to look after Sabrina. Sabrina cries to Felix that she just wants to see her baby. Felix gets her a wheelchair. Meanwhile Patrick is pacing and he is praying for his son to live. Britt comes to check on the baby and tells Patrick that his son has a fifty fifty chance. Felix brings Sabrina and after her and Patrick go in to see him Felix thanks Britt for helping Sabrina.

Kiki goes to see Michael at the mausoleum. Kiki reminds him of how much everyone cares about him. Michael just wants to catch is fathers killer. Michael convinces Kiki to try and get some answers from her mother about AJ’s murder. On Kiki’s way out she sees Ava’s earring. I wonder if she knows it’s her moms.

Morgan heads straight for Olivia. Sonny is right behind him. Morgan wants to tell,her everything and when Sonny sushes him he tells his dad to tell her. Olivia gets called away by a call. Sonny tells Morgan not to hurt Olivia because he is mad at him. When Olivia gets back she wants to know what’s going in. Morgan suggest she ask his dad before he takes his leave. Sonny makes a excuse to Olivia.

Ava calls Morgan and leaves a message telling him she loves him and her little fling with Sonny means nothing to her. Ava realizes she is missing a earring.

Tuesday – episode was interrupted by a press conference so there will be some scenes missing. Jordan is by the pier and she is thinking about the deal she made with Julian. Shawn walks up startling her. Shawn wonders what she is up to. Shawn assumes she is there for a drug deal. Shawn brings up her criminal history. Jordan threatens to tell TJ how his father died, so Shawn was involved. Jordan tells Shawn she will keep his secret As long as Shawn keeps hers. Shawn agrees and then warns her what she is doing is dangerous.

TJ is a t Kelly’s with Molly and shows her his acceptance letter to PCU. TJ can’t wait to show his mom. Molly is making him a celebratory sundae and TJ tells her he wished his father was still around. When Shawn gets there TJ tells,him and Shawn congratulates him. TJ wonders what is keeping his mom.

Alexis and Julian are having a dinner date in the gallery nonetheless, I think they have found just about very use possible for this place. They are flirting and having a great time that is until Morgan shows up to cry about Ava. Morgan then tells Julian that Ava has been working with Sonny this whole time. Julian knows he needs to handle the situation. Alexis ask him to please not do anything that will make her regret getting involved with him. Jordan shows up with a package right after Alexis leaves. After Jordan leaves Julian pulls a call into Ava that they need to talk.

Olivia is still hounding Sonny about Morgan. Sonny make a up another lame ass excuse. Olivia says she is fine with what ever Sonny had to do to get Morgan away from Ava. Ha just you wait Olivia. Olivia wants to get a room. Sonny on the other hand wants to go home and shower, you know so he can get rid of that cheap blonde feel and smell. Olivia buys it kisses him and heads off. Alexis shows up and tells Sonny about Morgans little visit to Julian.

Franco and Carly can’t believe that Carlos confessed to killing AJ. Carly blurts out that Sonny did it. Michael just happens to hear that last part. Franco covers for it by saying telling Michael all about Carlos’s confession. Carly racks her brain trying to figure out what AJ knew about Ava. Anna gets the confession and plays it for Michael and Carly. Franco and Carly still intend to find out what really happened and why.

Kiki shows up to,talk to,her mom about Carlos. Ava lies, Kiki believes it and she phones Michael to tell him. Michael tells Kiki all about Carlos’s confession. Ava feigns surprise and them relief because now they can all get on with their lives.

Wednesday – Jordan is eating a breakfast made for her by TJ. TJ shows her his letter of acceptance into PCU. Jordan is proud of TJ. Shawn and Jordan bicker while TJ heads off to school. Jordan lies and tells Shawn she is not dealing drugs.

Britt stayed at the hospital all night so she could keep a eye on Sabrina and Patricks baby. Nathan shows and tells her her tires did it match the skid marks at the crash scene. Nathan then tells her he really needs to discuss something else with her. Britt thinks he likes her. Nathan tells her she is his sister. At first Britt is shocked but so glad they didn’t sleep together. Haha. Lucy shows up on a mission to do whatever she can for Patrick and Sabrina. Kevin tells her she can take back some of the time she has been spending with him. Lucy makes it clear he is her number one priority. No doubt I mean sleeping with Scott has gotta be wearing on her badly by now.

Nikolas is reading about Britt in the paper. Liz questions when Britt showed up on the scene. Lulu pops on to tell them there may be another embryo. Lulu wants them to drop the charges against Obrecht so her and Dante will know for sure.

Obrecht wants to hear Madeline’s escape plan and Madeline tells her she also has a ace up her sleeve. When Madeline refuses to say anything else she threatens to tell Nathan she is his real mother. Madeline tells her she already did. Dante wants Scott to drop the charges against Obrecht because she has their embryo. Scott actually agrees without a fuss to do so as long as Liz and Nicholas are also on board. Dante tells Obrecht that he will agree to her deal as long as she gives him the embryo. Math annuities Madeline and tells,her he told Britt they were siblings and he hope they can have a relationship since she killed Nina. Madeline tells him she did no such thing.

“Luke goes to see Julian at the gallery. Julian hands him a briefcase of cash to funnel into ELQ. Julian tells him about hiring Jordan. “Luke” is mad. Julian reassures him by telling “Luke” he checked her “references”, I can only imagine. “Luke” doesn’t want Jordan to know he is up to his eyeball in it with Julian. Jordan walks in and offers to help “Luke” pick out more art. “Luke” kisses,her hand and tells her another time. Jordan wants Julian to drop the cash of directly to her. Julian tells,her to focus on distribution.

Thursday – Silas runs into Sam at the hospital. They start talking about Sabrina and Patricks baby. Silas tells Sam the baby’s odds aren’t good. Sam gets upset me says she hopes they will be as lucky as she was. Patrick and Sabrina are in the room with their baby. When Patrick steps out for a minute Victor corners him me tells him Robin saw the accident on the internet. Patrick wants him to leave. Victor offers Patrick the opportunity to talk to Robin. Victor gives him a number and Patrick calls it. Patrick ask Robin to come home but she refuses. Patrick tells her she is putting Jason before them and not to even bother coming back, he hangs up. Britt comes in to see Sabrina and tells her that her baby’s latest test show some signs of improvement.

Nathan is letting Madeline have it for lying to him for the last twenty years. Madeline screams that his sister is still alive. Nathan doesn’t believe her and tells Madeline tells him that Nina is in a secret facility, in Switzerland no doubt. Madeline wants Nathan to keep it hush hush. Silas shows up and Nathan leaves. Madeline tells,Silas that he will never get near Madeline again. Obrecht tells Dante and Lulu she not biting until she revives it in writing. When the document finally gets there she reads it, is satisfied, and signs it. Obrecht calls Victor and hilariously duos him and then ask him for a favor. She wants him to get the embryo. Nathan arrives to put on her ankle monitor. Nathan tells her he has traded one psycho mother for another one. Obrecht would like for them to be a family. Nathan tells her he doesn’t even know what that means and then ask who his father is. I wonder if it’s Faison.

Nina wakes up and calls for Silas. How I’ve missed Michelle Strafford. She leaves one show as a character in a coma and wakes up from one on a different show as a different character in a different town.

Maxie and Levi making out at Kelly’s. Maxi hopes her parents like him, if they are anything like me this kid doesn’t stand a chance in hell. They start making out again and still are when Mac and Felicia show up. Mac wants him to take his tongue out of his daughters mouth. Mac is not liking this kid at all, bet spinel limits looking pretty good to him right now. Lulu and Maxie come in. Maxie runs over and tells them how happy she is for them. Maxie knows however that won’t erase what she did. Maxie apologizes and tells them she wants them to be friends again some day. Lulu wants the same thing. Dante and Lulu head outside and are met by Victor who hands them a package.

Friday – Anna asks Carlos if he is sure he wants to keep,his confession. Carlos thinks about the threats Ava made and keeps his mouth shut. Once Carlos has been taken back to his cell Anna calls in Carly and Franco. Anna ask what they wanted to tell,her about Ava , Carly lies. Anna wants to know about AJ’s phone. Franco thinks he knows where to find it and tells Anna he knows all the passwords. Anna tracks the phone. It was at the hospital last.

Sabrina is trying to be positive about the and baby and thank Felix for all his help and support. Felix then decides now is the time to show her the article about Carlos’s confession. Sam is trying to keep Patrick positive. Patrick tells Sam he thinks his marriage is over. Sam tells him maybe he needs to take a few days to cool off. Patrick doubts that will make a difference.patrick goes in to see Sabrina. Franco and Carly show up looking for AJ’s phone. Felix gives them the lost and found box. Just like magic they find it, they charge it and when they turn it in they find out it was recording right before he died.

Alexis sees Ned at Kelly’s. Ned tells Alexis about “Luke” and his antics with Kiki. Alexis finds it revolting. Alexis changes the subject and ask end about his love life. Ned ask her on a date she turns him down and tells bed she is seeing Julian now. Ned points her and gangsters always end badly. Alexis knows bit says that Julian is sexy. Ned leaves. Sam walks in and tells her mom about Robin refusing to come home to Patrick.

“Luke” is playing with a credit card. Julian arrives with some more cash. “Luke” wants Julian to kill Ava. Julian resist until “Luke” threatens to kill him to. “Luke” sends Julian on his way. Ned walks in on him counting the money.

Ava leaves what has got to be the thousandth message for Morgan. Sonny walks in and wants to know why Carlos confessed. Sonny tells her Julian knows she has been telling him things. Sonny tells Ava to leave town. Sonny is sending her to his island. Sonny leaves. Julian walks in just as Ava grabs her passport. Julian holds a gun on her.

Sabrina pays a visit to Carlos at the PCPD.