General Hospital Weekly Review and Daily Recap January 13 to January 17 2014

General Hospital Weekly Review and Daily Recap January 13 to January 17 2014

This is the recap on a day-by-day basis of General Hospital from Monday 1/13/14 to Friday 1/17/14.  Here is it so enjoy catching up and keeping with your favorite soap. Monday – Silas goes down to the PCPD and grabs Nathan in a rage because he talked to Sam. Sam tells Alexis about Silas having a wife. Carlos promises Sabrina he will be there for her and Patrick’s baby. Patrick shows up at Sabrina’s door to talk. Morgan attacks Julian thinking he has something to do with his mom disappearing, meanwhile Kiki is giving Ava the third degree about Carly. Franco finds a letter from Carly. Heather has Carly tied up in a cabin. Silas finally talks to Nathan. Michael goes to Dante for help looking for Carly. Silas tells Nathan everything he knows about what happened to his wife. Nathan brings up the Ava connection. Heather is so damn crazy. Carly is trying to convince her they have things in common. Patrick is trying to be the stand up guy for Sabrina, but Carlos comes out and tells Patrick the baby is his. Dante and Michael catch Morgan with Julian. Franco shows Kiki the letter and then tells her that Carly didn’t write it. Heather comes out of the cabin with a bloody knife. Nathan shows Silas a prescription for his wife’s anti depressant in the liquid form and it’s in Silas’s name. Heather pulls up in the garage in Carly’s car. Nathan thinks Silas tried to kill his wife. Patrick ask Sabrina if Carlos is telling the truth. Silas shows up to talk to Sam and tells her about the prescription. Nathan calls Ava and tells her to come down to the police station. Kiki tells Franco he is going to help her. Dante Michael and Morgan pop the trunk on Carly’s car.

Tuesday– There is a suitcase in the back of Carly’s car. Michael wants Dante to see what’s in it. Sonny is at home thinking about his conversation with Morgan. Robin is wandering around GH, Liz sees her and goes to talk to her. Robin tells Liz Sabrina is pregnant. Sam ask Silas if Ava could have been the one to try and kill his wife. Dante wants Michael and Morgan to leave before he opens the suitcase, Michael refuses. Felix tells Brad he popped off in front of Patrick and Robin about Sabrina being pregnant. Liz tells Robin she is sorry. Sabrina tells Patrick Carlos is telling the truth. Dante doesn’t find anything in the suitcase. Ava is at the PCPD to talk to Nathan about Silas. Ava pretends she didn’t know Silas was married. You can tell from the look on her face Ava is the guilty party. Sam is trying to convince Silas it’s possible Ava did it. Franco shows up with Kiki in the garage and gets into it with Michael and Morgan about Carly. Sonny is talking to Olivia about Carly missing. Olivia decides to give Sonny some loving to help him relax and take his mind off things. Michael ask Kiki what she wanted to tell,him about his mom, Franco indicates for her not to say anything about the letter. Brad can’t believe Felix told Patrick Sabrina was pregnant. Felix goes off on brad about how he is the father of Britt’s baby. Brad finally comes clean and says that he isn’t, Felix wants to know who is. Liz and Robin are still talking. Patrick is trying to come to grips with Sabrina and Carlos’s story. Sabrina is telling him half the truth and half a lie. Before Ava can answer Nathan’s questions Dante calls him for help. Nathan wants Ava to wait for him to comeback. Sam tries to convince Silas he isn’t responsible for what happened to his wife Ava is. Sam wants to know if Silas thinks Ava is capable of killing someone. Ava calls Silas at that exact moment. CSU is combing over Carly’s car. Dante is explaining the Carly situation to Nathan. Nathan tells Dante about Ava thinking that she was called in about Carly. Felix is having issues with the whole Brad isn’t Britt’s baby daddy thing. Patrick leaves Sabrina’s. Liz tells Robin she has nothing to worry about. Robin brings up the fact she told Patrick she didn’t want another baby yet. Liz tells her it will all work out. CSU finds something in the trash by Carly’s car. Brad and Felix are still going at it. Brad storms off. Patrick tells Robin the baby isn’t his. Sabrina is really upset. Carlos tells her she could have told Patrick the truth. Robin and Patrick hug. Carlos holds Sabrina while she cries. Sam tells Silas she will help him. CSU pulls out the bloody knife and hands it to Dante who then says damn it.

Wednesday– Scotty and Lucy are in bed together, but it’s just a dream and when she sees Kevin in the dream she wakes up screaming. Scotty is chewing Anna about the Carly case. Michael is at the hospital looking for Carly. Sonny and Shawn are talking, Shawn doesn’t think Morgan is done with the Jerome’s. Morgan overhears. Nathan shows up to talk to Lulu. Scotty wants Franco to tell him what he did with Carly. Felicia and Duke are reading the newspaper story about Carly. Anna tells Dante he doesn’t have to handle Carly’s case. Dante says he is staying on it. Nathan is talking to Lulu she ask if he is new, Nathan tells her he is Dante’s partner. Bobby shows up at the PCPD and overhears Dante and Anna. Franco tells Scotty he had nothing to do with it. Lucy lies and tells Kevin her bad dream was about Richard Simmons. Morgan walks in. Sonny sends Shawn to look for Carly some more. Sonny hugs Morgan. Bobby is convinced that Franco took Carly. Lulu is surprised that Nathan is Dante’s partner but she doesn’t let on she is Dante’s wife. Lucy runs into Felicia at Kelly’s. Franco shows up at Kevin’s to talk about Carly and how everyone thinks he did it. Lulu doesn’t think Carly wrote the letter. Lulu lets it slip that she knows Dante. Lucy tells Felicia she slept with Scott. Duke walks in to talk to Sonny and he tells Morgan why Duke is there. Bobby and Scott are arguing about the fact Scott won’t arrest Franco. Scott stops by and bust Anna’s chops for a minute. Kiki is trying to defend Franco to Michael. Franco tells Kevin about the letter, and the fact he doesn’t think Carly wrote it. Kevin is helpfully unhelpful. Felicia seems to be a little more helpful to Lucy. Scott and Kevin walk in to Kelly’s at the same time. Morgan is totally going to rat Duke out to Julian. Michael tells Franco he will give him the benefit of the doubt. Forensics comes back, Carly’s blood is on the knife, and Franco’s prints are on the knife.

Thursday– Lulu and Nathan are still talking, he makes her aware of the suitcase matching one in the house. Sonny is in Franco’s hotel room. Heather is back with Carly. I think maybe it’s the Quartermaine boathouse? Nicholas runs into Liz at the hospital. Nicholas and Liz discuss how much they missed each other over the holidays. Nathan likes Lulu. Dante and Anna are discussing what to do about Franco. Julian and Ava are arguing about Morgan….again. Sonny and Franco have a nice conversation about this and that how maybe Franco did or didn’t hurt Carly. Heather tells Carly she cut her because she needed her blood to frame Franco for Carly’s murder. Liz wants to spend the afternoon with Nicholas. Carly wants to know Heather is going to frame Franco for murder. Heather tells Carly her whole plan. Carly tries to change her mind. Bobby decides she needs to tell Lucas but doesn’t want to because of Julian Jerome. Julian is explaining to Ava that Lucas is his son. Bobby thinks Julian still doesn’t know about Lucas. Heather tells Carly it’s to late the police found the evidence. Apparently Heather got the idea from that 24 hour real life crime channel that shows break up violence. Franco decides to talk back to Sonny. Dante and Anna are going over the chain of events and Dante wonders where Franco got the knife. Nicholas turns Liz down because he needs to head home to Britt and Spencer. Anna begins to doubt the Franco angle when they start talking out all the details. Carly wants to know what Heather is going to do with her. Bobby calls Lucas and tells him about Carly. Sonny is not coming over to Franco’s side anytime soon. Heather tells Carly she is going to keep her around until she needs to kill her.

Friday– AJ pours a glass of orange juice and decides it needs some vodka. Tracy comes in wanting her paper, Aj doesn’t have it….Heather does and she is upset there is more information about Franco in it. Anna tells Scotty she wants the arrest warrant for Franco. Scotty tells her she isn’t getting it. Franco calls Kiki and leaves a message thanking her for believing in him. Silas and Sam are in Kelly’s eating breakfast. Silas thanks Sam for believing him….lots of thank you’s going around today. Julian tells Ava he is going to Seattle to find Lucas. Luke comes to see Bobbie, door bell rings….it’s Lucas. Julian and Ava show up at his office and it’s all packed up, Sonny tells him he hopes he doesn’t mind him dropping by. Lucas wants to help with the Carly situation. Bobbie tries to get him to leave, Lucas gets offended. Luke covers for her. When Lucas leaves to get his bags Luke tells Bobbie she has to tell him about his bio father. Ava tells Sonny he is trespassing, Sonny says he isn’t because the lease has been terminated. Julian ask by who…in walks Olivia. Silas can’t understand why Sam doesn’t hate him. I love Sam and Silas together, I thinks it’s because I miss Caleb and Livvie. Franco walks in and tells Sam he has a job for her. Tracy freaks out when AJ tells her there might be a raccoon in the boathouse. Carly tells Heather she should let her go. Heather tells her there is no fun in that. Lucas over hears Bobbie and Luke talking and ask what it’s about. Olivia terminates Julian’s office lease and kicks him out of the hotel. Anna states the means, motive, and opportunity for arresting Franco, but Scotty wants a body. Tracy is still freaking out over the raccoon. Michael shows up worried about Carly, Tracy ask Michael to get rid of the raccoon. Heather calls Michael. Sam refuses to help Franco, Silas gets her to relent. Heather tells Michael about the knife the police found. Michael takes off, AJ pours more vodka in his glass. Sam changes her mind again. Silas finds in interesting that Franco accused Ava. AJ has a flashback from the night Connie was killed. Michael yells at Scotty at the police station. Ava comes in and Scotty accuses her of leaking information. Michael is shocked when he realizes what Heather said about the knife is true. Heather tells Carly they are going to have to relocate. AJ is questioning if his flashback is real. Tracy interrupts him. Luke walks in. Tracy wants him to get the raccoon. Luke agrees after Tracy whines. Luke heads to the boathouse. Bobbie is about to tell Lucas but he leaves to get her some food. Julian sits down at Kelly’s at Sam’s table he ask her about Lucas. Michael hands Scotty’s ass to him. Franco hears the tail end of it. Sam tells Julian she isn’t talking to him about Lucas, she leaves, and runs into Lucas outside. AJ is trying to recall the rest of the memory. Scotty gives in and tells Anna he will get her the warrant. Luke finds Carly.

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