General Hospital Recap and Review for Week of April 21- April 25, 2014

General Hospital Recap and Review for Week of April 21- April 25, 2014

General Hospital has been showing a series of startling outcomes during the week of April 21 to April 25, 2014 – from Luke’s behavior to Sonny and Ava’s make out session in the Quartermaine crypt fans have been seriously shocked and tested. Below we provide a detailed recap and review of the week’s events in Port Charles.

Monday, April 21: Michael goes by Sonny’s house on the way to AJ’s funeral. Michael ask Sonny to go with m for support. Sonny tells him Michael that he doesn’t think AJ would be to thrilled for him to,be there. AJ if dead so I feel this point is mute. Michael tries to,get Sonny to,cave by telling him how he learned to love AJ but will,always need Sonny. Sonny still won’t bite and tells Michael it’s a bad idea and that it will most definitely itself upset Monica. That’s the type of reasoning I can get behind. Michael tells Sonny he understands and leaves to go to the funeral. AJ’s ghost again shows up and berates Sonny even going as far as to call him a terrible father. Sonny remembers killing AJ and his eyes start to fill with tears.

Spencer walks right up to “Luke” at the Quartermaine’s and flat accuses him of plotting against his Uncle Sonny. Spencer then does the dumbest thing to this date and tells “Luke” exactly what he heard between him and Julian. “Luke” tells Spencer he needs to get his ears checked. suggests that he get his ears checked. Spencer ask “Luke” not to go after his Uncle Sonny. “Luke looks around and tells Spencer he has heard too much. “Luke” ask Spencer to keep quiet about it. When Spencer tells “Luke” that is not a option “Luke” threatens to hurt him. Spencer then tells “Luke” that his father will come for him. “Luke” informs Spencer that his father is a pompous jerk. “Luke” then threatens to go,after Emma. It’s at that moment Sonny walks in.

Franco is with Diane at the PCPD having a little client /attorney session. Diane is stunned that he would trash his hotel room. Dianne tells him she can get the charges dropped. Franco tries to stop her and after they go back and forth a bit Dianne realizes that Franco wants to be locked up. In an interrogation room Carlos is still on the phone with Ava who is still threatening to harm Sabrina and her baby. Carlos gets livid. Ava tells him to co-operate and then threatens Sabrina again. Dante walks in and takes the phone from Carlos. Dante take Diane’s phone back to her. Franco still doesn’t want her to help him. Dianne walks in to talk to Carlos who much to her displeasure says he will be pleading the fifth. Diane leaves. That has got to be the easiest trip she has made to the PCPD recently.

Back over at the house that paranoia built Ava is on the phone giving Sabrina’s name to someone.

Speaking of Sabrina She knocks on Patricks door. Patrick is unsure why she is there and she tells that Emma invited her to her recital. Patrick tells Sabrina how he accidentally lost his temper with Emma and it’s been like walking on egg shells ever since. Patrick then admits to Sabrina that Emma is still unaware that he is the father of Sabrina’s baby. Emma comes in and ask what they are talking about. Patrick and Sabrina show her the sonogram picture of the baby and then tell Emma that Patrick is the baby’s daddy.

Liz comes downstairs from her bedroom at Wyndemere and ask Nikolas to zip her dress for her. Ric shows up and interrupts the moment between the two. Nikolas is less than thrilled to see Ric. Ric thinks Liz staying at Nikolas’s house is the worst idea ever. All three of them start to argue. Ric offers to,help,Liz until she gets. Enter but she informs Ric is she is just fine where she is at. Liz ask Nikolas to,please let her speak to,Ric in private. When Nikolas is gone Ric ask her if she wants to get back together with Nikolas. Loz assures Ric that that is not going to happen and that he need to accept and deal with the fact she will be staying there. Ric again assures Liz he is not giving up on the two of them and leaves. Nikolas then comes rushing in upset at the fact that Spencer is nowhere to be found. Ask Alfred he always seems to know what is going on.

Tuesday, April 22: Nikolas finds out that Spencer never made it to school. Spencer is at the Quartermaine’s . Nikolas tells Liz that Spencer believes that “Luke” is plotting againt Sonny. Liz thinks that Nikolas shouldn’t brush it off and that Spencer might be telling the truth.

Emma thinks she is being tricked by Patrick and Sabrina just like she was tricked by Britt. Sabrina promises Emma that the baby is indeed her little brother. Emma is excited. Emma leaves to get ready for the recital. Sabrina apologizes to Patrick for lying about the baby. Patrick is talking with Sabrina and realizes she hasn’t heard about Carlos being arrested. Patrick hands her the newspaper. Sabrina tells Patrick about the gash Carlos had the same day AJ was attacked and them tells Patrick that Carlos swore on her baby that he didn’t shoot AJ and that she believes Carlos is innocent. Emma comes in ready to go to her recital. Emma is excited to see everyone there especially Cameron. Spencer calls Emma but she doesn’t answer the call.

Ava is on the phone telling someone to look into Sabrina. Ava tells them what they need to do and that there can be no mistakes. As she is leaving for the funeral she runs into Carly outside her hotel room. Carly is amazed that Ava would even think about showing her face at AJ’s funeral especially with Carlos being in jail. Ava informs Carly she knows that Carly knows about the shooting. Ava then tells Carly she had better back the hell off.

Carlos is sitting in his cell thinking about the threat Ava a made on Sabrina and her baby. Franco gets brought in and starts to try and talk to Carlos about how Ava has screwed them both. Franco tells him about how Ava told him for years he was Kiki’s father only to find out he really wasn’t. Franco tells Carlos he knows that Ava had him shoot AJ for her. Carly shows up to see Franco and they fake a fight. When Carly leaves Franco offers to help Carlos. But Carlos refuses to talk to Franco because someone’s life is in danger.

Meanwhile at the Quartermaine’s. Ned is arguing with Tracy about “Luke”. Ned informs his mother that “Luke” threatened to kill him. Tracy refuses to believe that “Luke” would do,anything of the sort. Ned is curious to know what “Luke” does to,people who,can’t handle him. Tracy tells end she is marrying “Luke” and no one is going to stop her.

Morgan shows up with Kiki so that he can keep “Luke” at bay. Kiki is afraid her mother will be jealous. Morgan tells Kiki not to worry because he is no longer involved with Ava. Ava calls Morgan and he informs her now is not a good time and quickly hangs up. Kiki and Morgan join Tracy and Ned. Tracy tells Ned that Kiki made a pass at “Luke”. Ned is surprised. Kiki realizes it may have been a mistake for her to come. Tracy takes off. Morgan then informs Ned that it’s the other way around “Luke” has been making passes at Kiki. Ned wants the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Kiki tells him the whole story including the bit with the donuts at Franco’s place. Ned believes Kiki 100%. Ned wants Kiki to keep hush hush he wants to set a trap for “Luke”.

“Luke” is still threatening Spencer to keep quiet or Emma will get it. Sonny walks in and ask them if everything is alright. “Luke” tells Sonny that Spencer is just shaken up over the fleeting nature of life. Sonny thinks the conversation is too dark for a child. “Luke” disagrees and tells Sonny that Spencer is sharp and that he understands that people die even children. Spencer informs Sonny that “Luke” and him were actually talking about him. Sonny thinks it’s about Emma and all the unanswered calls. Sonny promises he will make it up to Spencer. Nikolas comes in mad as mad can be. Spencer refuses to leave until he gets to talk to Sonny. Nikolas apologizes to “Luke”. “Luke” seems to think Spencer understands what happens when you tell stories. Tracy comes in and ask if she can speak to “Luke” alone. When everyone is gone Tracy tells “Luke” she heard that he threatened to kill Ned. “Luke” admits to it and tells her it’s because he isn’t going to let anyone stand in the way of them getting married. Tracy leaves for the service. “Luke” makes a call and wants someone to,solve a problem.

Ava, Liz, and Sonny are standing together. Liz brings up the fact the AJ’s murderer has been arrested.

Over at Wyndemere, Cameron is bragging to Spencer about going to Emma’s recital. Spencer ask Cameron to keep a eye on Emma but then decides he will do it himself. Nikolas puts the ka bosh on that idea when he informs Spencer he is grounded until he decides otherwise. Spencer starts trying to figure out what he can do to stop Uncle “Luke”.

Wednesday, April 23: Mac is filming as Emma comes into the recital with Patrick and Sabrina. Mac takes her hand so she can go see Felicia and Anna. Cameron comes racing in with flowers for Emma. Nikolas shows up looking for Spencer. Sabrina ask him how Liz is doing. Nikolas starts to talk about the man in custody and Sabrina gets upset and tells Nikolas that Carlos is innocent and then she takes off before Nikolas can ask her anything. Patrikmexplaind to Nikolas that Sabrina and Carlos have a past together. Spencer is hiding and when he sees Emma he calls her over and begs her to leave with him. Emma won’t. After the recital Nikolas finds Spencer and drags him home before he can warn Emma.

Monica is taking a moment for herself in the Quartermaine crypt to say goodbye to AJ with Tracy. When Michael shows up,Tracy leaves them alone to talk. Michael lets Monica know he invited Sonny but he declined to come because he didn’t want to upset her. Monica is thankful that Sonny decided to not show up. Michael tells her he just wanted his parents there.

Ned wants to set a trap for “Luke” and he tells Morgan he wants to use Kiki to,do,it. Ned promises Kiki is I’m no danger. Morgan isn’t on board but Kiki is she will do whatever it takes to teach “Luke” a lesson. Ned tells Kiki to go in the den and then heads off to get his mother to make sure she will see it all. Morgan tries to change Kiki’s mind but she is going to do this no ifs, ands, or buts.

Liz is telling Sonny and Ava she really hopes the person that’s been arrested for shooting AJ can answer some questions so everyone can move on. Carly walks in and says they all would like to know what happened to AJ. Hint, hint, wink, wink, at Sonny and Ava. Liz leaves as does Ava. Carly ask Sonny just what he thinks he is doing there. Sonny tells her he is here for Michael and that Carly needs to just drop it.

“Luke” is on his phone out on the terrace and tells someone that Spencer is a problem. “”Luke” then tels them that Spencer has a weakness Emma Drake. Ava comes into the den and ends up,hearing the end of the conversation. “Luke is surprised to see her there. Ava informs “Luke” she knows something happened between Kiki and him and she is going to,find out whys it is. As she is walking out “Luke” is looking at her butt. “Luke” calls her back, grabs her and tells her she has great ass-ets. Ava walks away in disgust.

Ned grabs Tracy and gets her to look into the den. Kiki is alone with “Luke”. “Luke” informs Kiki that he knows she has daddy issues but he is in love with Tracy and is unavailable. Tracy tells end she knew Kiki was the one hitting on “Luke”. Ned realizes that look “Luke” knew they were setting a trap.

Carly and Tracy join Monica and Michael in the crypt, so does Sonny. . Sonny tells Monica he will leave if she wants him to. Monica allows him to,stay for Michael. After the service Monica lays flowers on AJ’s crypt. Monica then leaves to get ready for the reception. Michael tells Sonny that him being there helped him. Sonny tells Michael he will always be there for him.

Ava turns on the news finds out that Franco is also in jail. Carly comes in and muses that it would be funny if Franco and Carlos became friends. Carly tells Ava she would like to know what those to are talking about right now.

Kiki is worried that “Luke” will come after her since he knows it was a set up. Morgan promises Kiki he will take care of her and holds her. Ava sees them together and turns and leaves. Morgan tries to ease Kiki’s worry. Y telling her he is sure Ava is upset about something else.

Liz walk into the den and “Luke” offers her a drink.

Liz finds Luke alone in the den and he offers her a drink. Nikolas comes in and tells Liz about Spencer taking off to Emma’s recital. “Luke” is listening to every word. When Liz and Nikolas leave “Luke” makes a call. Tracy comes in and tells him she saw everything thanks to Ned. “Luke” assures Tracy he only wants to be with her.

Sonny walk into the crypt and once again is confronted by AJ’s ghost. AJ congratulates Sonny he finally got what he always wanted Michael. AJ tells Sonny goodbye just as Ava walks in.

Franco offers to give Carlos a course in Ava 101 if Carlos will level with him. Carlos still will not talk because of a as threat. Franco will be out in a day and he promises he will tell whoever it is. Carlos tells Franco it is the one person he could never stand to lose Sabrina Santiago. Carlos wants Franco to get Sabrina out of town And he will give him anything he wants in return. Franco ask if Ava sent Carlos to kill AJ. Carlos tells Franco that she did.

Patrick, Sabrina and Emma are headed home when someone pulls out in front of them Patrick has no,option other than to slam on the brakes. Hmmmmm is it “Luke” or Ava’s doing? Or just a tragic accident?

Thursday, April 24: When Patrick comes to he checks on Emma who is okay. Sabrina however is unconscious. Patrick calls 911 and is keeping Emma calm. When Sabrina finally wakes up she is ina. Lot of pain and she tells Patrick it’s the baby. Patrick gets Sabrina out of the car. Britt is driving by and gets out to help. Britt informs Sabrina she is in labor. Sabrina tells Britt it’s too soon to have the baby.

Sonny informs Ava that Michael is not doing well and it is all his fault. Ava tells Sonny he needs to,stop,torturing himself and learn to live with what he has done. Sonny wants to tell Michael ba use the guilt is killing him. They start kissing and taking off each other’s clothes. Come on just have some respect if not for the dead for yourselves.

Anna is bragging to Nathan about Emma . Anna head to,see Carlos. Nathan is leaving a voicemail,for Britt when a officer gives him some 911 info. The cop lets Nathan know Anna will want to know about this one. Anna comes in and tells Carlos if he is ready to talk. When Carlos tells her no Anna tells,him she has no choice but to charge him with the murder of AJ QuartermIne. Nathan comes in and tells Anna about Patrick and Emma’s car accident. Carlos informs them Sabrina was with then and wants to know how she is. Anna rushes off with Nathan. Carlos thinks Ava dis it to keep him quiet. Carlos calls for a guard so that he can call Diane. Franco later tells Carly that Ava did send Carlos to kill AJ and also caused the accident that hurt Sabrina. Carlos meanwhile leaves a message for Ava telling her he knows what she did to Sabrina.

Anna is doing her best to keep Emma calm even as Sabrina is screaming in pain. Britt informs Sabrina and Patrick they have to,deliver the baby.

Nathan arrives and starts looking at the scene. A reporter arrives and Emma tells him a car ran them off the road.

Cameron is harassing Spencer about being grounded. Spencer ask Cameron to let him use his phone to call Emma. Cameron tells him no. Cameron agrees to let Spencer use it if he can go to dinner out with Emma. Spencer gives Cameron the money and Cameron gives Spencer his phone. Before he calls Spencer turns on the tv and sees Emma telling the reported about the accident. Spencer instead calls “Luke” and tellsS that he saw what he did to Emma and he will stay quiet about what he is planning to do to his Uncle Sonny.

Friday April 25: Sonny and Ava are still going at it. When they finally come to their senses they wonder what the hell they just did. They know it was a huge mistake and they are both worries about Morgan and Olivia. Ava suggest they keep it on the down low which probably would have worked had Morgan not been playing detective and found them. When Morgan gets inside he knows exactly what they did. Morgan lets loose on Ava. Morgan goes to yell at Sonny but Sonny beats him to it and Morgan finally has had enough and walks out. Ava heads out next and listens to the messages Carlos has been leaving her.

Olivia is sitting down crying over Sonny. Duke comes by and they have a drink together. Olivia ask Duke if he knows anything. Duke of course can’t say anything. Duke tells her about hum and Anna. Somehow this causes Olivia for,realize love is all that matters. Olivia calls and leaves a message for Sonny. Morgan comes in and Sonny is right behind him.

Britt and Patrick deliver the baby. The baby doesn’t cry. Sabrina is wheeled to the ambulance with Patrick following behind carrying the baby. Emma meanwhile is telling Anna that Britt appeared after the accident like magic. Anna walks away with Emma. Nathan questions Britt who is insulted and she leaves. The cops happen upon a phone.

Sabrina is brought into GH with Patrick right behind her. Lucy sees them and starts praying. Felix goes with Sabrina. Sabrina wakes up a short time later and she begins to panic as she remembers what happened.

Carly wants to call Anna what she knows. Franco tells her not to and then reminds her of how dangerous Ava can be. Franco offers to do it so that he will be the one Ava comes after. Carly agrees to get the charges against Franco dropped.

Anna is back at the PCPD. Anna sees Carlos out of his cell. Carlos heard all about the accident a cop gave him all the gory details. Duke shows up and Anna fills him in on the nights events. Back down in his cell Carlos has company in the form of Ava.