George Clooney Hates Leonardo DiCaprio, Thinks He’s Arrogant

George Clooney Hates Leonardo DiCaprio, Thinks He's Arrogant

Ever since George Clooney name-checked Leonardo DiCaprio in an interview last year, the tabloids have set out to create a feud between them. Although, to be fair, George did pretty much admit that he didn’t really like any of the people that Leo surrounds himself with.

Anyway, a new report from the National Enquirer basically says the same thing, except with more words. A ‘source’ tells the Enquirer, “George thinks Leo is an arrogant punk who talks trash and surrounds himself with a bunch of brown-nosing toadies. Their feud has been going on for years, but it’s really heated up as Leo is about to unseat George as the new King of Hollywood.”

HAH. King of Hollywood? Really?! First of all, I wouldn’t call either George or Leo the King of Hollywood. But really, Leo’s the better actor and George is the better businessman. George can direct, act, and write, and Leo can just.. act. Well, we haven’t seen him write or direct anything yet, but they’re both equally powerful when it comes to connections. I don’t think either one of them is about to ‘unseat’ the other, so I’ll blame the Enquirer’s overactive imagination for that part.

However, the rest of the story actually makes sense. Apparently, their feud initially started when Leo dropped out of starring in Clooney’s Ides of March in 2011, and it got worse after George dissed Leo in that interview. But that being said, George’s reps went out of their way to let everyone know that George and Leo had made up immediately, so I don’t think there’s any lasting bad blood between them – or if there is, they’re keeping it to themselves.

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  1. carrie says:

    Leo was casted to play Gosling’s character??? He’s too old!