George Zimmerman Prepares For Celebrity Boxing Match: Who Will The Killer Face In The Ring?

George Zimmerman Prepares For Celebrity Boxing Match: Who Will The Killer Face In The Ring?

In case you missed the memo like some of us here at CDL, George Zimmerman is now considered a celebrity. Don’t believe us? Just go ask Celebrity Boxing promoter Damon Feldman about how Zimmerman approached him with the idea to participate in a boxing match for the show and why he actually agreed to move forward with it. Our guess is the answer will be a number with a lot of zeros following it.

For some reason, Radar Online conducted an exclusive interview with “celebrity” Zimmerman and allowed him the opportunity to elaborate on his newest business venture in detail for his few fans and many haters. Zimmerman told Radar of the boxing match, “It was my idea” and explained how he used to box as a form of weight loss “prior to the incident.” The “incident” being when he shot and killed a seventeen year old child, Trayvon Martin, on February 26, 2012. A crime he was tried and acquitted for based on a self-defense argument put forth by his attorney, but a heinous deed most folks feel he got away without punishment for.

This guy Zimmerman is certifiably crazy and no stranger to violently breaking the law. “Prior to the incident” were other “incidents” where Zimmerman became violent dating back years before he tragically ended the life of Trayvon Martin. NBC News uncovered details of an arrest where Zimmerman assaulted an undercover police officer and a restraining order his then fiancée had filed following a domestic violence dispute both back in 2005. Just last year, Zimmerman was embroiled with law enforcement on two separate instances of domestic violence, one with his wife and the other with his pregnant girlfriend. This list of Zimmerman criminal achievements is not exhaustive, but it gives you a good sense of what the man is actually a famous “celebrity” for.

Zimmerman better hope that whoever his opponent is that they don’t take a page out of his play book and bring a gun to a fist fight. His actions are indicative of a sinister character and underlying personality; it is going to be interesting to see what defunct celebrity will agree to fight him.

Zimmerman told Radar Online that his top three choices for an opponent were “Papa Smurf, the Easter Bunny and maybe the Michelin Man.” I for one am hoping for an opponent more along the lines of Jean Claude Van Damme, Steven Segal or even Mr. T. I personally want to see this man get back what he has dished out. Maybe this is why Damon Feldman is moving forward with this farce — because most Americans wouldn’t mind seeing this guy get what he has coming to him.

Filthy dirt here in this laundry — and it is everywhere. Wash it out in the comments below. Maybe the “celebrity” Zimmerman will even see them and read them.