Girlfriend Intervention Recap 8/27/14: Season 1 Premiere “Joanie, Get Your Groove Back”

Girlfriend Intervention Recap 8/27/14: Season 1 Premiere “Joanie, Get Your Groove Back”

Tonight on Lifetime, GIRLFRIEND INTERVENTION airs its first episode of its premiere season. On tonight’s show, called “Joanie, Get Your Groove Back” Tanisha, Tracy, Tiffini and Nikki try to change the mind-set of a mother with body image issues.

For those of you not familiar with the new show, Girlfriend Intervention,” is an all-new unscripted makeover series where each week four experts—beauty pro Tracy Balan, home and sanctuary guru Nikki Chu, style and fashion maven Tiffiny Dixon and soul coach Tanisha Thomas—help restore one woman’s confidence and inner glow. In making over their wardrobes, beauty routines, homes and minds, our hosts teach these women how to embrace and celebrate their lives, speak their mind, lighten up and love themselves again.

On tonight’s episode four experts help restore confidence in ladies by giving them makeovers. In the opener, a middle-aged mom with body image issues gets help changing her mind-set and understanding that clothing size is just a number.

Tonight’s premiere episode is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Lifetime’s Girlfriend Intervention tonight at 10PM EST! In the meantime, sound out in the comments below and tell us what you think about this new show.

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Tonight’s episode of Girlfriend Intervention begins with the four girlfriends receiving their first victim. Joanie’s step-daughter Rene turned her step-mom Joanie in to Girlfriend Intervention because she is a “basic woman.” She wears baggie clothes that are too big for her, Uggs with holes in them, and she doesn’t get dressed up anymore. They head to Joanie’s house and snoop around and realize that she doesn’t even have a closet full of clothes, her house looks like a woman doesn’t live there, and they find out that she has been cutting her own hair and dying her hair in her bathroom.

Joanie comes home, and finds Tanisha, Nikki, Tracy, and Tiffiny standing in her livingroom. They announce to her that she is getting a Girlfriend Intervention. Joanie admits that she has let herself go since she got married and had two children. Her husband goes to red carpet events and dances with younger women, but she stays home because she is embarrassed of the way she looks.

They take Joanie to the Catwalk of Shame, and has her model her “shopping outfit,” her “dinner party outfit,” and her “red carpet outfit.” The girls are horrified by her clothes, and say it is time for a “rack attack.” Tanisha, Nikki, Tracy, and Tiffiny bring out a rack of clothes and have her try on a leather dress and blouse. Joanie hates the outfit and says she feels like a “street walker.” The girls are shocked by how great Joanie’s legs are because she had them all covered up. Joanie tries on a few more outfits, and hates all of them. Tiffiny doesn’t understand why Joanie won’t “accept the beauty of her booty.” THye finally find a pink dress that looks great on Joanie, and she actually likes it.

It’s day two of Joanie’s intervention, now that they know what kind of clothes she likes, Tiffiny and Tanisha head to a store to find new clothes for Joanie. Tanisha jokes that it is no wonder Joanie hates shopping, the stores put out clothes for women that would fit on a child, and the mannequins are size zero.

Meanwhile, Nikki heads to Joanie’s house to revamp her house and make it more colorful and bold so that Joanie can enjoy it more. Nikki’s main goal is to make the house look like its Joanie’s house. Joanie’s step-daughter Rene tells Nikki that nothing in the house is a family heirloom and they can haul out all of the old furniture.

Tracy decides to help Joanie with her make-up, but first she makes her look at herself in the mirror. Joanie admits that she is sad because she let herself go and didn’t keep herself vibrant for her husband, she doesn’t like to have mirrors in her house because she doesn’t like to see what she looks like anymore. Tracy reassures her that they are going to “make her so smoking hot her husband won’t want to leave the house.”

Day three of Joanie’s complete intervention begins, and Nikkis has pulled all of Nikki’s furniture out of her room and repainted the brown walls a bright blue. Tanisha is ready to work on Joanie’s soul. They sit down for cocktails, and she ask Joanie why she doesn’t think she’s sexy. Tanisha announces they are going on a little adventure. They surprise Joanie and take her to a salsa dancing class. Joanie is game, but she is nervous that she is going to have to shake her hips and act sexy. After class Joanie feels amazing, and realizes that being sexy isn’t about what you see, but it’s an attitude.

It’s time for Nikki to reveal Joanie’s new house. When she walks through the door she starts sobbing that her house looks amazing. She says it is beautiful, and represents her family perfectly. She exclaims that it is “everything to her!”

Now it is time for Tracy to do Joanie’s make-up, she tweezes her eyebrows, dyes her hair red, and plumps up her lips with a bright color. Tiffiny, Tanisha, and Nikki gasp in shock when they see the finished product.

It’s day five of Joanie’s intervention, and it is time for her to walk the catwalk in front of her family and her old dance group. Joanie struts down the catwalk in high-heels, camo pants, and a bright yellow jacket with her hair and make-up done. Her husband Bradley begins jumping up and down and cheering, but they remind him itisn’t over. Next Joanie struts out in her new “dinner party outfit,” a red jumpsuit. Joanie’s stepdaughter Rene gushes about how happy she looks. Lastly Joanie models he rnew “red carpet outfit” and gets a standing ovation from her family. Bradley keeps yelling “Oh my Gosh!”

After her fashion show Joanie tells Tanisha, Tiffiny, Nikki, and Tracy that she has fallen in love with each of their personalities and what they have done for her is so much bigger than just walking the runway. She thanks them profusely. Bradley joins Joanie on the catwalk and confesses he is in shock and tells her how much he loves her.


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