Gotham Recap 10/13/14: Season 1 Episode 4 “Arkham”

Gotham Recap 10/13/14: Season 1 Episode 4 “Arkham”

Tonight on FOX Gotham continues with an all new Monday October 13, season 1 episode 4 called, “Arkham.” On tonight’s episode Gordon and Bullock act quickly to protect members of the Arkham city council as they prepare for a dangerously controversial vote. Meanwhile, Gordon gets a visit from an old friend.

On the last episode, Detectives Gordon and Bullock tracked down a vigilante who was killing corrupt Gotham citizens by attaching them to weather balloons. Meanwhile, Oswald Cobblepot returned to Gotham and got a new job close to an influential figure in the underworld. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as a contentious city council vote on the future of the Arkham district approaches, politicians from both sides are in danger. Gordon and Bullock must race to protect the council and an old friend visits Gordon

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Barbara calls Jim to the door – it’s Oswald. He greets James by name and tells her – you must be Barbara. Jim is shocked. Oswald introduces himself as Peter Humboldt and tells Barbara she’s beautiful. She offers him a drink but Jim says it’s a work thing and walks him out. He takes him to the alley and slams him against a wall. He says if Falcone finds out he’s alive, they’re both dead. Jim says he should put a bullet in his head now.

Oswald says he wants to help him and tells Jim he’s the best man in Gotham. Oswald tells him Fish, Falcone and even his partner are all lying to him. He grabs a broken bottle and hands it to Jim. He says trust me or kill me. He tells him he can help him save Gotham and promises to be his spy and says there’s a war coming. Oswald says it’s all about Arkham. They hear some kids shouting and Jim turns. When he turns back, Oswald is gone.

Councilman Jenkins and an aide are approached by a man in the parking lot. He says he’s a constituent who voted for him. He says he wants to show him something. Jenkins asks him to come to his office. The guy has a briefcase and assembles a silver tube device. He tells the guy to look into the end and it shoots the guy dead. He tells Jenkins he’s dead and ejects the little dagger from the device into the councilman’s shoulder. He runs back into his office to get away but the guy follows. He tells Jenkins he really did vote for him, then kills him too.

At work, Essen tells Harvey he caught a homicide. He tries to get out of it but she won’t relent. She give them the Jenkins case and says it looks like a robbery. She thinks it was random but tells them to work it anyway. Harvey says he knows just where to start. Fish watches a girl named Plenty sign when Butch comes in.

She says she needs more than a nice voice and a pretty face for the job she has in mind. Fish asks if she likes girls or boys. Plenty says boys and Fish tells her to pretend she’s a boy and seduce her. The girl touches her shoulders and Fish isn’t impressed. She says – at least you can sing. Fish tells Butch she’s not looking for a girl, she’s looking for a weapon.

Harvey and Jim have Nicky, a known mugger, in interrogation. He tells them he doesn’t kill people and Jim says they found a shank in his backpack. Harvey lies and says they have witnesses. Jim gives up and walks out. He asks Alvarez about the box on his desk and he says it’s evidence from the crime scene. There’s a proposal for the Arkham Development in with the evidence.

The Mayor is holding a press conference about the project and says the Waynes were working on the area to establish affordable housing for lower income families. He also says the old asylum would be taken away and replaced with a new state of the art facility. Maroni comes into the Italian restaurant and tells his people he’s getting a lucrative new deal and says it’s about land. Oswald overhears.

Jim comes to see Alfred to ask about the Wayne development plan for Arkham. Alfred says Falcone is working it now and it’s the Wayne plan in name only. Alfred says there is an opposing plan by Maroni. Bruce comes in and asks if it’s related. Bruce explains to him the importance of the new asylum project. He says he doesn’t want his parents’ dream to die with them.

Jim says the Arkham deal could ignite a gang ware between Falcone and Maroni. Bruce tells him he has to stop it. Jim gets a call from Harvey and says Councilman Zeller has been abducted. This councilman belongs to Maroni. In the ruins of the old Arkham asylum, a guy wheels a 50 gallon drum in and pries the lid off. There’s a man in the barrel.

His kidnapper pours gasoline into it. It’s the same killer that took out the other councilman. He says if it was up to him, he wouldn’t do it this way but says it’s what the customer wants and says the customer is always right. Zeller promises to change his vote and says to tell Falcone. His kidnapper doesn’t relent and Zeller dies screaming in a fireball.

Essen says this can’t be a coincidence and Jim says it’s about the Arkham vote. One councilman was Maroni’s and the other was Falcone’s. He says Maroni started it and Falcone retaliated. Harvey asks Jim how he knows so much all of a sudden. Edward shows up and says he has a paradox for them. He says the ME reports show that the fatal wound in the first killing was from a metal spike. Zeller also had a similar injury.

Jim wonders what killer would work for both Falcone and Maroni. Harvey says – only in Gotham. Oswald peeks into the backroom where they’re counting money and his boss chews him out. He tells him to keep his sniveling nose to himself or else. Oswald says – yes sir. Harvey and Jim come to the jail and bring some smokes to an inmate.

Harvey says he’s looking for a killer and describes the killer. The guy says his name is Gladwell and works out of the Lansky building in midtown. They go and work the building floor by floor. The receptionist on one floor says Gladwell works in Human Resources and directs them to his office. Gladwell sees them and creeps out. His co-worker says he left out the back.

Jim tells Harvey to stay while he goes to look for the guy. He hears a noise and pulls his gun. Gladwell assembles his little tube weapon and hides in wait for Jim. Harvey calls out to Jim and says he found something. He walks away. Harvey shows Jim some clippings about the councilmen in Gladwell’s desk. Harvey says he loves the easy ones.

They hear a noise and almost shoot a woman who was stealing paperclips from the supply closet. There’s a card in his stuff with three letters – C L and M. They don’t know what it means. Bruce wakes from a nightmare about his parents’ shooting. Alfred comes in and says he heard screaming. He asks Bruce if he was in it and the boy says – not this time.

Bruce asks Alfred to show him all of the Arkham files. Alfred asks why and he says he’s looking for a connection between the murdered councilmen and his parents’ murder. Gunmen break into the Italian restaurant to pull off a robbery. Oswald hides in the back, most people scramble beneath tables, another guy lies shot dead on a table. The guys at the counting table are dead and the money is all gone.

Maroni’s men follow a blood trail into the kitchen and open a freezer where they find Oswald quivering. He says Lou was hit in the stomach. He has a bag of money and says he managed to hide that one, but couldn’t get the rest. He says the gunmen wore masks. They tell him to save it for the boss. Jim comes home early from work and tells Barbara he missed her.

She says his long hours make her worry and he says he’s just doing his job. She asks if he is and he asks what that means. She says he’s keeping secrets from her and he agrees and says it’s part of his job. She asks about Cobblepot and he asks how she knows that name. She asks who he is. He won’t answer. Then he asks if Montoya came to see her.

He asks what’s going on between her and Montoya and why she keeps stopping by. Barbara confesses they were in a relationship years before she met Jim. He’s stunned. She says it lasted a year and she broke up with Montoya and moved on. She tells Jim he’s the one she wants to spend the rest of her life with. She asks if she’s made because her ex is a woman and he says he’s mad because she lied.

Maroni rants and blames the robbery on Falcone. He tells Frankie he wants to hit him back. Oswald washes dishes in the back and Maroni tells Frankie to send him over. Maroni says what he did for him did not go unnoticed. Oswald says he just wishes he could have saved more of his money. He tells Oswald he’s the new restaurant manager since the position recently became available. Oswald says he won’t let him down. He smiles.

Harvey tells Jim that the real Richard Gladwell is dead – been dead for five years – with the same pointy implement but the killer kept paying the guy’s rent so no one noticed he was gone. Jim asks about the three letters and Harvey says it’s a waste of time. Jim calls him lazy and says the Arkham vote is tomorrow and worst case is a major gang war but they may be able to stop it if they find this guy.

Harvey says he’s going to go work the case his way. Jim says to tell her I said hi. Another girl auditions for Fish. She seems to like this one better. She asks her name and the girl says Liza. She asks how long she’s been singing and she says not long. She asks if she likes girls or boys and she says boys. Fish offers the girl the job and asks if she’s willing to do what it takes to have it all.

Fish tells her to seduce her and the girl gets close and flirty then kisses her deeply, sips from her drink and then walks off. Harvey comes in and Fish asks if he sees something he likes. He says he does now. He asks her about Gladwell and she says she knows him by reputation only. He asks if she can find him and Fish asks what’s in it for me. He says he’ll owe her.

She agrees and says Falcone will just get someone else to take his place. She says Falcone can’t afford to let Maroni get the vote because it will show that he’s old and weak. He asks if that’s bad for her and Fish says not to worry, she always has a plan b. Oswald calls Jim at work and says he has a tip. He says Maroni put out another hit on someone on Falcone’s side. He says it’s going down tonight. Jim asks how he knows and Oswald says Gotham is his home.

Jim asks for a list of officers working security at the Mayor’s event tonight. The three guys’ last names start with C L and M. He’s certain the Mayor is Maroni’s next target. Jim heads to the Mayor’s residence and says his life is in danger and says his police detail is gone and someone is likely on the way to kill him. The Mayor says he has to get something from his safe. They go inside.

Gladwell lurks outside in the rain. Jim tells him they have to go now and asks where he can take him. The Mayor asks about the police station and Jim says he’s not sure he’d be safe there and he says he can take him to his sister’s place across town. Gladwell assembles his weapon and heads up the stairs. Jim opens the door and finds the guy there. Gladwell knocks him down and Jim loses his gun.

They run back upstairs to hide and Gladwell shoots through the door. He and Jim tussle. The Mayor backs away trying to hide behind his briefcase. Gladwell has Jim down and tries to use his weapon on Jim. Harvey shows up, gun out and says to drop it or he’ll shoot. He lets Jim go and turns around to face Harvey. The guy makes one last move to kill the Mayor and both Jim (who got his gun back) and Harvey drill the guy full of lead.

Barbara comes to see Jim at work and says she’s sorry and should have told him about Montoya before. He asks why she didn’t and she says because she’s a woman who works with him. She asks again about Oswald Cobblepot. He asks why she can’t drop it and he says it’s work. She says he’s talked to her about work before and he says that was a mistake he won’t make again. She’s upset and says she can’t live like this.

She tells him he has to make a choice to let her in or let her go. She walks away as Jim watches her go. Fish has both Liza and Plenty out at the docks. She says she can’t decide between them and says they have to decide for her. Liza asks if she wants them to fight for it and they do. Liza knocks Plenty down and brutally beats the girl then smashes her head into the concrete.

She stands, spits out some blood and asks when she starts. Fish is pleased. The thieves are counting their money from the Maroni robbery when Oswald comes in. They pull their guns but then put them down once they see it’s Oswald. He has a bakery box with him and they tell him they are happy to rob anyone he wants. He says he brought canoli and hands it over.

Oswald tells them to eat up and says – you guys deserve this. They all dig in and then offer him one but he declines. Mayor James holds a press conference and Jim and Harvey watch. The Mayor says it’s a compromise that will benefit the citizens of Gotham. He says it’s the best of both plans – low income housing plus a waste disposal location. Maroni is thrilled and says it’s about time the city stopped feeding him scraps.

The reporter asks about Arkham and the Mayor says they will reopen it. Fish and Liza watch the press conference and Fish says Falcone took a body shot today and she hired the girl just in time. Alfred and Bruce also watch as the Mayor says he thinks the Waynes would have been proud. Jim is there and explains that the Mayor was scared for his life so he gave some of the project to each of the crime bosses.

Jim says it likely stopped a war. Bruce says everything his parents worked for is falling into the hands of criminals. Jim says it’s not too late and Bruce asks him if he really thinks Gotham can be saved and Jim says he thinks it’s worth trying. Oswald zips up the bag of cash and leaves his dead cronies on the floor – looks like the dessert he brought was just desserts!