Gotham Recap 9/29/14: Season 1 Episode 2 “Selina Kyle”

Gotham Recap 9/29/14: Season 1 Episode 2 “Selina Kyle”

Tonight on FOX Gotham returns with an all new Monday September 29, season 1 episode called, “Selina Kyle.” On tonight’s episode a child-trafficking ring is investigated and one of the victims is Selina Kyle. Elsewhere, Penguin blazes a bloody trail back to Gotham.

On the last episode, GOTHAM traced the rise of the great DC Comics Super-Villains and vigilantes, revealing an entirely new chapter that had never been told. From executive producer/writer Bruno Heller (“The Mentalist,” “Rome”) and starring Ben McKenzie (“Southland,” “The O.C.”), Jada Pinkett Smith (“Hawthorne,” “Collateral”) and Donal Logue (“Vikings,” “Sons of Anarchy”), GOTHAM followed one cop, destined for greatness, as he navigated a dangerously corrupt city teetering between good and evil, and chronicles the birth of one of the most popular super heroes of our time. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode Detectives Gordon and Bullock investigate a child trafficking ring preying on Gotham’s street kids, including Selina Kyle (Camren Bicondova). Meanwhile, Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor) resurfaces in the countryside and begins to make his way back to GOTHAM, leaving victims in his wake.

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Bruce holds his hand above a candle flame and lowers it to the flame until it touches his skin. Alfred comes in and says he was looking for him everywhere. He asks what the boy is doing and tells him he’s a terrible liar when he won’t fess up. He shows him his burned palm and Alfred calls him stupid then hugs him tight and tells him it will be all right.

Cat lurks in an alley playing with a trinket when a truck pulls up and a woman hops out and introduces she and her partner as Patty and Doug from the mayor’s outreach program. They have sandwiches for the homeless teens. Patty uses a syringe to knock out several of the homeless kids and Doug shoots a hobo that tries to stop them and then chases down a guy. They end up wrestling and falling through the window of a posh cafe.

Next day, Jim stands over the body of the hobo that was shot. He uses his pen to lift out dog tags. Cat watches from behind a fence nearby but crouches so Harvey won’t see him. They wonder where the crime scene techs are. Harvey isn’t much interested in finding the bum’s killer but Jim says he’s a vet. They ask the beat cop where he’s been and he says he was at Chez Vous where a guy fell through the window. Jim asks why the kid jumped through the window and if he was high. He tells the beat cop he sucks at his job, they grapple and Harvey is pissed when they make him drop his coffee

The teen tells them that they were attacked and the women used a pen on them. He tells them it’s been going on for weeks and that no one cares about them. Harvey tries to nail the hobo’s murder on him but the guy says Cat saw the whole thing. Jim pulls Harvey away and tells him to back off. Harvey reminds him that he just shot a guy in cold blood and dumped him in the river. Harvey tells him no one gives a crap about him and Harvey says he’s tired of his attitude.

Oswald hobbles down the road trying to hitch a ride and a car stops for him but then pulls away when he reaches the door. They do it a couple more times then let him get in with them finally. It’s a couple of snotty young guys who tell him he smells bad then spray him with air freshener and offer him a beer. They ask what happens and he says his foolish arrogance led him astray. He says he learned his lesson and will come back stronger and smarter.

He clinks beers with them and one of the guys says when he walks he looks like a penguin. Oswald smashes the beer  bottle then stabs the guy in the neck with it. The driver screams in horror. Harvey complains to his boss about Jim and she tells Jim if he doesn’t bend, he’ll break. He tells her about the kidnappers that are taking teens under the guise of offering help. Harvey says no one wants these kids anyway. Ed lurks outside then Essen calls him in.

He tells them he found ATP in the teen’s blood stream. He says it was used at Arkham Asylum and is hard to get and not used recreationally. Essen dismisses Ed and he stands awkwardly then goes. She tells the two to get to work but no press. Jim wants to warn the public but she says no because it will cause panic. She tells Jim to follow up on the drug and the Arkham connection and Harvey says the place has been closed for 10 years. He says it’s on Fish’ turf and wonders if it’s safe for them to go back.

Fish sits watching a band play and cheers and is surprised to see Falcone come in. He asks to talk and she offers to clear the place but he says it’s fine. Falcone tells her that men who are about to die are very honest. He tells her he talked to Oswald before he died and he told him the Waynes’ death would cause problems. He says he and the Waynes had an understanding and now things are out of balance.

He says when an empire is out of balance things happen. He says the Maroni family will make moves if they sense weakness. Fish says Maroni is number two for a reason and then he says Oswald told him she was making a move to take him out. Fish tells him she loves and respects him – she says he’s like a father to him. He says he’s happy to hear it and toasts her and says they can forget about it as the babbling of a condemned man. She says she’s doing well when he asks.

He asks which of the men is her lover and she says her heart has been broken but admits she keeps one boy around for exercise. Lazlo comes over at Falcone’s gesture and he tells him to take care of her because if he breaks her heart, he breaks his heart. Lazlo is dragged away and Falcone asks for her hand. She can hear that Lazlo is being beaten. Falcone kisses her hand and then walks out. She screams out to all the patrons and they scramble to get away before her rage erupts.

Montoya and Allen go see Oswald’s mom and she says he’s been gone too long. She says she doesn’t know who would want to do her son harm. She tells them that some slut must have her son in her clutches. She says her son is handsome and naive. She asks who they are and they show the badges and tell her they’re good cops. They think he’s been knocked off by Fish.

Butch tells Fish it was too soon to make a move on Falcone and she agrees but says someday soon she’ll kill him with her bare hands and teeth. She says she just wishes Penguin was still alive because she didn’t make him suffer enough. The truck Oswald was in pulls up at a farm – he’s driving now – and he asks about the For Rent sign on the trailer. The guy wants $100 a week and he hands it over. The guy asks about the truck but Oswald blocks his view and then drives off to the trailer.

The two teens that were taken wake in a room full of other kids. The girl asks where they are and another kid says he doesn’t know. There is a hole in the floor and a clanking sound coming from its depths. Jim and Harvey show up at Fish’ place and she greets them. Harvey asks if she’s still mad and she says she’s fond of Harvey and intrigued by Jim. She says she regrets giving the word to kill them. Jim asks about the teen abductions. She applauds him for killing Oswald and says he surprised her.

She says he’s a sinner like the rest of them. Jim describes the kidnappers and Harvey tells her about the poisoned pen they’re using. Fish says there is a new overseas buyer that will take anyone as long as they are young and healthy. She doesn’t know what they want them for and says she doesn’t want to know. Barbara brings Jim a drink and he tells her about the kidnapping case. He tells her no one seems to know why they want the kids and he complains about the press black out on the news.

She tells him he seems different and troubled lately and he admits he’s had trouble sleeping lately. She tells him newspapers always get anonymous tips and he says he can’t do it. She calls the newspaper and tells them that someone is abducting homeless kids and to talk to Essen. She hangs up on the call. Jim tells her that she can’t do things like this if he tells her stuff. He relents and says it was the right thing to do but that she can’t do it again.

 The headline says CHILD SNATCHERS. She is livid and asks if he called it in – she says he’s done it before and he says never on his own case. Jim swears he also didn’t call it in. He tells her they have a slim lead. There are only three companies that could have ordered the drug and they plan to lean on all three and see who pops. Harvey tells Jim he almost couldn’t tell he was lying. Jim insists he wasn’t and calls the judge for the warrants on the drug companies.

We see a guy ranting to the kidnappers about the newspaper headline. Not only was he getting them the drugs, he was storing the kids for them. He demands another $5k and the woman says they don’t have that kind of cash. The woman says the doll maker doesn’t tolerate failure and he says that’s not his problem. She stabs her drug pen into his henchman and the guy panics. He tells them it’s just business. Then there’s flashing blue lights and they’re annoyed that the cops are there.

Harvey asks if Barbara called in the tip and he says she did but he didn’t want him to. Harvey says he needs to keep his woman in line and tells him he’s a monkey riding a racehorse and that she’s out of his league. The kidnapper runs up front and plays receptionist for Harvey and Jim. She calls back and says the detectives are here to see them. He tries to cover and says he doesn’t stock the drug anymore. The woman grabs the light switch and they exchange shots with Jim and Harvey.

The kidnappers get away in a delivery van. The manager tells the janitor to get rid of the kids and hose down the room. He leaves and then Jim is there with a gun in the guy’s face. The janitor goes downstairs but before he can do anything to the kids, Jim shoots him and he falls into the hole in the floor screaming. The Mayor thanks Jim and Harvey for saving the kids and promises the teens the city will take care of them. He says they can’t let the other teens on the streets live alone and unprotected.

We see the cops rounding up the kids, including Cat. He says he’s getting the kids off the streets and into the loving arms of juveline services. Jim asks the Mayor where the kids are being sent. He says to foster homes and to an upstate juvenile correctional facility. The Mayor tells him half the petty crime in the city is due to homeless kids. Jim says the Mayor is using this crime as a pretext to lock up these kids without any due process. The Mayor doesn’t care. He takes the offered drink from Essen and toasts.

Alfred comes to see Jim and asks him to come for a visit. He says Bruce respects him and asks him to drop by at tea time. Jim agrees. Bruce sits at his desk drawing morbid pictures listening to heavy metal punk on his headphones. The kids are being loaded onto the buses and Cat says there is a mistake. She says she was supposed to talk to Jim Gordon. The cop says she can have her phone call when she gets there and they force her onto the bus anyway and list her as Jane Doe.

Cat sits by a crying kid and she tells the kid that juvie isn’t so bad. She says not to make friends with anyone who acts too friendly and in a fight to go with the eyes. Then the lady kidnapper comes on the bus – she’s one of the ones taking them away. Cat panics and runs for the exit but realizes she’s trapped. The woman threatens them all and Cat gives up and goes back to her seat.

The Mayor bursts in ranting to Essen about a busload of the kids going missing. He asks if it was the snatchers and she says it defiitely could be. She says they’re working on it. Harvey is beating the manager they arrested with a phone book. He tells them there was a picture on the side of a truck. Jim asks what it was. He says it was a blue plate and a silver fork. They ask if it was a catering company and he swears he doesn’t know what they do to the kids. They tell him to draw the logo.

The kidnappers unload the kids into a factory type facility and they realize they’re one kid short. The woman goes back on the bus to look. We see Cat hiding behind a seat. She ducks low and evades the woman’s gaze. The woman pulls a gun and creeps further back. Cat sneaks off the bus and rolls under it. The woman can’t find her and they decide they must have recounted. Harvey and Jim are drawing a blank on the logo. Essen says they have officers searching bridges and tunnels.

Jim looks at the logo and says it’s not a plate and fork but a trident. We see the kidnappers closing the door on a crate that says Trident Shipping. They tell the kids to quiet down. A guard runs in with eyes bleeding saying he was scratched. We see his eyes were clawed out. The woman says he’ll be fine then puts a bullet in his head when she sees his eyes have been scratched completely out. She goes looking for his attacked in the warehouse. Cat hides among some crates.

The woman is nearby and getting closer. She turns the corner with the gun and then we see Cat’s locket fall and the woman realizes she’s above her. She takes aim to shoot her and Jim tackles her. He asks Cat’s name and she says it’s none of his business. Harvey has her partner and they demand to know where the rest of the kids are. Alfred tells Jim that Bruce hasn’t been sleeping, has been having nightmares and has been cutting and burning himself.

Jim recommends a shrink and Alfred says no shrinks is a rule that Mr Wayne had that he will uphold. He says he has to trust him to choose his own course since the boy is a Wayne. He asks what Alfred wants him to do and Bruce is there and says he wants him to talk some sense into him. Alfred chews him out for eavesdropping and Bruce says the butler is a worry wart. Bruce admits he burned his hand and Jim says talking to someone can be very helpful.

Bruce asks if it helps him to talk about what he saw in the war and Jim says a little. Bruce says he’s not hurting himself but testing himself. He also tells Jim he’s been following his story in the paper and feels sorry for the kids. He says he wants to give some money to them. Jim says they need someone to care for them and money won’t buy that. Bruce offers clothes since they all look ragged. The kids all come in looking spiffy in new clothes and Selena argues with the cop that he needs to call her Cat.

He says she has to go upstate with the others and she demands that he get her Jim Gordon. She tells him to get him or she’ll say that he touched her. He’s shocked and she says she’s going to scream in three seconds. He relents. Oswald lies on the floor of the trailer looking up at his revenge map he’s drawn of all the goings on in Gotham. His phone rings and he says he’s looking at the son right now and it doesn’t look good.

He’s got the surviving kid with him and tells his mom that he will poke his eyeballs out. The woman doesn’t seem to believe him and he tells her the video he sent should be proof. He says if $10k is too much they can talk but she hangs up. Oswald tells the young guy that he must be quite the scamp if his mom didn’t believe him. Jim shows up and Cat says they need to talk. He asks the other cop to leave but takes her file. She tells him to call her Cat and he tells her she’s quite a survivor. She tells him she has something he really wants. She asks if he can get her out.

She says she knows he’s a friend of the boy and not like the others. He sits and asks if she means Bruce. She tells him Mario was a patsy and asks again if he can get her out. She says she saw clear as day who really killed the Waynes.