Graceland Live Recap: Season 2 Episode 12 “Echoes”

Graceland Live Recap: Season 2 Episode 12 “Echoes”

Tonight on the USA Network Graceland returns with another episode in its second season called, “Echoes” on tonight’s show the agents prepare to take down the Solano Cartel permanently, but Sid has a few tricks up his sleeve.

On the last episode Briggs hunted for a person who may know of his past crimes while the team pulled off a bank heist they hoped would cripple an adversary of Mike’s. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode the agents set their final traps for the Solano Cartel; Sid may have a few tricks up his sleeve.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of USA Network’s “Graceland” at 10:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are for this episode of Graceland tonight. In the meantime, check out the sneak peek below of tonight’s episode.

RECAP: At Graceland, Briggs gets home late after Charlie left him on the road. He knocks at her door and she says she thought he’d run. He says he stayed for her but she says he can’t come in. She tells him he has to move out and he says no. He says she knows he didn’t mean to kill Juan and heard it on the tape. He says he thought he was protecting himself, not her. She tells him good night and walks away.

On the beach, Jakes, Mike and Johnny talk about how good it felt to take all of Sid’s money away. Johnny is playing with fire and Jakes tells him to calm his arsonist ass down. Mike says he’s about to bring down a whole cartel and a ring of crooked cops. Jakes says they aren’t as close as he thinks and Johnny says Sid knows he’s coming.

Jakes says if it was him, he’d take the loss and live on his pension but Mike says Sid isn’t the type to take a loss that big and walk away. Out in the Mojave Desert, the next day, a plane flies by and a cargo shipment is dropped via parachute. It goes off without a hitch. Johnny and Jakes are there while the cartel guys load up their drugs. They have $20 million of Solano’s cash there. The guys take off with the drugs.

Sid talks on his phone when Briggs comes in and asks where everyone is. He says he gave the team R&R. He says they’re going on a road trip to Tecate and asks him to come along. He says he thinks Solano wants to make a new deal. Briggs says he wouldn’t have told him this before but says he just found out he has a kid on the way and he’ll do what he has to make a life for his kid. Sid says they leave bright and early.

Jakes and Johnny go through the money and discuss that it’s good counterfeit. Paige comes in and finds them marking bills so they can track Solano’s money trail. She says she’s still working on the human trafficking angle. She says she thinks that Lina is dead and Mike knew it but lied to her so she wouldn’t shut down the operation. She says she thinks he burned Lina’s body to hide it from everyone.

Johnny says Mike wouldn’t do that and Paige says the Mike he knew no longer exists. Briggs comes in and also refuses to help the guys mark the money. Charlie and Mike go to Amber’s place, but she cleared out. They find evidence she dug out her own bullet. Charlie says she’s tough to dig a bullet out of her own back. Mike says she should have had a team there earlier and she tells Mike it’s his circus.

Charlie says she’ll find her and he backs down and leaves. They all go and Charlie looks around. She looks at the label on the welding gas and takes it for a refill. She finds a guy making terrariums and he says he doesn’t remember selling her the tank – she asks if he knows where she can find Amber. He says he can’t remember and she pulls a gun on him and says Amber stole from her.

She shoots one of his projects and he says she didn’t leave an address. She tells him that she’s about to burn all his shit down and he says he has a phone number. Charlie calls Mike and tells him she left Amber a message saying no hard feelings and that she just wants her cut. Mike says he feels bad for staying there and doing strategy.

He rings off and Paige asks him if he’ll give her a straight answer. She asks how he felt at Sulla’s that day. She says she understands why he wanted to stay that day. She asks how he felt when Sulla hit her. Mike says when he was kid, his grandpa would take him hiking and they would see traps where a fox had got away by gnawing off its leg.

Mike says he felt bad for the hobbled fox. He says the after was the hard part – the hard part is the two options – waiting to die or taking a piece of yourself and mutilating it so you can live. He asks if that answers her question and she says that’s incredible that he makes it about him. She says he’s the fox and asks if she’s the leg. He asks what she wants and she says she wants him back in the trap.

In Tecate, Jakes meets up with Johnny at a seedy motel. He gripes about the cheap ass hotel and Johnny says it’s the best place not to be watched by Solano or give ID. He tells Jakes he can head home after the deal but Jakes says he’ll stay. He asks Johnny what he did and he says nothing. He asks again and then he says he doesn’t want Lucia at the house if shit goes down.

He says with Carlito going crazy and Mike burning bodies, he can’t risk it. He wants to bring Lucia to the hotel in the morning. Jakes tells him it’s fine but says the girl will be the death of him. Johnny insists he has it under control. Paige gets a call from Arkin. He says he caught a girl coming through immigration at LAX named Lina – the one she has an APB out for. She says she’s on the way.

The guys deliver the money to Solano. Lucia is arguing with her dad about being able to spend money the way she wants. Her dad greets Johnny and says he’s glad to see an accountable young person. He greets Jake as well. They ask to take their cut from the bins but he gives them briefcases. The guys are alarmed because they need to get marked bills into the other briefcase for Sid.

Johnny chases Solano down and asks to go visit the horse and Jakes sends him off. Jakes works on dealing with the money. Johnny finds Lucia at the stable and tells her he didn’t mean to leave without saying goodbye. She tells him she wants to live under the Southern Cross and asks when they leave. He tells her in the morning and what hotel to meet her at. She agrees. He kisses her and goes.

Jakes swaps out the money as Carlito comes in. Looks like he doesn’t see what he was doing. Carlito says he doesn’t like seeing a stranger handing his dad’s money. Carlito has a gun but tells Jakes his dispute with Johnny doesn’t extend to him. He puts the gun down. Carlito says his dad will be gone one day and Jakes says he works for whoever signs the checks but since his dad is still running the show, he doesn’t need any new friends. Carlito calls Sid and tells him their plans may need to change.

Charlie goes for an ultrasound and asks the doctor when he knew he would spend the rest of his life poking pregnant women. The doctor points out the tiny black spot and tells her everything looks good and healthy. He tells her she’s five weeks along. He tells her to create a healthy climate and stay low stress. She asks if she needs to quit her job and he asks what it is – she says just pushing papers and he says that should be fine.

They bring Paige to meet Lina at LAX. The girl was coming from Kiev but Paige says Lina was already in the US. Paige says it’s not Lina as soon as she sees her. She asks the girl who gave her the passport. The girl insists she’s Lina. She asks how old she really is. Paige tells her she knows she’s not Lina and will happily detain her for the rest of her natural life.

She asks who sent her here and she says it was her father. She says her father is sick and the man who made Lina’s passport sent her. Paige asks if she’s Irina, Lina’s sister. She tells her she’s friends with her sister. Irina asks if she’s the woman in the letter. Paige looks at the letter and asks how could she send it if she’s dead (she cuts off the end, but that’s what she’s thinking).

Mike is at the bureau people watching when his boss shows up. He brings him in and Sid is there. He asks what this is and Sid says it’s a courtesy call. He says Getty National Bank. He says the target was Amber. He asks why he didn’t mention that Markham had safety deposit boxes there. He says he’s bringing Mike up on charges. Sid says he violated his fourth amendment rights.

Sid leaves and Mike says Sid is about to be arrested for corruption and trafficking. His boss tells him if he screws up, they are all in trouble. He says every second Sid isn’t in cuffs, his stock is dropping. Sid waits outside for Mike and he asks if they took Mike’s badge. Sid tells him he’s been doing this for a while and he knows the difference between what strong and scared smell like.

Mike punches him and asks if he still smells scared. He punches again. Sid says it baffles him how much trouble he’s caused him when he’s cocky and sloppy. Sid tells him that this is their dance and if Mike wants it to end, he’s got to end it. Sid goes for something in his pocket, not sure if he got it. Mike busts him again and his boss sees it. Uh-oh.

Mike tells Briggs he let Sid sucker him in and says now his boss, Clark, is now babysitting the whole op. Briggs says it’s a bitch knowing the bureau has turned against him and Mike says maybe he should be indicted. Briggs says once it’s all done, you have to weigh the damage you did against the damage he would have done and Mike says what if he tips the scales. Briggs says that’s where atonement comes in but Mike says he’s not interested in atonement.

Irina tells her she’s sure the letter is from Irina because she used her pet name. Paige asks how it was folded when she got it. Paige says she’s going to take it as evidence and send her back to Kiev but Irina says she won’t leave without her sister. Paige leaves and tells immigration to send her back – she says there is nothing for her here.

Charlie says she hasn’t heard back from Amber and asks why he didn’t run Sid in for assaulting a federal agent. Mike says this is nothing. He says we do what we have to even if it hurts, especially if it hurts. Charlie sets a cassette tape down on the counter by Mike and leaves. They go listen to it together. He stops the tape after the shooting and says it sounds like an accident.

He says it was a mix up and she agrees Juan made a mistake that cost him his life. Charlie says it wouldn’t have happened if Briggs wasn’t in a long-term criminal enterprise. Mike asks why she didn’t take it to the bureau. She tells him she’s pregnant and leaving the house after the Amber case. She says the baby is Briggs’. She tells him she needs his help and can’t turn him in.

Charlie says she still loves Briggs but he needs to make the decision since he’s not sentimental. Mike says he is and Charlie just looks at him. He tells her they are set to arrest Sid tomorrow and has to arrest Briggs tomorrow to preserve his cover. He says he can just keep him. She tells him to be careful with the tape no matter what he decides to do.

Mike sits awake holding the tape and thinking. He stashes it in his backpack and heads downstairs. Charlie is on the phone making plans to meet Amber. She tells Mike that Amber wants to make amends. He says he has to head to the border and Mike calls in some back up for her since he can’t be there. Johnny wakes to find Lucia knocking at his door. He asks if anyone saw her but she says she’s been sneaking out of the place her whole life.

He says they need to talk and she says if it’s about money she took care of him. She hands him a briefcase and it’s the money that was for Sid. He pops it open to check then asks her – what did you do. Charlie drives and a van stops in front of her. She honks but it doesn’t move. She gets rammed by a truck and the van comes back for her. The guys grab her out of the car.

She tells Amber not to do it. Amber and the guys shove her into the van and take off. No one saw it. Sid picks the lock and comes into Graceland. He asks aloud – what the hell is this. He sees a coat and reaches in the pocket and takes something and puts it in his bag. He sees a photo of the gang including Briggs and Paige. He realizes he’s been rooked on all counts. He continues through the house.

He heads into a bedroom and looks at FBI case files. He sees a gun and takes it. Briggs grabs a coffee order and delivers it to the rest of Sid’s team. He asks why Sid is late but then he shows up. They ask what happened and he says he picked a fight and lost. Briggs says he hopes he at least got the moral victory. He tells them to go since they have a long ride. He smiles evilly as they get into the SUV.