Hart Of Dixie RECAP 1/13/14: Season 3 Episode 9 “Something to Talk About”

Hart Of Dixie RECAP 1/13/14: Season 3 Episode 9 “Something to Talk About”

Tonight on the CW HART OF DIXIE returns after a long hiatus with a new episode called, “Something to Talk About.”  On tonight’s season 3 episode 9, Brick (Tim Matheson) starts dating again, but finds himself in a tough predicament when someone from his past resurfaces.  Did you watch the last episode ? If you want to catch up before tonight’s episode there is a full and detailed recap, right here.

On last  show when Zoe found herself treating her uncle, she took a chance and invited him to the Hanukkah celebration that she is hosting. However, this landed her in trouble once again with Vivian Wilkes. Lemon enlisted George and Lynly to help uncover crucial information about one of Brick’s exes before he did anything rash. Meanwhile, Wade had a horrible toothache but refused to go to the dentist, until Tansy intervened and helped him to open his eyes to his future. Cress Williams also starred. David Paymer directed the episode written by Leila Gerstein.

On tonight’s show When Zoe (Rachel Bilson) learns that Wade (Wilson Bethel) is interested in dating someone close to her, she tries everything she can do to put a stop to it. Lavon (Cress Williams) enlists George (Scott Porter) to help save BlueBell from merging with another town. To help keep the town in the dark about the planned merger, Zoe uses Joel (guest star Josh Cooke) and AnnaBeth (Kaitlyn Black) to create a scandalous distraction to throw people off the trail. Meanwhile, Brick (Tim Matheson) starts dating again, but finds himself in a tough predicament when someone from his past resurfaces. Mary Lou Belli directed the episode written Alex Taub.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CW’s Hart of Dixie at 8:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you about the new season, so far!  Also check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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Zoe is relishing her newfound Wilkes family but Joel is wearing out a little. Wade finds Viv and Zoe and stops to flirt while Vivian checks him out. They agree they should play tennis more often and then she tells Zoe she’s thinking of dating and her cousin offers to set her up.

Meanwhile Wade asks Joel what he thinks about Vivian and says he’s thinking of asking her out and Joel tells him he should definitely do it so they have a fourth for tennis.

Lavon makes breakfast for his sweetie and Annabeth is appreciative until George and Linley show up for breakfast. Lavon drags George off and tells him he needs him at a morning meeting about the merger of Bluebell with their enemy town. He agrees.

Lavon asks why George isn’t bringing Linley to the Rammer Jammer and asks if it’s because of Tansy. George denies and Lavon insists he take Linley out for breakfast.

Brick reassures Lemon that he has a date and is doing fine but then Shelby bursts in and tells Brick that she’s stressed out because she needs a partner for her birthing class. She wheedles and he agrees to come along. She gives him a hug and tells him it’s at lunchtime. That means he has to skip his date.

At the Butter Stick, George awkwardly introduces Linley to Tansy and she leaves. Linley asks if that’s the girl that broke him and he says yes. She asks if she should be worried and George tell her it’s not a problem at all and that he’s lucky to have her.

Rose complains to Zoe that she needs some more oomph on her college applications and Zoe advises her to find internships. Zoe finds AB and asks her for help setting up Vivian. AB says Viv and Wade would be good together and Zoe says no way. Zoe insists she’s only worried about Wade hurting her while she’s on the rebound. She doesn’t want Viv to make the same mistake she did. AB says she has a list of eligible bachelors she made for Lemon and will find it.

George comes into the meeting a little late and the state Comptroller says the Governor wants the towns to merge to save money on infrastructure. Mayor Gainey says that Filmore would love to link arms with Blue Bell and that he supports the merger and the progressive thinking about it.

Gainey sucks up to the Comptroller and then asks Lavon for a hug. Lavon insists he does not want the towns to merge and George backs him up. The Comptroller says he’s pushing through with the merger and that they’ll be hearing from the Governor. Gainey tells George if the merger goes through he’s going to buy a boat so he ad Tansey can be George’s new neighbor. George almost explodes!

Zoe meets Vivian for lunch and tells her she has an excellent date for her – Carter Covington. But then Vivian tells her she already has a date for tonight – with Wade. Zoe rushes off to confront him and he tells her to mind her own business. Zoe tells Wade that Vivian is in a vulnerable place after her break up and Wade says he didn’t ask for her permission and then laughs in her face. Zoe is also ready to explode!

[8:46:32 PM] Rachel Rowan: Gainey sucks up to the Comptroller and then asks Lavon for a hug. Lavon insists he does not want the towns to merge and George backs him up. The Comptroller says he’s pushing through with the merger and that they’ll be hearing from the Governor. Gainey tells George if the merger goes through he’s going to buy a boat so Scooter and Tansey can be George’s new neighbor. George almost explodes!
[8:46:45 PM] Rachel Rowan: replace the paragraph i sent i with this one -had a name wrong
[8:54:33 PM] Rachel Rowan: AB wants to know what the name of the new town would be and Lavon says it doesn’t matter because it’s not happening. George says they need to talk to the townfolk and Lavon says that Blue Bell in a panic isn’t pretty. George suggests they talk to Tansy to find out what Gainey is up to.

Shelby thanks Brick for going to childbirth class with her but refuses coffee after. She tears up and tells him that she’s so terrified at night all alone in the hotel and that she’s scared she’ll go in labor with no one there but the night clerk with the glass eye. He tells her Blue Bell is a small town and that anyone would give her a ride to the hospital and she calms down.

George and Lavon grill Tansy about the merger and she gets upset and asks if they want her to spy on her BF Scooter. George says it’s not spying on Scooter but protecting the heart of Blue Bell. She says that BB is more of her home but she doesn’t see him much because he’s in Montgomery working on  deal with Danny Plummer. George says Danny is a bankruptcy expert for cities and Fillmore must want to raid Blue Bell’s coffers. They ask for proof and she says there’s an office party at Danny’s that night and Lavon asks her to get them in.

Rose and Dash come to ask Anna Beth about the potential merger. She’s operating as his intern. AB dodges the question and says no comment and then throws them out of the doctor’s office. She calls Lavon in a panic and he tells her to stall Dash while he heads to Montgomery to try and shut the merger talks down.

Zoe finds AB hyperventilating and says she can’t hold the weight of Blue Bell on her shoulders. She blurts out the truth to Zoe who immediately agrees to help. She pulls together her brain trust of Joel, Wade, AB and Zoe. Zoe wants to concoct an epic scandal to get Dash’s mind off the merger and Wade asks if she’s filling the shenanigans vacuum since Lemon is out of town.

Joel tells him that there’s a long tradition of cooking up fake news stories to cover up real troubles. AB suggests saying Shelby’s baby daddy is a celeb like Robin Thicke. Then she suggests a story of Zoe and George hooking up and she says no. She asks about Wade and they both say no. Then AB suggests she and Joel be the “secret affair” and he agrees. Wade leaves for his date with Vivian and AB and Joel both says she sounds crazy and he isn’t happy with her irrationality when it comes to Wade. Zoe insists it’s her newfound love of family driving the crazy. Joel says he now knows what drove him to the fake affair.

At Dan’s luau, George and Lavon look dorky in shades and Hawaiian shirts. She’s going to go distract Dan and Scooter while they find his office and poke around. She reminds George to keep her away from the copier and they share an anecdote about her getting drunk and molesting a copy machine at a bar association party George took her to. Lavon is not amused.

Scooter gives her a lei while George watches unsmiling. She gives them the signal and they wade through the party and under the limbo bar looking for his office.

Brick tells Lemon to quit bugging him and says he’s on the way to dinner with Caralee. But then Shelby is at the door and she says she’s there to take him up on his offer. She drops her luggage and comes in and says relaxing in his house will be so good for the baby.

Zoe is taking steamy photos of Joel and AB and tells them to look illicit. It’s weird. Then she sees Wade and Vivian. She aims the camera at them instead and AB has to call her attention back. AB is going to send Dash a few photos anonymously and she tells Joel to send her some dirty texts she can send to Dash.

Joel isn’t happy with her spying on Wade and Vivian and Zoe insists she has to protect her cousin. She says that she has to protect her cousin because she doesn’t want to be blamed when it blows up in Vivian’s face. Joel insists she has gone over the edge and is acting crazy.

Brick’s date Caralee shows up with a casserole because he called in sick to their date. But then Shelby comes in and asks if he wants to put anything in with her laundry. She stalks out and Shelby thinks she had stopped by to bring them a casserole. Brick is frustrated.

In the RJ, Joel tells Zoe that Wade is not that bad and says she has to stay out of it because they are adults. Then everyone’s cell phones beep and they all look around. Joel says he thinks they are in phase two. Wanda pulls Zoe away from the table and shows her the photos. Zoe acts appropriately shocked and then comes over to stage a fake confrontation with Joel. She throws water on him and then iced tea then stomps out. Joel waves at everyone.

George and Lavon are poking around Scooter’s office when Lavon asks about him and Tansy and George insists he’s over her but Lavon isn’t convinced and says he can’t break Liney’s heart. He agrees. George finds the files and says Fillmore isn’t bankrupt. Turns out it’s not a merger, but an annexation and Blue Bell would be West Fillmore and the town square will be a giant mall called Gainey Shopping Center. Lavon is in total shock and Geroge takes him out of there.

Lavon is appalled at the Joel love affair scandal. She calls it Joel-a-Beth. He’s annoyed at the attention and AB insists they need to have to a fake fight. They gesture their arms around.

Zoe finds Vivian and she tells her that it’s okay about her and Joel and that it’s really no big deal. Viv had fun with Wade and says she likes him but knows she’ll get attached too fast. Vivian asks if she was a single mom would Wade be who she would choose. Zoe says she has to take the 5th because she’s Wade’s friend too. Vivian says she gets it and hugs her and wishes her goodnight.

Next day George tells Lavon that he thinks they have to tell the town what’s going on and he agrees to hold an emergency town meeting. Linley tells Lavon she’s sorry about AB and George tells her it’s no big deal. Linley asks if she should be worried and Lavon realizes she’s not asking about the merger. She asks how George and Tansy were yesterday and if he thinks George still has feelings for her.

Brick tries to get Shelby focused on getting her pregnancy together and says he has to have his life stay his life. She asks if he’s telling her at 7 months pregnant if he’s kicking her out and he tells her that she took advantage of his polite nature and has turned him into a monster that yells at pregnant women. She’s horrified.

Rose sees Lavon sneak into AB’s and calls Dash. She says she has a scoop. Joel is crashing with Wade until their fake breakup is done. Wade tells him that it went great with Vivian and he really wants to call her but he’s not a call you the next day guy. He asks who does that and Joel says he does and called Zoe the next day. Wade takes Joel’s advice and calls Vivian.

Wade finds Zoe on her way to work and asks her why Vivian had a change of heart about seeing him. Zoe tells him that Vivian wanted her opinion and says since she’s not objective she said no comment and that she’s Switzerland. She says that he should be glad that she didn’t tell Vivian the truth. Wade asks what that truth is and she says that Vivian can’t be hurt by him and Wade says she’s punishing him for messing up their relationship but he reminds her that she was the one who left him. He tells her she needs to ask herself why he doesn’t want her dating so close to home.

Rose and Zoe meet up at the Butter Stick. Zoe tells her she doesn’t want to talk. Rose says she feels guilty for telling Dash that she saw AB and Lavon smooching and called Dash and now the merger story is back on. Zoe says what seems like the truth isn’t always the truth. Sounds like she’s talking about she and Wade. Zoe says she’s been acting crazy and sends Rose off to stop the presses so there’s not rioting in the streets.

George gives Lavon a pep talk when Rose comes up and warns him that Dash posted the story about the merger. That’s not good.

Brick finds Caralee in the park and brings her flowers and apologizes to her. He says he wasn’t sure how to explain Shelby’s presence without scaring her off. Caralee tells him that Shelby saw her earlier and explained it all to her. Caralee tells him he’s amazing but should be with Shelby. He says his life bends to Shelby’s well when she’s around and Caralee says her Daddy always said when enough people tell you that you’re drunk, you might need to lie down.

The town meeting is chaos. They ask about the merger and then ask of Joel and AB’s romance is fake. Dash demands to know what he knows and when he knew it. Lavon tells them the merger is still a threat but he’s fighting it and tells them not to panic. Sergeant Jeffries tells the crowd now is the time to panic. They all chant “panic now.”

Zoe comes to see Vivian who offers her a drink and tells her cousin she messed up warning her off of Wade. Zoe says that if she based her decision on anything she said, then she’s in the wrong. She says she’s not holding a torch for Wade and really loves Joel but she just went nuts when he asked Vivian out. Zoe tells her that she thinks Wade has great potential for growth with the right woman. Zoe encourages her to give him another chance.

Shelby sits on the porch when Brick finds her there. She says she’s packed and ready to go if he wants her gone. He says no and she’s relieved. She asks him to help her unpack and move her into the other bedroom that’s closer to the bedroom. Then she asks him to change the hall lightbulbs and get her a shower chair. He says he needs a pen to write it all down.

George sits at the bar when Tansy asks how the meeting went. He says it was bad like the Roman forum. Tansy says that she doesn’t think Scooter knew what Fillmore was planning and asks if there is anything else she can do. He says no. Linley watches them talk and looks unhappy.

Joel tells Zoe that only in Blue Bell could an angry mob still be polite. He tells her they can resume PDA since the fake affair is over. Rose comes over and tells them she may be getting published on Huffington Post. Wade brings over free drinks for them and says he’s in a good mood because Vivian called to ask him out. She wishes him well and when he leaves Joel tells her she did a good thing. Rose steals her wine and says all good writers drink and Zoe has to take it back. But she’s all smiles about it.