Hart Of Dixie RECAP 3/21/14: Season 3 Episode 14 “Here You Come Again”

Hart Of Dixie RECAP 3/21/14: Season 3 Episode 14 “Here You Come Again”

HART OF DIXIE returns to the CW tonight with a brand new episode. In “Here You Come Again” Zoe looks forward to bonding with her mom when she becomes her mother’s client. Elsewhere, Lemon returns to town, so Brick and Lavon throw her a party; and Magnolia gets some assistance from George. Did you happen to watch the last episode? If not we recapped it for you right here.

In the last episode Zoe reluctantly agreed to allow Joel (guest star Josh Cooke) to throw her a birthday party at Lavon’s to help cheer him up, but things went awry when her mom (guest star JoBeth Williams) surprised her with a visit. Vivian (guest star Lauren Bittner) wanted to meet Wade’s dad, but Wade was leery of how she might react.

AnnaBeth got an interesting request from the Belles that she was not expecting but, in light of recent developments might be the perfect distraction for her. Meanwhile, George was determined to prove to Tansy (guest star Mircea Monroe) that his nemesis Scooter McGreevy (guest star Matt Oberg) had not changed and is fooling everyone. Patrick Norris directed the episode written Dan Steele.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our coverage of CW’s Hart of Dixie at 9:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you about the new season, so far!

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Brick and Magnolia prepare a welcome home for Lemon. Mags tells Brick that Lemon is going to come home furious since he stuck her with a sick old lady. He’s upset because she didn’t even talk to him and say she was coming back, she just texted. Mags tells him he better throw her a great welcome home party. Turns out, he wasn’t planning one at all. Whoops!

Zoe and Joel are overrun with presents – this time the delivery is a dishwasher. Every time her Mom gets jealous of the Wilkes, she sends over a lavish gift for their new home. Joel tells Zoe to tell Candice to go home but Zoe is enjoying the attention. She says her mom always focuses on her PR clients so she’s enjoying this. Joel says all she’s doing is spending money and he’s also tired of Candice nit-picking him. Candice comes in with a robot vacuum and tells him he needs to work out. Zoe tells him she’ll take care of it.

Don Todd is playing golf in the Sahara. The viewership of the show is growing in Blue Bell. George and Lavon talk about their favorite episodes. They’ve both been watching too much extreme golf since they are both broken hearted. Tom tells them they need to have a town fire drill but Lavon blows him off. Vivian shows up and Wade invites her to Lemon’s welcome home. Viv says Lemon never forgave her for childhood rivalries and he tells her to skip the party and he’ll come by her house afterward. He kisses her and George and Lavon stare longingly. He tells them they’re sad.

Cricket and AnnaBeth talk about the new dance and Cricket asks AB if she’s told Lemon about rejoining the Belles. Brick comes in and tells AB she has to be at Lemon’s welcome home fete and tells Cricket she can come or not. Candice talks to Zoe about a double oven she wants to get her. She tells Zoe that when the Wilkes come to her new house, she wants them to see evidence that she cares. Zoe encourages her to get back to work and Candice says she agrees and says she’s going to get the practice  back for her. She shows Zoe a park bench she’s rented.

Brick tells everyone to hide for the big surprise and they all scramble around. Lavon jumps under at table and finds AB there. Awkward. She tells him she was there first and sends him out. Seven comes and go, then eight and nine and still no Lemon. Brick says this is not like her and she must be mad at her. Magnolia tells them her sister is probably mad at all of them for not visiting. Wade gets a call and Lemon tells him to come get her and not tell anyone. She’s in Fayette County Jail and Wade tells her “Lemon is the new black.” He promises not to spill.

Wade bails Lemon out and she thanks him with a big hug. She asks if he’s showered and he chews her out because of the long drive to get her. He asks why she’s in the pokie and she says it’s a long story. Joel tells Zoe he can’t believe she hasn’t sent her mom packing but she’s thrilled that her mom is on her side to get her practice back. She’s fully confident her mom can get it back for her and is excited about the strategy meeting. Then Candice comes barging in and says she has an interview with Dash at noon at the Butter Stick. Candice says they’ll do a local interview and let it get picked up nationally.

Lemon tells him that taking care of Grandma Betty was annoying and tedious as expected. Lemon says she was so lonely and was expecting visitors from Blue Bell that never showed up. Wade apologizes but then she says a vision in pinstripes showed up in the form of Carter Covington. He flirts with her and she flirts back. Wade says she must have been lonely to go for that. She says he was wonderful and took her on fabulous events that saved her life. They hand over Lemon’s stuff and she asks Wade for all his money. She gives it to the female cop and tells her never to tell her Grandma that she saw her. The cop nods and tucks the money into her bosom.

Don Todd explains that he likes to drink 7-8 of the local coffees before he golfs and dare his hands not to shake. He talks crazy and Lavon, George and Brick all talk about how they let Lemon down by not visiting. Brick went once but couldn’t do it again. Magnolia tells him that Lemon will be back that night and tells her dad to ramp up the party since she didn’t even bother to text her dad. They ask Lavon if they can get the Owl Club and they make big party plan. Tom comes over and asks why they can’t plan a fire drill instead and they all yell at hi,. Foreshadowing, maybe? What will set on fire in BB??

Mags sits by George and tells him she needs legal advice and tells him a friend of hers got kicked out of boarding school and wants an appeal. He tells her he knows it’s her and she guilts him and he tells her he’ll try to get her back in but tells her to tell her dad. She says that if he gets her back in there will be nothing to tell.

Candice coaches Zoe before the interview with Dash when Brick comes in and talks smack. Her mom plays hardball with Brick and says she’s getting lots of new patients. He says that’s more money for him and her mom says all those new patients will go with her in two months when her non-compete is up. Brick says he doesn’t negotiate with terrorists and leaves.

Candice gets a text from Anderson Cooper about a crisis and Zoe is thrilled when her mom says he can wait because she wants to help her daughter instead. Zoe tells her she can go and that she can handle Dash. He asks her what her biggest medical accomplishment in BB has been and she says the health campaign. She mentions the wager she made with Brick and Dash pounces on it and accuses her of running the campaign for her own benefit. She panics.

Lemon tells Wade that Carter was her knight in shining armor and that even Grandma Betty approved. Betty tells Lemon she needs to make a fresh start in BB and says she’s giving her the money to buy Fancy’s. Lemon tells Wade that Carter had to go away for business so she started hanging out with Enrique, Betty’s chauffeur who was Latin and hot. Turns out neither guy knows about the other. Wade tells her she’s got two boyfriends and she says it’s amazing.

The town folk are all chewing Zoe out of the health initiative. They all yell traitor at her. Zoe panics and tells Joel her mom is going to drop her as a client. Zoe apologizes to her mom and Candice tells her she won’t leave her side and together they’ll destroy Brick. Candice tells Joel how they bullied a fifth grader into leaving school. Candice says they have to get them to turn on Brick. She says they have a Mobile reporter that will spin Dash’ article to make it look like Brick is a bully that drove her to extremes. Candice says if she’s not on board she’ll go home and help Blake Shelton. Zoe asks her to stay.

Lemon tells Wade more about her two new great boyfriends and tells her they are back in BB and he needs to know what was she doing in jail. Lemon says she got drunk and danced naked in a fountain with Enrique and she took the heat for him and got arrested while he ran off. Wade asks if she’s going to let one go and she says no way. She says she deserves two boyfriends and Wade tells her a punch in the face for one of the guys is coming. She says she made a schedule to make sure they don’t overlap. Lemon sees Brick and hops out and hugs her Daddy. She tells him she missed him so much and he welcomes her home.

George and Magnolia meet with the dean of the boarding school. He explained that Mags only drove off of campus to pick up a friend that needed a designated driver but turns out she stole the dean’s car to do it. The dean says it was a 19 year old boy that does not attend the all girls school. Magnolia criticies George’s legal work and he drags her out of the office.

Cricket tells AB they need to rethink Sadie Hawkins because plaid makes her look fat. Lemon comes in and hugs AB and runs Cricket off. She tells AB she’s sorry about what happened with Lavon and asks how she is. AB says that her heart is broken and she’ll die alone and then demands to know why Lemon hasn’t been in touch. Then Carter comes into the Butter Stick and tells them he’s Lemon’s new boyfriend. Brick is thrilled and AB looks skeptical.

Vivian asks Wade if Lemon mentioned her and he says she didn’t and he tells her he has to go to Lemon’s new party. She wishes him luck. A Hispanic guy comes in the Rammer Jammer and asks Wade where Lemon’s house is and he guesses that he must be Enrique. He confirms and says he’s there to surprise his lover. Wade tells him to sit down and get some food and he’ll track her down. But then Wanda comes over and tells him there is a big party for Lemon at the Owl Club and gives him directions.

At the club, Lemon and Carter tell Brick about their courtship. Wade tries to call Lemon but Brick blocks the call. He leaves her a message to tell her Enrique is in town. Lemon’s Gatsby themed party is in full swing. She’s not happy to see Zoe there but gets past it. George and Magnolia come in and he tells Mags to get her dad focused on something positive before they tell him the bad news. She says she’s not pregnant and he says they should change that to good health. Brick is in a good mood about Carter and they agree they can’t bring him down right now.

Joel begs Zoe not to launch the anti-Brick campaign at the party but she says she has to in order to keep her Mom on her side. But then Brick comes and gives her a hug and sidetracks her thought process. AB asks why Lemon didn’t tell her she’s dating Carter and then one of the Belles comes over and outs AB as being back in the Belles. Just then Lemon sees Enrique and panics. She sends him off with Magnolia for a tour of BB.

Candice tells the reported from Mobile that Brick stole the practice her dad left her. He asks if it’s true and Zoe says it’s true-ish. Candice tells the guy Brick even hired a local PI to stalk her. As if two men weren’t enough, Meatball tries to flirt with Lemon too. She sees Grandma Betty and her panic heightens. Lemon sees Mags flirting with Enrique and panics and then Wade dags him out as Lemon gets gin for her and her mom.

Lavon comes over and she hugs him and then confesses about her two boyfriends and how this shenanigan will cost her the money for Fancy’s that Betty offered her. Lavon says he can help Lemon and walks away. The reporter asks Brick about how he’s treating Zoe and that he ripped her dad’s practice away from her. Brick tries to defend himself and the reporter asks how it’s okay to limit the town’s healthcare options. Meatball speaks up and says “yeah” but the Zoe can’t do it to Brick and fires her mom. Tom is thrilled that the fire alarm goes off and he’s finally got his drill – but no one knows that’s what it is. Lemon thanks Lavon.

AB asks Lemon what’s going on and says she’s being cagey and Lemon tells her the same goes for her.. AB confesses that she’s back in the Belles and Lemon says she’s got two boyfriends. AB says she’s the co-leader with Cricket and Lemon tells her she spent last night in jail. They both shout out not to judge and then they hug and laugh. Candice chews out Zoe and tells her that no one has ever fired her. Zoe says that’s not the way they act in Blue Bell and says the only reason she did it was to get time with her mom. Candice says she humiliated her and leaves.

Brick and Lemon come home to find Grandma Betty with Enrique and Carter and Betty is furious. She demands an explanation and Lemon admits to seeing them both. She says she likes them both and didn’t want to lose either. Carter tells her fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on you again. He walks out on her and then Enrique tells her adios too. Then Betty freaks out and tells her it was a huge betrayal of trust. She tells him she can’t have the money for Fancy’s. Lemon looks to Brick and he tells her she made her beds… (plural) Mags takes that moment to blurt out that she got kicked out of boarding school and says that means she’ll be home to help out with all the crises…

Wade comes to see Lemon and she invites him in. He says he heard about her getting double dumped and she says it was for the best and then says it actually stinks. He tells her he needs to introduce her to someone and drags Vivian in. Lemon looks surprised that she’s there and then Viv explains that she cooked Vietnamese food after she got dumped and wanted to bring her a recipe. Wade says that’s his girlfriend and Lemon gives her a big hug and says she’s exactly the kind of girl that Wade needs and drags her in to gossip.

Mags greets her dad at breakfast and he tells her that she can’t stay there the way she’s behaving. He’s sending her off to Grandma Betty and to a religious school. He tells her that Betty just hired a 65 year old German woman to be her driver so no flirting.

George finds Lavon at the Rammer Jammer and he’s not watching Don Todd. Instead, he feels re-energized by planning Lemon’s party and now wants to do a bunch of town events – a pet fashion show, human chess board, a fundue (i.e. fun fondue) event and more. George is not impressed. Then Enrique comes up and asks if they know if Wade is hiring since Grandma Betty fired him and he got cheated on. He says that Lemon makes him crazy but he can’t get her out of his head. Both George and Lavon tell him they understand and admit to dating her.

Zoe brings Joel I’m sorry donuts. He tells her he knows how much she wanted her mom’s attention and she apologizes again. He tells her that she has more family than just her mom now. She says she has a whole town that loves her too. Candice comes in and tells Zoe that she’s happy she has a good support system with the Wilkes and people in BB. She says she knows things work better when she’s back in New York and Zoe says she’ll miss her. But first Candice wants to talk to Joel about getting his book sold to a movie studio and takes the donut from his hand.

Lemon comes into town and sees Carter at the gazebo. He tells her he couldn’t just walk away from a girl like her and says she’s the woman of his dreams. She kisses him but then Enrique comes up playing his mandolin and singing her a love song. She smiles at him. He tells her his feet took her away but his heat brought him back. She looks at both of them confused. Enrique says he’ll fight for her and Carter agrees and says may the best man win. He picks her a flower and Enrique continues to serenade her.