Hart Of Dixie RECAP 4/25/14: Season 3 Episode 19 “A Better Man”

Hart Of Dixie RECAP 4/25/14: Season 3 Episode 19 “A Better Man”

HART OF DIXIE returns to the CW tonight with a brand new episode. In “A Better Man,” Lemon wants to improve her health inspection grade. Zoe gets into an uncomfortable situation with Wade and Vivian due to their relationship. Lavon and Ana Beth’s problems affect Blue Bell and George dates a new girl.

On last week’s Zoe (Rachel Bilson) and Lemon (Jaime King) seemed to have found some common ground and turn to each other for some much needed girlfriend advice. Wade (Wilson Bethel) was excited to take Vivian (guest star Lauren Bittner) out for a nice night out, but when her ex-husband began texting her, Wade becomes suspicious of her exes’ true intentions. Lavon (Cress Williams) had the opportunity to bid to have the County Fair in BlueBell, but he lost focus when learned that Anna Beth (Kaitlyn Black) was now dating. Meanwhile, Magnolia (guest star Claudia Lee) concocts a planned to get Brick (Tim Matheson) away from his house to throw a party. Scott Porter also starred. Rebecca Asher directed the episode written by Kendall Sand.  Did you watch tonight’s episode?  If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode Lemon schemes to improve her health-inspection grade. Elsewhere, Zoe finds herself in an uncomfortable position in Wade and Vivian’s relationship; Lavon and Anna Beth’s problems have a negative impact on BlueBell; and George dates a Bible-school teacher.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our coverage of CW’s Hart of Dixie at 9:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you about the new season, so far!

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Wade paces and paces and finally calls Vivian but gets voice mail. He leaves a message saying it’s been a few days but then notices a raccoon in his house and curses and then has to apologize for that. He says he’d like to see her and asks her to call him. Lavon tells Zoe he’s at his lowest point. AB is mad, he lost the county fair and is the subject of the annual Owl’s roast. She tries to cheer him but fails and then Wade walks in and wants to talk to him but Lavon has to leave for the Owls.

Zoe asks what’s the matter and he tells her that Viv has been distant and his hanging out a lot with her ex Charles. She reassures him and says he shouldn’t feel threatened. She says she’ll talk to Viv later when they’re getting their nails done and he thanks her.

Lemon tries to get George to pay attention to her but he’s seeing her all romantic and fuzzy. He finally snaps out of it and she complains they got an A minus on their health inspection. He tells her to chill about it and she tells him the inspector – May – did seem to be in a bad mood. Lemon says she needs to fix May and hugs George who seems to enjoy it too much.

Lavon tells the Owls that he had a bad last week and he understands if they want to toast and roast someone else. The preacher takes up for Lavon and then all the guys talk about idiot stuff they have done in the name of love. Dash calls for a vote and they all hoot in favor of Lavon.

AB calls the Belles to order and she tells them that she knows they may be against her romance with Davis and if they want her to step down, she understands. The other ladies tell her it’s okay since she’s crapped out in love lately. Then they all say shame on Lavon for Gainey shaming her. Cricket says the Belles should withdraw from the Owl’s toast and roast to support her and they all vote in agreement.

George meets with the Reverend after he asks for a meeting. He asks how he can help George who says that what would happen if one of his flock had developed feelings for an irritating woman and needs to get rid of those feelings. The Reverend offers him a date with a visiting Sunday school teacher. The Reverend tells him it’s what God wants.

Viv and Zoe get their nails done and chat. She asks about Viv’s work and then about Wade. Viv says she’s been avoiding him because he was right – Charles is trying to get her back and she’s confused. She says they were married for 15 years and have a child. But Wade is great. She makes Zoe promise not to tell Wade anything and Zoe says she’ll keep it a secret as long as Viv talks to Wade. She says she will as soon as she figures out what to tell him.

Zoe is sneaking out of her place when Wade jumps out at her and asks if she’s avoiding him because she knows something about Viv she doesn’t want to tell him. She makes excuses and runs off.

Dash and the Owls rehearse the annual toast and roast. The Belles are late but then show up. Just two of the Belles show up and they says they’re not there to rehearse. They sing out a nice song about how they’re not coming and that ends with “suck it Lavon Hayes.” Lavon tells the Owls he’ll fix it. They look skeptical.

Lemon brings a pie to May the inspector and says she thought she looked down. May asks if this is about the A minus and Lemon says that’s not what she’s there about. May says she’s been rehearsing the last six months for a ballroom dance competition and her partner was just injured and her dreams are crushed. Lemon tells her she knows an excellent ballroom dancer who’s free tonight.

Wanda is at Brick’s office and tells him her medication is making her crazy. She’s taking fertility drugs and they are making her hate Tom. Brick tells her the meds are working and they need to get to work on baby making.

Zoe asks AB to lie to Wade if he calls or shows up but it’s too late and Wade is there. She tells him she’s busy all day and night. Zoe walks off and AB tells Wade there was a huge medical emergency to cover up Zoe hiding from his last night. Brick says he’s sending Wanda home to work on baby making and Zoe says they should talk about positions and getting in the mood but then Wanda blows up and stomps out.

AB is telling Wade an insane story about Sgt Jeffries being bitten by an anaconda. Zoe walks out and Wade asks her about the anacondas and then AB says it must have escaped from the zoo. Wade begs Zoe to just tell him what Viv said.

George meets with the Reverend and Lula Bell and the Reverend’s wife. He tells the young people they should go out and have dinner and talk about their good works. Lula Bell tells him to pick her up at seven and drop her off around the corner and she’ll lie about going out with him. She tells George he’s boring and then says she wants to try a new club in Montgomery. He agrees to give it a try.

Zoe tells Wade she can’t rat out her cousin and he asks her to blink once for no and twice for yes. He asks if Charles is trying to get Viv back and she blinks twice. He asks if she’s considering it and Zoe blinks twice again. He’s upset and leaves.

Lavon comes to AB’s and asks her not to ruin the Owl’s event. She tells him she’s tired of him accusing her of things and he tells her he came to apologize but she can forget it. He says the mayor’s toast and roast will go find without the Belles. She tells him the Belles are going to start their own event and they’ll see who does better. She tells him to deal. He walks off her porch and the sky opens up and rain pours down on him.

Wade shows up at Viv’s all wet from the rain and he tells her he knows what her history with Charles means but says what they have is real and he won’t stand by and let Charles take her from him. She tells him that’s so romantic and he pulls her into a passionate kiss.
[9:43:36 PM] Rachel Rowan: Wade tells Zoe it’s a glorious day and tells her he’s been with Viv and told her he wouldn’t give up without a fight. He says the better man won and she asks when Viv is going to tell Charles and Wade says he doesn’t know but then based on Zoe’s look he wonders that even though they got naked and had  great time doesn’t mean she’s picking him. He asks her to talk to Viv again and they walk to Lavon’s for breakfast.

The Owls lament the loss of the Belles and their competing show. Dash says things are looking bleak. Lavon tells them they can rally. One of them asks if he thinks they’re going to go Full Monty and Lavon says no but then he tells them they’re all talented musicians. He tells Wally, Frank and Bill they have great harmony and the Reverend knows his jazz hands. They hoot in enthusiasm.

The Belles rehearse their competing event. They are dancing and singing. The Owls also do some song and dance for the event. The guys sing Brotherhood of Man and the Belles do Katy Perry’s Roar. Then both groups realize they need Tom because he has the only light board in town and runs the lights for all events.

Lemon tries to talk her dad into doing the dance competition with May and he is hesitant but Lemon notices he already has his dance shoes in. May shows up and Brick compliments her gown. She hands him the garment bag with his suit and asks how his feather step is. He says it’s award winning.

Zoe shows up at Viv’s who calls her the Edward Snowden of family secrets. Viv tells her it’s her fault for putting her in a bad position. Viv tells her she and Wade had a great night but then Charles came by this morning and wants her and Harley to move to Baton Rouge with him for a great new job he got.

Charles told her this could be their clean slate. Zoe asks if she loves Charles and Viv says she kissed Charles and says those feelings don’t go away. Zoe asks what about Wade. Aunt Winnifred calls and tells her Harley fell at the playground and may have a broken arm. Zoe tells her she’ll drive and they rush out.

Tom is getting a relaxing massage when Lavon plops down under his table. He says he has a big night with Wanda and needs to relax. AB hijacks him at yoga class. They each offer bribes but Tom says he doesn’t want to disappoint anyone. He demands an answer and he tells each of them he needs time to think about it.

They get to the hospital to meet Harley and Winnifred and then Charles is there too. The doctor comes and takes Harley and Viv back for x-rays.

Brick and May practice their dance moves while Lemon watches enthused as her dad dips May. They did very well. He tells her if he can survive the evening, they can do well at the contest. He gets a call and goes to take it. Lemon tells May she’s sparkling but then Brick comes back and says he can’t go – there’s a medical emergency. He tells her he wishes he could go but duty calls. He leaves. Lemon tells her she has an idea.

AB and Lavon go to meet Tom but instead find they are meeting each other. He sent texts to each of them scheduling a rendezvous. Wanda shows up then and asks them how it feels to show up and then find out you’re not getting what you expected. She puts her hands on her hips and they see she’s in lingerie. She yells at them and tells them it’s a big night for them and if Tom can’t perform, then neither of them can perform. She tells them to shut up and come fix her husband.

Zoe comes out and tells Charles that Harley’s arm isn’t broken. He tells her he knows how it looks because he left his family and wants them back now. He tells her that Viv is his true love. He says he knows Wade is a nice guy but says his family deserves a chance to be a family.

May tells Lemon she’s going to go but Lemon tells her to wait and comes out in a suit. May says it won’t work but Lemon tells her she definitely knows how to lead.

Harley comes out and tells them he needed stitches and Zoe watches him with his parents. She has a look of concern and Winnifred asks if she’s okay. She asks them to tell her she had to go.

George and the Sunday school teacher laugh and stumble along laughing about how they got kicked out of two clubs. She kisses him and asks where they can get a bite to eat and he tells her he owns half a restaurant.

Tom is freaked out and Brick tries to get him to calm down. Wanda drags in Lavon and AB and she’s upset. Lavon and AB try to calm him and then they agree to combine their shows to make it easier. Lavon tells him the only light he should focus on is the one he needs to make a baby. Tom says that works and gives a thumbs up and Wanda kicks them all out and then smooches her hubby until a goat comes in. She yells at the goat and they go back to kissing.

Lemon and May high five after their seventh place dance competition win. May hugs her and says it was a dream come true and says if she can return the favor she will. Lemon asks her to reinspect Fancies and they head over there.

Zoe comes in and tells Wade about Harley’s accident. He wants to call Viv but she tells him not to. He asks if she put in a good word for him and she has to tell him the bad news. She tells him it’s not going to work out for him and that Charles and Viv are getting back together. Wade says he has something real with Viv and she tells him that Viv is moving away with Charles. Wade tells her he doesn’t need her help anymore and walks out.

May is pleased with Fancies and says it all looks good but then they hear a noise. May says it sounds like an animal but Lemon says there are no animals in their restaurant. They walk into the kitchen and see that it’s trashed and George and the Sunday school teacher have trashed the kitchen, are in their undies and are covered in whipped cream. She tells May she stands corrected.

Tom and Wanda thank Brick whose eating at the Rammer Jammer. Tom gives TMI and they head off fingers crossed that they made a baby. Lavon comes over to AB and says he knows he’s been a jackass and stepped over the line. He says he hopes they can be friends again and she says they need to be for the sake of Blue Bell.

The Reverend tells George that Lula Bell told him they did some bible study last night. The Reverend walks away and Lemon comes over furious because their health inspection is down to a C. He laughs and she asks what’s going on. He says he’s happy because he’s just annoyed with her. She tells him the C is all his fault and he walks off.

Wade comes to Viv’s and Zoe is there. He calls out for Viv and she tells him Viv is gone for the weekend with Charles to go house hunting in Baton Rouge. She’s babysitting Harley. Zoe tells him she’s sorry and Wade tells her she could have stopped it. Zoe says it wouldn’t have worked. Harley comes down and says hi to Wade.

Wade looks at his stitches and hands him a gift he got him. Harley is thrilled with the RC car and then asks Wade if heard about them moving to Baton Rouge. Wade tells him it’s a great place and tells Harley he’ll really like it. He tells him he has to go. Wade walks out with a sad look but not another word to Zoe who looks so sad for him.