Homeland Recap – Saul the Martyr? Season 4 Episode 9 “There’s Something Else Going On”

Homeland Recap - Saul the Martyr? Season 4 Episode 9 "There's Something Else Going On"

Tonight on Showtime their Emmy Award winning drama series, Homeland returns with an all new Sunday November 23, season 4 episode 9 called, “There’s Something Else Going On and we have your weekly recap below for you.  Tonight, Carrie [Claire Danes] improvises to salvage her mission; the CIA closes in on a leak.

On the last episode,  Carrie organized a last-ditch operation. Lockhart and Martha stalled the ISI.  Carrie told everyone that there was a breach in the embassy. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the Showtime synopsis, “Carrie and the CIA are being very careful with their moves. Carrie talks to Peter Quinn saying that she knows there’s something else going on, that the Talibans might actually kill Saul during the hand off or simply keep him. She wants Quinn to look for anything that may not go according to plan.”

Tonight’s episode is going to be another action packed one, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Showtimes’ Homeland Season 4 episode 9— tonight at 10PM EST!

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They have the prisoners Haqqani wants freed. They are leaders that sell drugs, recruit suicide bombers, act as logistics commanders and known bombers. Quinn signs to take custody of the motley group. Carrie tells Lockhart that Quinn has the prisoners but she says there is more going on. She says Haqqani faked his death long before the opportunity came to take Saul. She says she’s working a source to figure out what he had planned originally.

Lockhart asks her who’s running Boyd and she says Aasar wouldn’t tell her who on the Pakistani side is running him. She says they’ll know more when they question Dennis. Redmond calls Dennis is saying he needs some advice and brings him into his office. He asks if they can keep this between them and says it’s about Sandy. He says Sandy was generating a lot of good intel before he died but says his methods weren’t kosher.

He says Sandy was trading secrets for the info and asks if Dennis knows anything about it. He asks if he ever saw Sandy meeting with someone he shouldn’t or taking things out of the Embassy. Dennis says no and Redmond says the info came from his wife’s computer. He asks if he thinks he did it then asks if he’s kidding. Redmond tells him now is the time to come clean. Dennis swears it wasn’t him but says he’ll let him know if he thinks of anything.

Carrie watches and then Redmond comes in – she says Dennis is making a call. They lost the connection and Carrie says their evidence is weak and he may keep stonewalling them. She says to let him sweat for a couple of hours then grab him again for another go-round at the next level. Saul is hauled out of his cell and taken to sit by a window. A woman comes in to check him over and he asks what she’s doing. She takes off his glasses and washes his wounds.

Once done, they drag him outside and load him into the back of a van and lie him down. They drive off with him. Carrie and Quinn watch the prisoners get loaded up and he wonders if they’re doing the right thing. She says getting Saul back is the right thing. Redmond brings Dennis to an interrogation room where Carrie waits. She greets him and says she has something for him to look at.

She shows him copies of the documents Sandy traded and says they know he was the only one that could have downloaded them and they synced his key card to when they were downloaded. She calls him a traitor and reminds him she’s fucking CIA. He tries to leave and finds the door locked. She tells him to tell her who Sandy’s contact was at ISI that is now running him. She says she knows he swapped her medication.

She holds out the pills and says the pills she was given were twice as potent as LSD. He asks for a lawyer and she says – you poisoned me and you think I’m going to let you talk to a lawyer. She tells him to sit the fuck down. She leaves him there alone but says she’ll be back. Saul has a bag over his head and is lead down a narrow alley. He can see his feet and that’s all. He’s brought to a room and sat before a flag. They have a video camera on him and Haqqani snatches the bag off his head.

He tells Saul – welcome back to Islamabad – and says he hopes his journey was comfortable. He has Saul gagged. He talks to the camera about the drones murdering their women and children. He says they will drive them from the skies. He says Saul will bring them back their brothers and together they will march back to Kabul. He speaks Urdu then and the video ends. Haqqani’s son stares at Saul. They take his gag off and turn off the lights they used for the filming. He’s left in the room with the boy.

Carrie watches Dennis on a security feed. He sits in the room on the edge of the table. She gets a call from Mira who says she talked to Ambassador Boyd that it’s all happening tomorrow and Carrie tells her they will have Saul back tomorrow. Mira says she knows swapping Saul for these people is a bad deal and worries the CIA will back out. Carrie says she’s running the exchange not Lockhart. Mira says she knows that and why she’s worried.

She says Saul is proud of her and asks her to remember normal life and to remember she loves Saul and knows Carrie does too. She begs her not to let Saul die. Saul sits staring at the kid who lies sleeping on the floor. It sounds like the kid is having a nightmare. Saul speaks to him softly in Urdu to comfort him. The kid calms down into a more restless sleep.

Next morning, Carrie comes in and plays the video for him of Sandy being mauled to death. She says this is how the other side behaves and these are the people he’s spying for. She says killing a CIA station chief is a big deal and that means there are more American lives at stake from a bigger agenda. He plays dumb. She says he passed state secrets and drugged her then asks what else he was asked to do. She says this is a matter of national security and has no idea how much discretion that gives her.

She says she can take him to a black site and have him professional interrogated and tells him not to think she won’t do it. He tells her to go to hell and she says she just fucked himself. Carrie makes a call as the Ambassador forces her way in. She tells Dennis to come with her and tells Carrie she’s finished here. Carrie breathes and thinks.

Dennis tells his wife Carrie accused him of spying for the ISI. She asks if Carrie produced any evidence and he lies and says nothing. She says it’s not likely they would have accused him out of thin air and asks if there’s a student or someone at the university he’s been talking to. She asks if he’s been having an affair and he denies it. She says she has to go take care of the Saul thing and tells him to stay put and call if Carrie tries anything.

The Ambassador goes back downstairs and finds Lockhart and Carrie waiting. She says he has denied it all and says she thinks her husband knew she was playing him. She says she’ll keep trying and Carrie says it’s a hell of a time for him to develop a backbone. Carrie tells Quinn she wants him to stay at the Embassy on the ops room. She says she wants him to watch for anything that would let Haqqani keep or kill Saul while still getting his guys. He says he’ll keep his eyes open.

The boy shakes Saul awake and offers him tea. Saul sits up and takes a sip from the cup he’s offered. There are armed men close by. Dennis packs a bag and is heading out of their residence. The Marine guard stops him and says he can’t leave the house for his own safety. He says he has to go to his office but the Marine says no. The Ambassador shows up and asks why he needs to go to his office so urgently. He says he has papers to grade and she asks what’s in the bag.

She demands he show her. He won’t and she has the Marine take it. He has clothes, passport and money. She says to tell him what he’s involved in before she has him locked up. She tells him to stop lying and he says he’s not. She tells the Marines to lock him up and that he’s allowed no visitors or calls. He begs her not to do it but they take him away. Carrie and Redmond show up to meet Bunny and Remaster who wants to know why Lockhart isn’t there.

Carrie says they’ve got it covered. They talk about how the prisoner exchange will take place. Redmond asks what assurance they have that Haqqani won’t overrun the site and take the prisoners while keeping Saul. She gets a call and says it’s Lockhart but she calls Aasar and says this doesn’t seem right. She says they are very exposed and he says he was shut out of the planning. He admits that’s unusual. She asks about a double cross.
[10:35:41 PM] Rachel Rowan: He ends the call and Carrie pretends to still be on hers before she walks back to the table. Bunny answers Redmond’s questions. Saul is brought to another van and loaded into it. He sees one of them men put a suicide vest onto the kid and calls the man who puts it on him a f-ing coward for not wearing it himself. He says the boy is happy to wear it because his parents were killed in a drone attack when Saul was running the CIA. They load the boy in with Saul.

Lockhart and Quinn watch from the ops center. The exchange is ready to go down. Aasar, Tasneem and Bunny are at a distance watching through binoculars. Carrie asks Quinn if he sees anything but he doesn’t. The prisoners are unloaded from their van. Carrie radios to the Pakistanis that the prisoners are there. Tasneem radios back. Carrie says to show Saul. Tasneem talks on a walkie and then the van pulls up onto the tarmac and drives close to where the prisoners are.

Carrie checks with Quinn again and he says the perimeter is still clear. The door of the van opens and Saul is pulled out. He fights them but they muscle him out. They drag him out bodily and down the tarmac. He finally stands and Tasneem tells Carrie to let the prisoners go. Carrie says to tell them to leave Saul and pull back or she wont release them. The kid is out of the van and standing there. The guys get back in the van but leave the kid. Tasneem says she doesn’t know what that is and Carrie says he has to go too.

The sniper sees the bomb vest and Carrie orders the prisoners to their knees. Tasneem says she didn’t know about the vest and Carrie threatens to execute the prisoners now. She tells Quinn to find the detonator but they don’t know since everyone has a cell phone. Tasneem says the boy is insurance and will leave with the prisoners. Carrie says to make the swap. They stand the prisoners back up and Saul starts to hyperventilate a little.

Carrie and Redmond watch as the prisoners begin to walk forward. Saul looks at them and then sits down on the ground. Carrie calls for them to stop the prisoners. Tasneem asks what he’s doing and Carrie says he must not trust the boy but Tasneem says Saul is the problem. A man comes forward with the detonator and demands that Saul get up. Saul says to blow them all to hell. Carrie says she’ll go get Saul and Tasneem checks then agrees.

Carrie walks toward him and Lockhart asks what she’s doing. Quinn says she’s trying to keep this thing alive. She approaches Saul and tells him he has to move. She pulls his hands off his face and tells him to come with her. He refuses. She says she promised Mira she was bringing him home and he says she promised him no prisoner exchange. He says he can’t live with this. He tells her not to give one prisoner. He says to go and she says she won’t leave without him. He says then they can both die. She asks about the boy and he says the kid said his f-ing prayers and thinks he’s going to happen.

Carrie says he sounds like them. She asks what he thinks he’s going to accomplish doing this and says this is not who we are. She says this is not who he is. She begs him to come with her and begins crying. She tells him to get up and puts her arms around him and tries to lift him up. She cries and curses at him. She tells him no more dying. Bunny watches all this through the binoculars. She tells him she wants to go home and pulls him to stand. They walk down the runway. She grabs her walkie and tells Redmond they’re ready and he can send the prisoners.

They walk and the prisoners walk toward them. The Ambassador, Lockhart and Quinn watch from the ops center. Carrie looks back at the boy and picks up Saul’s glasses. Tasneem watches. The prisoners pass by Carrie and Saul and they walk away. They are instantly surrounded by an armed squad. Aasar, Bunny and Tasneem get into their car ready to leave.

It looks like it all went down as planned. Quinn and Lockhart watch the cars disperse. Bunny walks over to the prisoners and speaks to them in Urdu. They are unlocked from their shackles. He walks away. The Ambassador goes to talk to her husband in his cell. She’s buzzed inside and tells him the prisoner exchange worked despite some tension. She says Saul is on his way back. He says that’s good. She asks how they ended up there and Dennis says this is all the CIA’s fault.

He says ever since that wedding was bombed, it’s their fault. He tells her there is no evidence against him but she tells him to stop. They sit in silence. Saul rides with Carrie back to the Embassy. She holds his glasses still. Redmond gets a call and tells Saul it’s Mira. He doesn’t reach for the phone. He looks over at Carrie who hands him his glasses. He sighs and takes the call. The car in front of them is blown to bits. Their SUV stops. Another escort vehicle is blown up.

Lockhart is alerted to RPG sound. They tell them they can’t get an answer from Carrie and says the convoy was hit. He curses and tells them to find Quinn. He asks how far it is and tells them to deploy the Marines ASAP. The convoy looks to be in bad shape with car fires burning everywhere. The Marines roll out and the guard tells Martha what’s happening. She says she has to go and Dennis asks if all the Marines went to assist. He says Tasneem wanted to know how Carrie got in and out and says he told her about the tunnels. Sure enough, there are some bad guys breaking into the tunnels. It’s Haqqani and many armed men. Saul may wind up a Martyr yet.