Jasmine Dustin Dishes On Her Show ‘Being Mary Jane’ – Teases Season 2 Drama Fans Should Watch For! CDL Exclusive Interview

Jasmine Dustin Dishes On Her Show 'Being Mary Jane' - Teases Season 2 Drama Fans Should Watch For! CDL Exclusive Interview

CDL had the honor of interviewing the newest addition to the upcoming season of Being Mary Jane, model and actress Jasmine Dustin. Not only is she drop dead gorgeous, she spends her extra time working for charitable causes for homeless animals. She’s got quite an impressive resume, having appeared in several TV shows and films including Rush Hour 3, Iron Man 2, Fashion House, The Game, The Closer, and many more. Now, this green-eyed beauty has joined on to her second season of Being Mary Jane as Ana Hoem. We asked Jasmine to tell fans a little about her character.

CDL: Tell us about your character on Being Mary Jane.

Jasmine: Anna Hoem is a famous model who crosses paths with Mary Jane’s (played by Gabrielle Union) ex fiancé, David. Mary Jane decided last season she wants David back only to find out that he’s with my character. I bring a little drama to the show. At the end of last season, Mary Jane shows up at David’s house and Anna answers the door. You’ll get to see how their relationship unfolds in season two which starts up again in the next few months.

We LOVE that kind of drama, right CDLers? We didn’t let Jasmine go that easily. Here are some more questions Jasmine answered for us.

CDL: You’ve done television, films, and modeling. Which has been the most exciting for you so far?

Jasmine: There’s nothing better than being on a TV or film set, but the places and cultures I’ve been able to see and travel to while modeling has been life changing. It’s something I feel very fortunate to have experienced. Turtle Bay is probably my favorite.

Jasmine seemed to be destined for stardom. With her exotic good looks and the middle name, “Star,” who could expect anything different? Jasmine, of French, Native-American, and Scottish descent , jumped into modeling at the tender age of 5! We asked her about her aspirations when she began her career.

CDL: You began modeling at 5. Did you know at that time what you wanted to do as an adult? What path did you plan to get you to where you are now?

Jasmine: I knew at a very young age that I wanted to be a model. My career path never changed. I always wanted to be a model so as soon as I turned 18 I knew I had to move out of New Hampshire and pursue my dream of becoming a fulltime model. As I booked more and more modeling jobs here in LA, I realized I loved being on sets, so that’s when I began to dabble in the acting world which is now my focus.

The talented actress got her start in modeling and has had some major gigs under her belt. We HAD to find out how she maintains her fresh, healthy look and how she stays in such great shape.

CDL: You have such an impressive resume, gracing the pages of GQ, FHM, and Cosmopolitan. Can you share one or two of your top beauty tips? How do you stay in such great shape?

Jasmine: I’m the absolute worst with sticking to any sort of beauty regiment. A good spray tan is always the trick for me. I try and work out 4 days a week whether it’s Pilates, hot yoga or the gym. If I’m prepping for a big shoot I do 6 days a week and try and do a low carb diet. I’m pretty horrible on sticking to diets. I love bread and pasta too much. Thankfully I have pretty good genes…thanks mom and dad!!

With a career in acting and modeling, Jasmine is extremely busy. But this animal-lover makes sure she has the time to work tirelessly for the charity she’s created, Cause 4 Paws.

CDL: Can you tell us about your charity Cause4Paws?

Jasmine: Cause4Paws is an organization whose primary focus is to bring visibility to smaller independent shelters and rescue groups while bringing awareness to homeless animals in need. We volunteer at local pet adoptions, rescue and foster animals from the high-kill shelters, feed the homeless and their animals, and throw fundraisers. A huge part of Cause4Paws is taking care of the homeless who have animals. We raise money for the animals vetting bills, we get the owners into motels or apartments and try and get them back on their feet. My trunk is always filled with dog food, beds and blankets in case I see a homeless person while I’m driving.

It is really impressive that Jasmine dedicates so much of her free time to this organization that she genuinely believes in. She has made helping animals and those less fortunate part of her everyday life, not just something done for publicity. For more information on her charity, visit the website  to see how you can help.

We are so excited to see Jasmine on Being Mary Jane! We asked her to give us a little more dirt on her character.

CDL: What do you like most about your role on Being Mary Jane?

Jasmine: I love that I get to play a model, as I’m able to bring some of my own personality into it. I couldn’t have asked to be a part of a better cast. The actors are all incredible and yet so down to earth and kind. I’m very lucky to have such a great love interest in the show played by Stephen Bishop. He’s beyond talented. Everyone from the craft service to the wardrobe people, to the hair and makeup people are the most warm and welcoming people I’ve ever met on a set.

We can’t wait to watch! And now for some “quickies” we asked Jasmine.

CDL: Favorite food

Jasmine: Pasta Carbonara

CDL: Guilty pleasure

Jasmine: Binge watching “The Killing.” I’m obsessed

CDL: Favorite TV show

Jasmine: The Killing

CDL: Song you can’t stop listening to

Jasmine: Usually I listen to country, but I am in love with Meghan Trainor and “All About that Bass” right now. Has a great message too.

CDL: What’s next for you?

Jasmine: Planning the next cause4paws Holiday event

Be sure to tune in to the Being Mary Jane season 2 premiere on BET, which airs February 3, 2015, to see Jasmine and her character rock the boat! Keep current on what Jasmine is up to by becoming a fan of her Facebook page and following her on Twitter. Also, be sure to check out her website at http://www.jasmine-dustin.net/.