Jennifer Aniston Forced to Watch Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt in “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” – Freaks Out


Jennifer Aniston is apparently suffering from PTSD. It seems she can’t be reminded that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt exist without some sort of dramatic episode. Exactly ten years ago, Brad left Jennifer electing instead to gallivant across the world and spawn and father a colorful brood of multicultural children with Angelina Jolie. As a result, Jennifer has become the Taylor Swift of the movie industry.

It seems that while Jennifer and her fiancé Justin Theroux were touring a friend’s Hollywood Hills mansion, the party stumbled upon a screening room littered with teenagers and of course the film they were watching just happened to be a steamy scene from the film Mr. and Mrs. Smith; the exact film that Brad Pitt was working on when he began a flirtation with Angelina Jolie. Of course Jennifer was taken aback but ultimately tried to act as if it were no big thing.

Let’s all try and give Jennifer some credit here. This was no normal break up. Not only did Brad cheat on her while they were married, but the entire situation has been sensationalized with all involved parties giving interviews about the indiscretion and subtly competing with each other for the “who has the best life” award. Add to the fact that all of these people work in the same industry and are bound to share acquaintances and possibly run into each other. Even with the stink of infidelity on her, Angelina has gone on to become known as a sexy mother Teresa who is a great actress and film director to boot. That’s got to hurt.

The situation is hardly ideal and I can imagine Jennifer must feel a lot of pressure. I do not believe that the screening room fiasco was coincidence. Those teenagers are little jerks and they knew exactly what they were doing. If Jennifer was shocked by anything it was probably the obvious attempt at trolling and probably the parent’s inability to control their children…or maybe that’s just me. So what do you guys think? Is Jennifer hopelessly stuck in the past or was this a case of teenagers being jerks?

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  • Venus in Furs

    CROCK OF SHIT! Jen has moved waaaaay past Brad. B&A are ridiculous nobel prize seeking image whores. Everything they do is in the hopes of winning a peace prize. None of it is selfless and all of Hollywood knows this. FYI ….anorexia …..NOT SEXY. And if Angie actually took care of her kids herself without a staff, maybe then she could be compared to Mother Theresa. Oh and keep her legs closed to married/engaged men. Anyone who sees Angie as anything but a self absorbed self promoting misogynist literally has shit for brains. One more thing….only Angelina would spin a boob job into a selfless act of martyrdom. She needed brand new perky boobies for her kids, of course…And Brad??? He reminds me of Bret Michaels. Just a joke with mediocre talent who is way more in love with his own hype and reflection in the mirror than his work.

  • LadyJustice

    BS!! Pitt never cheated on her, then left her. He ended it first…His words…exact words and Jennifer’s. Get your 10 year old facts straight…

    • anarion

      dating someone while married isnt cheating? what planet did you came from?

  • thebutcher

    No one feels bad for her. This poor little me routine she’s been pulling for what,TEN YEARS now, is getting really old

    • julie

      shes not pulling any poor little me. brad pitts the asshole cheater and angelina a psycho whore. read more abt her, she has no feelings, thats why when she had sex as a teenager she cut her partner. she can only feel smth when she goes to extremes or when she steals with no remorse another woman’s man like she did with brad. iif she didnt show the availabilty or if she had a little respect for brad and jennifer’s marriage she wouldnt have started all that. and we know once an attractive woman is flirting with a married man, the man hardly resists temptation-altho he could try. anyway they are both shit: hes a cheater and she s a sociopath whore who kisses her brother and dad on mouth-maybe having been molested by dad but thats not an excuse 2 become a whore. from so many molested little girls only a few become whores and its not excuse. maybe she deserved it if shes the type 2 steal men. u dont care if what i say is not politically correct or offensive or other american hypocritical bullshit. shes just a whore.

      • Lorie Mayfield

        It’s funny how a person can go say something about another person that’s demeaning. She has a name it’s Angelina Jolie- and she like most has a past she met a man fell in love and is with him, the same with Brad…It’s been 10 years its time to get over the past and move on…ok so maybe they didn’t start out on the best circumstances but they are still together now…10 years later and what are you doing…call a woman a name that no woman should ever call another woman.

  • thebutcher

    What crawled up your ass and died?

  • thebutcher

    It’s time she got over it, she’s been obsessing about him for the last ten years. She’s jealous that her career went to shit and Angelina gets job offers left and right

    • julie

      angelina is a whore and brad pitt a cheating asshole

    • julie

      even if the news that angelina was raped by father are true, maybe she deserved it. she s a whore that steals other women’s men. if she was molested its not an excuse. so many little girls get molested and only some become whores. its in the person s character not if she was molested. shes just a whore

  • talym3

    So do the math typo*** i couldnt help responding to un correct facts lol

  • la

    This pain doesn’t just ‘disappear’…..
    time helps, but the hurt remains.

  • anarion

    whaaaatttt? were u just born yesterday?

  • Guest

    Dumbest story ever. B&A have lost every friend they ever had and gained the stupidest and most psychotic fan base on earth. Jennifer is better off and we all know it. I am sure she does. And B&A stopped being hot 10 years ago.

  • Guest

    Exploited uneducated kids used for tabloid attention.