Joe And Melissa Gorga Fraud Charges and Arrest Possible: Teresa and Joe Giudice 2.0?

Joe And Melissa Gorga Fraud Charges and Arrest Possible: Teresa and Joe Giudice 2.0?

Apparently the rotten Gorga apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Real Housewives of New Jersey stars Teresa and Joe Giudice have been in the media for months regarding their federal court case, in which they both pled guilty for fraud after scamming banks and bankruptcy courts millions of dollars. There must be something in the water in New Jersey though, because Teresa’s brother Joe Gorga and his wife Melissa aren’t far behind the Giudices. It turns out Joe and Melissa Gorga are Joe and Teresa Giudice 2.0.

It was no secret last year that the Gorgas were in over their heads financially. But they appeared to have snapped back to reality when they sold their $3.8 Million home and moved to a rental in Franklin Lakes. However, in January Joe took to Twitter and boasted that they were building another dream home and just “waiting on the permits.”

According to a source of Star magazine, “Joe and Melissa definitely have a bad reputation, and their credit history doesn’t track well. With their past legal troubles and current financial woes, no one can figure out who would be dumb enough to loan them money or what they did to get the loans. When Teresa and Joe started flaunting their money on the show, the Feds watched them very closely-and busted them. There’s no way they aren’t watching the Gorgas now.”

The May 12th edition of Star goes on to explain that the Gorgas have $35,000 worth of tax liens currently against them and over $130,000 in civil lawsuits. Apparently they share much more than DNA with the Giudices; they share their knack for spending money they don’t have as well.

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4 responses to “Joe And Melissa Gorga Fraud Charges and Arrest Possible: Teresa and Joe Giudice 2.0?”

  1. Gwen Wood says:

    If you go to and click on search by owner, type Gorga. Drop down to Montville Township then click search , Joe and Melissa are still listed as the owners for the tax year of 2014 for the Pond View home.I thought it sold in fall of 2013.

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  3. paula says:

    I say good on them only thing they did wrong was get court, banks rob all of us and we pay far to much taxes so f/em i hope they get off with it, am sure they are innocent :)!!!!!

  4. DEXTER says:

    Wow! Anti-semetic much. These catholic Italians are gentiles, not jews, and therefore Goyim, just like you.