Joe Giudice’s Four-Year Prison Sentence: Terrifed He’ll Miss Watching His Girls Grow Up

Joe Giudice's Four-Year Prison Sentence: Terrifed He'll Miss Watching His Girls Grow Up

Joe Giudice, who’s recently confessed to committing a long laundry list of federal crimes, might be facing up to four years in prison. His biggest concern? The fact that he might miss a large portion of his girls’ childhood while being cooped up in prison. Guess you should’ve thought about things like this when you were committing every kind of fraud imaginable, huh?

Joe’s business partner, Joe “Presto” Centrella said in a statement to Life & Style magazine, “It’s killing him that he knows he’s going to do some time and not be with his daughters [Gia, 13, Gabriella, 11, Milania, 9, and Audriana, 5].  He told me, ‘The hardest thing is going away and not seeing them grow up.’ [Joe’s ] holding it together. You can see he’s a little nervous.”

What do you think about Joe Giudice being terrified of not being able to be part of his children’s life during those years he could possibly spend in prison? It’s obvious that he’s nervous and fearing for the ultimate sentencing — and more likely than not he’s going to be spending some time away.

I think it’s crazy to think that he’s not going to. He definitely will. He’s not that big of a celebrity and, even if he were, his list of crimes are a bit too crazy. He won’t be walking away anywhere anytime soon.

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