Jon Gosselin Responds to Kate Gosselin and Twins’ Awkward Today Show Interview: It was Horrible to Watch! (AUDIO)

Jon Gosselin Responds to Kate Gosselin and Twins' Awkward Today Show Interview: It was Horrible to Watch! (AUDIO)

If you haven’t watched the extremely awkward and uncomfortable Today Show interview with Kate Gosselin and her young twins then you’ve definitely missed out on one of the best vids in the media today. If you missed the video, we’ve provided it below. In the interview, Kate sits down with her children in an effort to get them to tell the world how wonderful their lives are and how much they’d love another shot at reality television. Needless to say, when the questions were asked of the girls, silence ensued, and Kate Gosselin was visibly embarrassed. Now, Jon Gosselin is speaking out with what everybody is thinking: “[The interview] was horrible to watch!”

Jon reached out to TMZ and, in the audio below, he says, “I felt really bad for Mady and Cara because I love them, and they’re put in this situation.” He admits that his children were “torn” between answering honestly and answering with responses Kate would approve. This pressure caused them to shut down, making the general energy in the room less than desirable — especially for a mother trying to convince the world that her children are genuinely happy with their lives.

Just watching this interview, you can tell Kate’s not sincere at all in telling the world about her children’s current lives. She just wants another freaking reality show; in fact, that’s one of the questions the girls are asked — and they respond with an answer that Kate would definitely approve of: Of course they want another reality show — they love their lives! But do they really? Are Kate’s children really happy?

Let us know in the comments section below whether or not you feel Kate and her children should get a second shot at reality television. Also, check out Jon’s audio below.