Justified RECAP 1/7/14: Season 5 Premiere “A Murder Of Crowes”

Justified RECAP 1/7/14: Season 5 Premiere “A Murder Of Crowes”

Tonight JUSTIFIED the FX series based on an Elmore Leonard character returns tonight its fifth season premiere called “A Murder Of Crowes” On tonight’s show Boyd goes to Detroit in search of a missing shipment of drugs.

If you have never watched the show before Justified was developed by Graham Yost and starring Timothy Olyphant who plays U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens. Justified is based on the works of crime novelist Elmore Leonard, including Leonard’s short story “Fire in the Hole.”

On tonight’s show in the swamplands of Florida, Raylan tangles with a deadly branch of the Crowe Family Tree, while Boyd goes into the dark heart of the collapsing Detroit Mob in search of a missing shipment of drugs. Written by Graham Yost & Fred Golan; directed by Michael Dinner.

Tonight’s Season 5 premiere looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of FX’s  Justified at 10:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new season of Justified premiering tonight?

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We open with Raylan on the stand in a courtroom being questioned about a prisoner being drugged and taken from prison. She accuses him of telling her client – Dewey Crowe – that his kidneys had been stolen and Raylan tells her that in his defense, Dewey thought he had four of them to start with. She asks about him breaking Dewey’s nose when they first met. She wants him to admit to assaulting Dewey on more than six occasions.

The lawyer says she has a roster of prisoners prepared to testify against Raylan and she threatens a class action lawsuit. The judge asks the US Marshal’s attorney to up his settlement offer and he does to $300k but dumb Dewey thinks it was just $300. Once he realizes it’s six figures, he eagerly accepts the settlement and the lawsuit is done and Raylan is off the stand.

Now to Ava who’s been accused of desecration of a corpse among other things. Boyd tells the lawyer to put on his headphones and listen to his iPod so he and Ava can talk in private. He does so and Boyd tells her that he’s ready to bribe or threaten the judges to get her out of jail. Boyd tells her that her engagement ring will be back on her finger soon. They kiss but are interrrupted by a guard who says time’s up.

Boyd and a cronie meet a truck on a deserted bridge. They head out to the middle of the bridge and Boyd refuses to hand over the money until he sees the “goods.” The other guy doesn’t like it and pulls a gun. Boyd has his guy shoot down one of the guy and then he finally admits they couldn’t get the drugs because of a problem in Detroit so they couldn’t deliver. Boyd asks if he thought it was their idea to come and fool the rednecks.

Boyd shoots them both dead and then heads to the back of the truck where he tells the guy back there to open up. Instead, the guy opens fire and Boyd gets shot in the ear. They fill the truck full of lead.
Boyd calls Wynn and tells him what went down and says they need to pack a bag and head to Detroit.
[10:44:58 PM] Rachel Rowan: A couple of guys come on board a boat to hand over a shipment from Miami. The payment is short and the buyer isn’t happy. He demands to know where the rest of the money is and the flunky admits he lost some money gambling. It’s Dewey’s brother that made the drop and he shoots the money guy when he mocks his stutter. His Cuban partner Elvis finishes the dirty Coast Guard guy off.

Art sends Raylan to Florida to look into the shooting that he thinks the idiot Crowe brother was involved in. He tells Raylan to go see his kid while he’s there. Raylan says to hold off on the ticket and says he’ll go talk to Dewey (the other Crowe) first. He heads to the brothel where Wade offers him a BJ and then rushes to mean he wouldn’t be doing it personally. He tells Raylan he got out of prison and the Marshal says he can see that. Raylan asks for the owner and he finds Dewey in his above ground pool in the trailer park/rolling whore house.

Raylan orders him out of the pool and the girls take a hike. He asks what he wants and Raylan says he wants to know where the other Crowe is. Raylan finds a gun in Dewey’s pants and he says it’s not his but his name is on it. He says as a felon he can’t have a gun. Dewey demands an apology and Raylan gives him one after joking that the 300k was the apology.

Dewey insists he knows nothing about the dead Coast Guard guy and has no idea where the other Crowes are and says he doesn’t want to know. Raylan shoots Dewey’s pool with the gun the naked felon insists wasn’t loaded and walks away while it bursts water all over the frustrated moron.

Down in Miami, Raylan meets Greg Sutter who will be his escort and driver. Marshall Grant fills Raylan in on Elvis who is an enforcer. Turns out they weren’t selling drugs – it was black market Cuban sugar they sell to offmarket candy companies. They are looking for Dilly Crowe – the idiot with the stutter. Raylan says he thought all the Crowers would be locked up or dead by now.

Dilly shows up to see Daryl and they try to explain what happened with the Coast Guard guy. Daryl isn’t happy and demands to know where the body is – he says they have it in the boat. Daryl calls him a dumbass and says the case is going to turn Federal and says Elvis and Dilly are going to have to deal with it. He tells them to take the body to the Haitian to deal with and calls him a simple, stupid ass.

Up in Detroit, Wynn and Boyd are being checked over by the drug dealers before they’re allowed upstairs. They send up their IDs in a bucket on a rope and Boyd asks why they won’t text and the guy says the NSA is watching everything.

Raylan and Sutter pull up to the Haitian’s location and Raylan reminds him the last time they met, he lied about where Daryl was causing him to be attacked by a mastiff and miss a Tom Petty concert. Raylan is still pissed about this and tells him to tell him where Dilly and Elvis are. The Haitian plays dumb and offers him a gator tour in the swamp. Raylan tells him that he has an hour to get Elvis and Dilly there before he calls fish and wildlife on his gator poaching operation.

The Haitian calls Daryl who hops on his airboat and heads out to try and clean up the mess.

[11:29:47 PM] Rachel Rowan: In Detroit, Wynn and Boyd trudge up flight after flight of stairs in a grungy tenement building until they find the guys they’re looking for. They are frisked again for good measure after they hand over the gas and bag of stuff they were told to bring up. Another guy grabs the gas can for his chainsaw and walks away.

Picker comes in and asks if they brought the money but Boyd insists he wants to talk to the big guy. Picker calls for Tillman – the big guy – and he finally comes out. He’s actually a tiny guy. The chainsaw cranks up and we hear screams. Picker tells them the rabble rousers that tried to steal from them were acting on their own and tells Tillman to get the briefcase of money. When he walks over to Boyd and Wynn, Tillman shoots him in the back of the head and then shoots the chainsaw torturer and torturee.

Boyd and Wynn are flabbergasted. Picker makes a calls and tells someone that Tillman, the chainsaw guy and the other guy are all dead. Picker demands the money and when he comes to get it Boyd makes his move and turns the situation around. Picker explains that Tillman owed the Canadians a million and that he made a deal to pay them off to save his life. Boyd says they need to talk to the Canucks and orders Tillman to pick up his money that spilled out when he cracked him in the head with the briefcase.

In Miami, Raylan and Sutter eat lunch and make small talk. Someone watches from a car across the street. Sutter tells him about his family. Raylan says he’s divorced. He thinks Daryl is going to be a no-show but then a woman comes in and comes over to sit with them. She says she’s Daryl’s lawyer and is there to negotiate. He wants an early out on parole to help them. She’s also Daryl’s sister. She has a memo for them to sign and once they do she texts her brother who walks in to join them.

Daryl comes in and says “long time” and as Sutter searches him he says he doesn’t have any weapons because that would be a parole violation. Raylan asks about the illegal sugar trade and he says it’s Elvis that is dragging his brother down. Daryl says he’ll hand Elvis over by tonight and Raylan makes it clear if he doesn’t the he’s going back to jail for parole violations.

Wynn and Boyd meet with the Canadians (played by the excellent Will Sasso and Dave Foley) at a shitty doughnut shop. Picker is there to but not happy. They tell him that he money was to save Pickers life and Boyd says he doesn’t care about him and he just wants the dope. The Canadians say they can have it in a day or two and Boyd reluctantly hands over the briefcase. Everyone is pissing Boyd off by asking about his ear bandage. Boyd tells Picker to go but the guy makes a counter offer to set them up with a new pipeline through Mexico and Boyd grudgingly agrees to explore this option since after the promised shipment, their Canuck connection will be kaput.

Turns out Wendy isn’t so much a lawyer as a paralegal and then maybe not that either – she’s a secretary in a law firm that knows how to talk the talk. She chews out Daryl for putting idiot Dilly in charge of the payoffs and he says she should have been taking care of it still. They bitch at each other while Dilly paces and Elvis stews.

Dilly sneaks over closer while Elvis heads to a car. Wendy sees Dilly and curses him and says he was supposed to watch the Cuban. Elvis raises his hand and says he’s there. Daryl tell Elvis the sugar business is over and he needs to take off. Elvis tells him to pay up $20k and Daryl gets pissy. Wendy tells Daryl to pay up and says to think of it as severance. Daryl tells Wendy to take him to the hotel and Elvis asks why he can’t take his truck. Daryl says they’ll be looking for it. Daryl pats him down as Elvis asks why he doesn’t trust him. The redneck says it’s because he’s getting in a car with his sister and speaks English as a second language.

Daryl tells him he’ll bring the money to his hotel by 8 and then he can take off. Wendy and Elvis leave together. Daryl calls Raylan and says he’ll be at room 23 at the Vista Bird hotel by 8 pm. Another Crowe comes out and says this is trouble and Daryl says they have no choice because Raylan will be after them otherwise. The other Crowe stabs Dilly and then hugs him apologetically as he dies.

Elvis tells Wendy they’re in the car that Dilly said they would be in. Uh-oh. Is that where he stashed his gun? He told Daryl he threw it out in the sawgrass when they were driving but I think that was a life-saving lie he told the redneck…

Raylan and Sutter pull up to the hotel at the appointed time and shrug on their vests. Sutters talks about how his daughter wants to be a Marshall and that he doesn’t like it. Raylan kicks in the door and of course Elvis isn’t there.

Wendy drives at gunpoint and Elvis tells her to go to the marina. She pulls out in front of a truck that hits Elvis’ side of the car hard knocking him silly. She hops out and takes off while it takes him a couple of minutes to get his bearings and get out of the car. He looks around for her and then goes back to the car to get his gun.

Wendy calls Raylan and tells him that Elvis is headed for Cuba. They head to the marina in pursuit of their man. They find him casting off in a rubber dinghy that won’t start. Raylan shoots the boat (his second assault of a plastic recreational vehicle). They tell him to swim back to the dock or swim to Cuba. He pulls a gun and Sutter and Raylan unload a hail of bullets into his body.

So how many justified shootings does that make for Raylan in Miami?

Daryl stares off into the water at a gator when Raylan comes up. He asks how it worked out and Raylan confirms he’s off parole. Daryl tells him that Wendy took off for Miami and doesn’t care about her family. Raylan asks about Danny and Dilly and Daryl says Dilly took it hard then looks meaningfully at the alligator.

Sutter and Raylan head out while Sutter tells him that he needs to spend more time with his kid via an anecdote about his own history with his family. Daryl watches them drive away with a glare. The Haitian walks away and tells him he needs to find something to make his own now that the sugar business has gone away. He tells Daryl about Dewey having money and Daryl agrees that Florida may be played out for the Crowes.

Back at the bar, Boyd gets a call and is upset. He says that Judge Bishop got the case and he told Ava he would threaten his family but the problem is that he doesn’t have a family. Boyd grabs the gun and storms out.

Raylan talks to Winona on a video chat to see his daughter. She asks if he’ll be in Miami soon and he says he’ll be there soon (what a liar – he’s there now). He promises and they end the call.

Boyd pulls up to Mr. Paxton’s funeral home and asks to speak with him. Lee sends his wife out of the room so they can talk. Lee tells him he found his hot wife on the internet and brought her there from Latvia. He tells him some disgusting sex things about her and Boyd interrupts to make him an offer to buy off the judge. He offers $300k and Lee says it’s almost gratifying to have him there on his knees. He tells Boyd to beg and Boyd says please. Lee says he doesn’t need his money and would never let a low life piece of shit like him turn the tables on him.

Lee says he can make him a one time offer. He says he will call the Sheriff and the Judge so Boyd can make a sworn statement that he was the one who killed Delroy and made Ava move the body. Boyd stares at him and then Lee says he knew that Boyd didn’t love his white trash fiancee enough to sacrifice himself. Boyd pistol whips him to death and when his wife comes in tells her that he can kill her too or she can take $100k and head back to Latvia. She says she’ll say it was a burglar and Boyd leaves. The wife runs to check on Lee and says she’ll take care of him. Hmmm… So is he dead or is she just talking about how she prepares the corpses for burial at his fune..

So is he dead or is she just talking about how she prepares the corpses for burial at his funeral parlor?