Kate Hudson And Matt Bellamy Separate: Divorce to Follow – Report

Kate Hudson And Matt Bellamy Separate: Divorce to Follow - Report

According to a report from the New York Daily News, Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy are going through a bit of a rough patch in their relationship. Apparently, the rift in their relationship has been caused by Kate’s ‘globetrotting lifestyle’ and her desire to stay in Hollywood.

A source tells the NY Daily News, “Matt is pretty down-to-earth and happy in England, while Kate is very L.A.-focused. They are leading separate lives. It hasn’t been working out the way they planned and they’ve been trying very hard for the sake of their son.”

This is interesting, especially because Kate has significantly slowed down both her career and her networking since she’s been married to Matt. Usually, she’s photographed jetting around the world, hobnobbing with the rich and the pretty, and being seen with Hollywood bigwigs. But since she got married to Matt, she hasn’t been seen in public that often, nor has she booked any major roles.

Maybe they’re feeling the rift because Kate feels her career is suffering? Unfortunately, there are very few actors and actresses that can live outside Los Angeles and still find success. The business still runs out of LA, despite filming often taking place elsewhere. Matt may be fine conducting his business as a musician out of London, but is it fair to ask his wife to stay with him and risk her future as an actress?

What do you guys think? Should Kate stay in London with Matt, or should he move to LA? Or maybe they should have thought of this before they got married? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

4 responses to “Kate Hudson And Matt Bellamy Separate: Divorce to Follow – Report”

  1. carrie says:

    since they’re not married,there is no divorce,just break up!

  2. drdebo cherry says:

    not married and it was never meant to last- he’s not her type actually much to sweet- she used him to have another kid- should have planned a girl then she could really be finished.

  3. Suzanne says:

    They aren’t married – get your facts right.

  4. Jennifer Waskow-Mendler says:

    Matthew has always had long term relationships. His last relationship with Italian psychologist Gia lasted 10 years. To hook up with someone who has a reputation of disposing of men like she would a Kleenex was his first mistake, but to his credit, he didn’t know anything about her before their first initial meeting. She “googled Matthew” to find out about him and his music -her own words. They are not married. Matthew comes from a broken home, raised by his Mother and Grandmother and an absent father. I’m sure that is not what he expected for himself when he and Kate got pregnant. He did the right thing and asked for her hand because he is an old fashioned English Gentleman. She is headstrong and free spirited and does not feel she needs anyone. She promised to make the effort to stay in London where they purchased a home at least 6 months out of the year and he in LA the other half. Matthew kept up his end of that promise, even during busy touring and recording records but she has not. She chose to travel with him on tour because she likes to move about like that. She is not grounded in any sense of the word, Nothing is permanent to her. She likes the chaos! But now it’s over and back to normalcy. Kate also can’t stand London. Which is probably why Matt’s “camp” claims it will not work out. It’s sad really because he is a good man and a wonderful Father to Bing and Ryder and is often put down by people as being “horrid” and “ugly” and not good enough for Kate. Kate is horrid. She is not good enough for Matt. Period.