Kate Major Experiences Seizure in Rehab, Rushed To Hospital For Immediate Medical Attention!

Kate Major On The Loose From Rehab!

According to recent reports, Kate Major experienced a seizure and had to be rushed from her rehab facility in Florida to a local hospital to receive immediate medical attention. The event allegedly went down in the early hours of Monday morning after she was complaining of chest pains. Her condition is still somewhat unknown, though I’m sure more news of her current state will be released as she makes her recovery and ventures back to rehab.

Kate actually had a similar experience in 2011; she had a seizure in rehab and was, much like after her recent medical scare, taken to the hospital. The reason Kate is currently in rehab is because she was ordered to seek recovery by a judge following a DUI arrest earlier this year.

Her and Michael Lohan always seem to be getting caught up in something. Here’s some coverage from our last report, which discusses Major’s alleged crazy behavior leading up to her arrest: “Michael claimed they were in the middle of a heated argument when Kate began hitting him in the face. Naturally, Lohan called the cops. But before authorities arrived on scene, Kate was seen fleeing in her car! She didn’t get far though. She crashed into some bushes and was booked on the spot with a DUI.”

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Kate Major Busted For DUI After Domestic Argument

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