Kate Middleton and Prince George Leave Prince William for Mustique Vacation – More Bikini Pics

Kate Middleton and Prince George Leave Prince William for Mustique Vacation - More Bikini Pics

Six month old Prince George has finally boarded a 747 Jumbo jet for the first time and is joining the entire Middleton clan on their annual Caribbean trip to the island of Mustique. While there, Kate Middleton and George will join her parents, Michael and Carole and her brother James and sister Pippa in a $30,000 per week private villa. Three royal bodyguards are also traveling with the Duchess of Cambridge and her little prince.

Mustique is an exclusive private island with only 74 luxury villas and a small hotel. There is also some beefed up security in place to protect the privacy of its’ elite visitors. Last year Prince William joined in on the family holiday and in spite of tight security photos of a pregnant Kate in a bikini did find their way to the media. This time around Kate is probably a little more likely to cover up a bit and William is staying behind in England to study. He is knee-deep in a ten week agriculture course at Cambridge and has opted out of the week-long holiday in order to focus on his studies.

William must be feeling very confidant that Kate and George will be closely guarded and protected while away, otherwise he never would have allowed this trip. Do you think that it will be smooth from start to finish or will their be some issues along the way? Do you think that William is really staying behind just to study or does this perhaps point to issues in the marriage? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

11 responses to “Kate Middleton and Prince George Leave Prince William for Mustique Vacation – More Bikini Pics”

  1. Victoria McGuire says:

    Never fear, William will join them and enjoy the time away from his father and evil Camilla “de ville”.

    • DuchessLazy says:

      Yes. Willy and Waity. The other uninspiring duo. Which is worse ? Lazy Willy and Waity-Dolittle, or Sir Tampon and the Rottweiller ? Hard to tell.

  2. Lisa says:

    I’m glad she has her family activities too.

  3. Danity Donnaly says:

    She sure is living the dream and looking good while doing it.

  4. DuchessLazy says:

    Dolittle is at it again. She did nothing all January but she needs a vacation ? She didn’t chase William for 10 years because she wanted to make a difference for people less fortunate. It’s all about the perks. Her leeching family is firmly cemented for sure.
    In February, when her first “work” of 2014 finally begins,{!!!} Middleton will be imposing herself on other people’s children again in a rare “public service” appearance. Hypocrite is what she is. We, the filthy,
    ordinary public, are not allowed to gaze upon little George. No one has seen him for months. But Middleton will keep on using other people’s kids for downright PR purposes. You know, visiting children, makes you a little more popular…”Oh look, how lovely ! Duchess Dolittle is deigning to visit all the poor, second-rate children !” But oh no no, the public may not see George…

    • ????Mï? ? says:

      Jealous much?? You sound beyond pathetic with you pointless rants regarding Will & Kate. GET A FRICKIN LIFE ALREADY!!!

  5. DuchessLazy says:

    Me too. at least Harry seems capable of hard work. Willnot and Kannot certainly aren’t.

    • ????Mï? ? says:

      Yes when Harry is not making headlines that embarrass the royals. You are so _________. < < fill in the blank.

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