Kate Middleton Demanded Prince Harry Break-Up With Cressida Bonas – Didn’t Want Isabella Calthorpe Near Prince William

Kate Middleton Demanded Prince Harry Break-Up With Cressida Bonas - Didn't Want Isabella Calthorpe Near Prince William

Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas have called off their engagement and officially broken up, to the surprise of absolutely nobody. Anyone who’s been following the couple over the past few months could see the warning signs glaring, and it was obvious that even if they went through with an engagement, Harry and Cressida would never make it down the aisle.

However, now that they have broken up, we are free to speculate about the actual cause of the split. Why did Harry and Cressida break up when everyone thought that they were going to get engaged? People Magazine has the royal-approved byline of how Harry thought Cressida was too ‘clingy’, but please – that’s not the real reason. Some suspect that Cressida was trying to wiggle herself out of the engagement because she didn’t want to be tied down to the royal family. Others claim that Harry never wanted to get married, and that he loves living the life of a bachelor and wants to return to it [although with his family, I don’t know how he’ll get away with it].

However, the most likely version [and one that contains more than a grain of truth] seems like the one that’s least mentioned: that Kate Middleton had something to do with it. We already heard reports about how Kate’s heart-to-heart with Cressida gave her second thoughts about the whole marriage thing. It’s pretty obvious that Kate would do anything to keep Cressida away, because with Cressida comes her half-sister, Isabella Calthorpe. Considering that Isabella was Prince William’s first choice for a wife but she turned him down, Kate’s insecurities would be at an all-time high with her around. The only reason Will proposed to Kate was because Isabella turned him down, so he came running back to Kate. Obviously, that’s not going to do wonders for Kate’s ego, especially not if Isabella’s always hanging around.

So what does a future Queen do? Well, she exerts her power as the Duchess of Cambridge and breaks Harry and Cressida up – which wouldn’t have been hard to do, regardless. They didn’t want to get married, Kate didn’t want them to get married, everyone’s happy. So all’s well that ends well?

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  1. Fed Up says:

    Kate would be thrilled if Harry and Chelsy were together again.

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