Kenya Moore Found A Sperm Donor To Father Her Baby AND Its Not Her Boyfriend!

Kenya Moore Found A Sperm Donor To Father Her Baby AND Its Not Her Boyfriend!

For the past few months all Kenya Moore could talk about is wanting a baby even if she had to go out and do it alone and as things turns out she might just end up putting the money where her mouth is. It’s one thing to think you can do it alone and its quite another to realize how much you’ll lose in the process. Despite her many claims that she’s involved in a serious relationship with her “African Prince”; her boyfriend doesn’t appear to be the top contender as her possible baby daddy. On the hit reality show The Real Housewives of Atlanta she said she didn’t want to frighten her guy off by asking him to be her sperm donor. So either she changed her mind or she asked someone else she knows very well for help because most definitely knows this man on a personal level.

When one of Andy Cohen’s viewers wrote into the show wondering if Kenya would be interested in using Wayne Brady (her co-guest that evening) as her sperm donor, Kenya laughed off the suggestion, answering, “I think I have that covered… but he would be a great donor, I think.” (Wetpaint)

See, she must know him. He couldn’t merely be a random number in a file that made her say he’d be a great donor. It sounds more like he ‘s friend instead of some stranger off the street! My money is on her personal assistant, Brandon, as a possible choice. He has always been there for her and he did step up recently by shielding her during now infamous brawl. Brandon and her are both friends and co-workers so they have an established trust and as an added bonus he is gay. Kenya could more easily introduce him to her boyfriend this way. Then again that’s just my thoughts and I’ve guessed it would be too easy for the likes of Kenya to take this option. We are speaking about Kenya Moore after all and it wouldn’t surprise me if she went for the most outrageous choice for her sperm donor.

It will be great for TV but not so much for personal relationships. The main thing bothering so many including myself is should Kenya be pursuing possible sperm donors while in a relationship? At the end of the day won’t it ultimately come down to which one does she wants more – the baby or him? Now I don’t wish to say this mystery guy is technical bad guy but he is only human. How is he supposed to accept her having child with someone else when they weren’t even dating that long.  That’s not an easy task for anyone to be taking on much less a guy who has no way showed up to support Kenya so far!

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