Kim Kardashian Divorce and Binge Eating Rumors: Kanye West Marriage Trouble Causes Kim To Pack On the Pounds (PHOTO)

Kim Kardashian Divorce and Binge Eating Rumors: Kanye West Marriage Trouble Causes Kim To Pack On the Pounds (PHOTO)

Remember how Kim Kardashian made such a spectacle of herself while losing the last of her baby weight? She couldn’t show off her body enough on all of her social media accounts while prepping to marry Kanye West. Now, just two months after swapping vows we are hearing that her life has already radically changed. After Kanye decided not to move into the money pit that he was renovating – supposedly for his new family- and instead has chosen to live full time in Paris alone, well the fights have been plentiful. Rumors of separation and divorce are coming out – we are reading that the marriage is in effect over.  

According to the Aug. 4th print edition of Star Magazine, Kim’s appetite is also of epic proportions as she is binge eating her way through the upset of realizing that she has signed on for yet another doomed marriage. I have to wonder what she was thinking when it came time to marry Kanye. I mean did she ignore that very public memo that clues us all into the fact that he is quite angry, allegedly abusive and simply an embarrassment to be seen with? Perhaps he feels the same way about Kim and that’s why he leaves the country when it counts most! Do you think Kim will eventually divorce Kanye like she has her other husbands? Kanye talks about Kim like she is this great prize but in reality he seems to spend the minimum amount of time with her and Nori that he can get away with.

Speaking of messed up marriages, according to Star LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian may be getting ready to adopt a baby. Of course this could just be an attention seeking conversational ploy while they are peddling that reality show of theirs’ currently airing on VH1. I have to admit, I see her adopting before I see LeAnn risking losing her waistline lest it give Eddie a reason to cheat. I mean you and I know that he doesn’t actually need an excuse but apparently his wifey still thinks otherwise.

So what do you guys think, how long before we learn that Kim and Kanye have actually split? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

  • therealbrow

    kangay has his place & the skank lives with pimpmomma ..
    nor did they ever intend on living in the ” money-pit” ..
    about to be fired up for some insurance moolah ..
    the lil’ angry mangina is bankrupt & so is kimode …
    bye now ..
    don’t go away mad ..
    just go away …lol

  • Sonia Smith

    Wow this a mess already only 58 days with Kanye West, her ex-Husband Kris their marriage only lasted 72 days also this bitch don’t have luck with men she marry her ass need to stay single next time around for sure no shades just sayin’ you notice how neither one never have a smile on their faces not even North West so damn sad, all that ass and money but still can’t keep a man even sorry ass Kanye West I can’t stand neither one of them side line asses. He’s a mess and so does she and her family. Bye Kim! Bye Felicia! Lmao!

    • Bubbly

      Perhaps if her ass got a bit of a liposuction she would look more appealing to her man and he would stick around a bit longer. Now she adds elbow fat to the other gross lard she carries around and hey presto! her hubby is out the door! I think this myth of hippo ass on a woman needs to be broken and Ms. Kardashian should get a reality check not the reality show to help her.

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  • Debbie

    Well said, for people that say they can’t stand them , are the first to keep up with them. I know your lives are just so boring and your so miserable you want to bring everyone down to your level. Get a life!

  • can’t believe this

    Its good marketing they did the same thing last year just before they ran there show for the summer, fall. They are preping you to want to watch there show to see if the gossip is true, remembet its all staged and falls under the WWF gamesmanship.

  • DoomedRwe

    And exactly what brings you in here to read all the bull s**t and the comments? You are complaining about other people’s comments and talking about how the mag is making money off of them, yet you’re doing the same thing. You also don’t have true insight into these lives nor the lives of these posters but you have it all figured out. I, for the record, made only one comment…which was to yours. The hypocrisy knows no bounds does it?

  • DoomedRwe

    Maybe she isn’t suing because there is some truth to some of it. Perhaps not all, but maybe enough that she wouldn’t be able to. Plus I think she couldn’t care less what others think.. She is a bit too narcissistic to give it much thought.

  • Baby

    Like you do with a prize? A trophy? You put it on the shelf until you are ready to show it off.

    and then back it goes.

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  • Leah

    I don’t believe this rumor for a second, everyone has problems they get married.
    Kimye is different from Kim’s other marriage. THEY HAVE NORTH NOW!