Kristen Stewart: 5 Secret Sexy Things About Twilight Star You Probably Didn’t Know!

Kristen Stewart: 5 Secret Sexy Things About Twilight Star You Probably Didn't Know!

Kristen Stewart, considered by many to be one of the sexiest women on the planet, is no slouch when it comes to being interesting either. She has lived a very neat life and it goes way beyond her love affair with Robert Pattinson and pretending to be a vampire in love. Stewart is a bonafide star, but many things about her show that she is also rather down to earth. Here are five facts about Kristen Stewart that might surprise you:

Kristen Stewart started very young as an actress –  Stewart was actually singing and performing in an elementary school play when a talent agent discovered her. It took hardly no time at all for her to be gobbled up and start working. Her parents were in the entertainment business backstage and watched over her. Since that day, she has had pretty steady work in the field. Who knew that being in a school play could pay off that handsomely?

At eight years old she was already in a Disney movie –  Yes she was an extra and her role was tiny, but it was a harbinger of things to come. The roles kept on coming after that. Her mother was the script supervisor for the film and it is called The Thirteenth Year. What is interesting about this is that Kristen never intended to become an actress. She thought that she would end up being a behind the scenes type like her parents. Now she is one of the most sought after people on the planet. Interestingly, she did enjoy writing her autograph when she was little. I guess she knew it was coming in the back of her mind.

Stewart is a rocking singer and musician –  Always one to love singing and performing, Stewart proved her musical mettle when she did her own vocals in the movies she has starred in. In “The Runaways” she got to play the wild rocker Joan Jett and sang all of her own stuff. She also performs in the movie “Into the Wild” to show her pipes. She fit the part well and showed that she is capable of far more than teen movies when she sets her mind to it. Kristen Stewart showed herself to be an actress to watch out for in Runaways.

The vampire thing is closer than you think –  Stewart may be famous for playing in a blood sucking vampire movie, but she has a thing for wolves too. Her family actually kept wolves as pets. It caused some strife but mom is quick to point out that her wolves are wolf-dog hybrids instead of the illegal type. It is interesting, however, the connection between this and Stewart eventually starring in Twilight.

She loves to surf during her time off –   Stewart has repeatedly talked about her love of surfing when she was younger and it is no surprise that she is so athletic. With a body like hers, surfing would probably come rather naturally. Few people out there can keep the figure that she does on a regular basis and sports surely play a part in it. The tough part is probably finding time to actually do it with her busy schedule.


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