Law & Order SVU RECAP 4/9/14: Season 15 Episode 20 “Beast’s Obsession”

Law & Order SVU RECAP 4/9/14: Season 15 Episode 20 “Beast’s Obsession”

Tonight on NBC Emmy Award-winning producer Dick Wolf’s crime drama, Law & Order: SUV continues with a new episode called, “Beast’s Obsession.”  On it William Lewis breaks free from prison and goes on a killing spree before he finds Benson once again. He then forces her to make a tough decision when a child’s life is at stake.

On last week’s episode Single mom Jenny Aschler (guest star Meghann Fahy) was arrested for child endangerment. Not trusting anyone to take care of her young daughter Maddie (guest star Ella Anderson), she instead left her home alone for days. Jenny’s fierce motherly instincts and fear of men led Sergeant Benson (Mariska Hargitay) to suspect she may have been a victim of child abuse. With help from Dr. Lindstrom (guest star Bill Irwin), Jenny recovered deeply repressed memories of violence, rape and neglect. Also starring Ice-T (Detective Odafin Tutuola), Danny Pino (Detective Nick Amaro), Kelli Giddish (Detective Amanda Rollins) and Raúl Esparza (Rafael Barba). Also guest starring Dean Winters (Detective Brian Cassidy) and Daniel Stewart Sherman (Gary Aschler).

On tonight’s episode the sadistic William Lewis (Schreiber) escapes from prison, arbitrarily killing as he goes. Concerned for Benson’s safety, a security detail is assigned to her 24/7, but it doesn’t take long for Lewis to get her back where he left off. With time running out, Benson must decide how much she’s willing to sacrifice in order to save the life of a child. Also starring Ice-T (Detective Odafin Tutuola), Danny Pino (Detective Nick Amaro) and Kelli Giddish (Detective Amanda Rollins). Also guest starring Natalie Racoosin (Lauren Cole), Nikki Estridge (Detective Delano), Curt Bouril (Detective Carlson) and Lily Pilblad (Amelia Cole).

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A woman talks on the phone and bakes cookies. She crushes pills into some icing and then frosts the cookies with them. She comes to the prison to visit William Lewis and hands the plate to a guard and whispers in his ear. We see William eating the cookies in his cell. He collapses and his cellmate calls for help. We see him on a gurney heading to the hospital. The cop guarding his door is dead and he is limping his way out in scrubs. He steals a car. Some other cops find a nurse missing her scrubs hanging in a closet. Olivia gets a call. It’s a video call from William calling her “sunshine” and telling her he missed her as he drives along.

Olivia calls everyone to order and talks them through Lewis’ escape. He was pronounced dead, then came back from the dead. Amanda takes over and tells them that he got them to uncuff him. He killed his guard. He raped the nurse, hung her up and she’s still not conscious. It was her car she stole. Fin says he’ll ditch the car before leaving Manhattan. Olivia says he may not be leaving and tells them that he called her to say he misses her. Lieutenant Murphy comes in and says he’s taking over the unit since she’s the target of the manhunt.

She says it’s her unit and she knows it best. He says he’s taking over and says he’ll rely on them for their knowledge of him. Murphy sends Nic with Rollins to Belleve and Fin to Rykers Island. He tells her she’s under protective custody until they have Lewis. He pulls her aside and asks what he said. She tells him that was all and he tells her she knew her command was temporary and that someone else would be coming in. Det Delano and Carlson come in to be her security. She says she doesn’t want them but Murphy says it won’t be long.

The doctor explains that Lewis suffered the Lazarus Effect when he came back awake. He tells Nic and Amanda that they found interesting stuff in his tox screen. He says he had a high dose of drugs in his system, but never had a heart attack. At Rykers, Lewis’ cellmate describes what happened and Fin asks if he gave him the drugs. The guard finds the plate of cookies and then they go see the woman who visited Lewis. She insists he was wrongly convicted and says she was just helping him with anxiety.

Amanda and Nic watch the security tape and see Lewis just walk out. Dr. Janice Cole was responsible for him but she called in sick and they can’t reach her. They next head to her house. The nurse’s car is there and they head into the house calling Dr. Cole’s name. They bust in the door and find the place a mess. They see signs that he was there. Amanda finds her dead and cold on the kitchen floor and a smoldering cigarette nearby. They head upstairs to search for Lewis.

They see the doc has two daughters that are nowhere to be found. Then they hear a noise and find one of her daughters stripped and tied up in a closet. She asks Amanda if she’s Sgt Benson and says he told her to tell Benson what he did to her and that he has her little sister. Murphy comes to the hospital. The missing girl is 12. Nic says he wanted them to find Cole’s house. Olivia shows up and Murphy tells her to leave. She says she’s there to talk to the girl and he lets her in to see Lauren.

Lauren tells Olivia that Lewis said he would kill her sister unless Olivia tells the truth. She says he also wanted her to tell Olivia what he did to her because she likes to hear the details. She asks to talk to the girl alone and Murphy leaves. She tells Lauren to tell her what happened. She says her sister was sick so her mom stayed home from work. She says she heard her mom scream and a gunshot. She says she got her dad’s gun and went downstairs and he was standing there smiling.

Lauren says she froze and couldn’t fire the gun. Olivia tells her that’s understandable. She says he took the gun and forced her into her sister’s room. He made her take off her clothes and then lit a cigarette and burned her neck and breasts with it and then turned her over and raped her. He says tell Sgt Benson what she missed. Olivia tells her she’s sorry and Lauren says he tied her up in the closet and took Amelia and had to convince Olivia to tell the truth and she would know that means. Lauren begs her to do it to save her sister.

Olivia comes out of the room and Nic asks if she’s okay. She says no. Murphy pulls her aside for a chat. He asks what “tell the truth” means. He says it’s just between them and promises to keep it secret. She says she testified that she beat Lewis with a metal bar and said he had gotten free of his cuffs and lunged at her but he was in his cuffs the whole time. Murphy tells her she should have killed him when she had the chance. She’s ready to make a statement to the press but Murphy says he could killt eh girl anyway. Fin comes in and says they found Dr. Cole’s car.

Murphy makes a statement to the press. Lewis is at a convenience store, robs it and takes off in his new stolen car with Amelia. They find where they think Lewis did a bump and rob and then also find a floater with a gun shot wound that’s been dead a few hours. Murphy tells them to find out who he is – a guy named Weston. Amanda says it was the owner of the car – a black SUV – but Fin says that’s the most common car in Manhattan.

Lewis calls in from the doc’s cell phone for Olivia. She makes him wait for her to make him angry so he’ll be sloppy. She finally takes the call on speaker. He demands she takes him off. She does. She tells him to let the girl go but he says he likes her and tells Amelia to say hi. She does. Lewis says 12 is such a lovely age because they feel like women but smell like little girls. Olivia offers to meet him wherever he wants. He demands her to tell the truth on the six o’clock news. He hangs up on her.

They trace the call to Roosevelt Island and Murphy shuts down the bridges and trams. Fin heads out there and there are cops everywhere. Amanda gets a ping on the cell and says it’s on the tram. They bring the tram down slow. They tell them no one has gotten on or off. Amanda and Nic offload everyone but the cell is still pinging there. The phone starts to ring and they see Amelia’s backpack. She pops it open and answers it. Lewis calls her by name and says she caught him once but lost him this time.

The signal on the last call was from the East 50s. Lewis has Amelia in an apartment and tries to feed her an apple. He’s trashed the apartment. Murphy is flooding the zone with cops and asks if he has known associates. Olivia says that’s near his last defense attorney. She calls the attorney’s cell phone and Lewis says she found her. He walks out of the apartment and asks Olivia if she remembers the smell of gas and burning flash. He kicks his lawyer down the stairs and says he’ll call her back. Olivia tells him if he doesn’t kill them she’ll say what he wants to hear and he asks if she means the truth and she agrees to tell the truth.

Murphy tells her it’s a mistake but Olivia disagrees. He says that Lewis doesn’t care about the little girl and is enjoying assaulting Olivia’s brain. She comes out in full uniform to make a statement to the press. She admits she lied on the stand and says that she beat him while he was cuffed. She lists off the injuries she did him. She says there were not alone and she was never in danger. She says it was excessive force and police brutality. She apologizes for her actions and perjury. She asks that DA Barba take appropriate steps to rectify his unjust conviction. She says that she’s making the statement of her own free will and apologizes for not coming clean earlier.

Lewis robs a parking garage and shoots the attendant. He has Amelia taped up and then kisses her head. She says she wants her mommy and he forces some alcohol on her. Olivia is freaking because he hasn’t released the girl. Murphy orders her protective detail to take her back to the hotel for a rest. Her protective detail chats in the hotel bar and she asks to use the restroom. The female detective checks it and then says it’s clear.

Olivia asks her to give her some privacy and she steps out. Olivia has a text message of Olivia from Lewis. She texts back and asks where he is. He tells her to come and get the girl alone and no one will die. She peeks out of the bathroom and around the corner where she sees her detail at the table. She runs out the back door and onto the street. She commandeers a car and kicks the driver out at gunpoint. She drives away.

Murphy freaks because the detail lost Olivia. He tells Fin, Nic and Amanda what happened and they say they didn’t know. Nic says Olivia has gone after Lewis to end it and Murphy says that’s exactly what he wants. She pulls up to an industrial area, gets out of the car and calls for Lewis and asks where the girl is. He comes up, gun out and tells her to put her hands up. He asks her if she thought it would be easy. She asks what he wants and he takes her gun for starters. He says to do what he tells her or no one will ever find the girl.

He tells her to turn around and pulls off her kevlar vest. He feels her up and down for weapons and finds her cell phone. He throws it away and says he’s going to keep her radio so they can hear her scream while they’re looking for her. He cuffs her wrist and tells her they need to take a ride. They traced her car and where her cell signal cut out. They head out to that site.

Lewis brings her to a shipyard and lets her out of the car. He has her fully cuffed now and takes her up to a factory type area. He asks if she’s having flashbacks and tells her that PTSD is real. He asks if she wakes up in a cold sweat thinking about him with a gun to her head. He says all his girls go through it and he’s an agent of change. He says people have hopes and dreams before they met him but then life as they knew it is gone.

She turns around and tells him that he had no effect on her and that it’s all in her head. He asks if she dreams about him and she says no. He asks who she has in her life. He asks if her cop boyfriend is gone and says she had no chemistry with him. She tells him he could have been in Canada by now if he didn’t come back for her. He asks if she’s seen a therapist. He says if she is they probably tell her she can be whole again but she can’t. He says he’s read victim impact statements and no one gets past it.

Olivia demands to know where Amelia is. He says he’s going to be Amelia’s first. He tells her upstairs and to watch for the rats. He has the girl tied up and Olivia tells her the cops are on the way. She tells him to cut the girl down since he has her. He talks about doing her while the girl watches or vice versa and says he’s fine either way.

They are at the site where Olivia’s car, vest and gun are and where her cell signal died. Lewis ties Olivia to a table while she tells him that the cops are coming for him. He asks if she’s biding his time for them by letting her rape him and she asks if that’s what he’s going to do. He’s behind her and tries to kiss her. He nibbles her ear and goes for her pants. She goes completely still and he asks if that’s all she’s going to give him. He asks if she’s just going to stand there and play possum. He unties her hand and says he has some new rules.

He empties bullets from a gun and pops one back in and spins the chamber of the revolver. He comes back to her, points the gun and says he’ll go first. She tells Amelia to look away and the girl does. He tells her that death is nothing to be afraid of and she says he’s going to hell. He asks really. He tosses the revolver to her and tells her to pick it up or he’ll shoot her. He says there’s only one bullet and if she tries to shoot him and there’s not bullet, he’ll shoot her and rape Amelia.

The cops are at the scene but haven’t figured out they’re in the building. He slaps her hard and tells her to pull the trigger or be shot in the head. She takes the gun and then he holds the other gun to Amelia’s head and she tells him no and agrees. She puts it to her head and fires. She flinches when there’s just a click. He takes it back and tells her it’s his turn. He tells her that her confession is ironic because no one will believe that he shot himself and will thinks she shot him execution style. He pulls the trigger and there’s another click.

They hear the sirens and helicopter. He takes her radio and tells them that he’s with Olivia and they’re playing Russian Roulette and are halfway through. He says it’s her turn and there are three chambers left. He tells her to pick it up and aims his gun at her. Amelia cries and he shushes her. Olivia reaches slowly for the gun and puts it to her head. He tells her to pull the trigger or he will. She pulls it and we have another click. She smiles at him through teary eyes.

The cops hear Lewis says there are two chambers left and one bullet. He tells her he’s lucky and puts it to his head and it clicks again. He puts the revolver to her head and says say good-bye Olivia. He tells her this is the last thing she’s going to think about before she dies. She cries and he pulls back the hammer and says it’s going to be the last thing she’s going to see. He puts the gun to his own head and fires. Amelia screams and his blood splatters all over Olivia’s face.